It delivers doctrinal and best practice tactics, techniques, and procedures for executing synchronized sustainment in a decisive action environment. degree . A MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter delivers cargo to the USS Makin Island during a Sustainment is the provision of the logistics, personnel services, and health service support necessary to maintain operations until mission accomplishment. DoD photo by Airman Apprentice Shannon Garcia, U.S. Navy. Unlike other BCTs, SBCTs currently do not have FSCs. replenishment-at-sea mission with the USNS Patuxent under way in the Gulf of Aden, May 4, 2012. of the Army Functional Concept for Sustainment and the broader force modernization process. In the new design, both division- and corps-aligned CSSBs are modular and consist of a headquarters company, composite truck company (CTC), composite supply company (CSC), and support maintenance company (SMC) capable of providing flexible and responsive sustainment throughout the corps and division operating environments.The CSSB gains its flexibility through sustainment mission command as a subordinate of the sustainment brigade. TRAC Lee ran multiple sustainment concept models for each BCT formation to measure capabilities and identify the associated risks of each. Soldiers from the Afghan National Army and Pathfinders from the 25th Combat Aviation Brigade The sustainment warfighting function is truly relevant when put into the proper perspective and applied as the concept for integrating the functional elements of sustainment. So it's much more collaborative. Without these critical units, the SBCT's BSB has been facing a mission command challenge. The derivative COA became the CASCOM recommended COA and was approved by the TRADOC commander, Gen. Robert Cone, on Aug. 24, 2012.THE CONCEPT OF SUPPORTWhen Gen. Cone approved the CASCOM-recommended COA, he agreed to significant changes in Army sustainment. • Shortfalls created by the elimination of the maneuver enhancement brigade (MEB) brigade support battalion (BSB). | Army Software Readiness, Army Brain Operant Learning Technology competition accepting applications until Sept. 15, Department of the Army announces upcoming 101st Airborne Sustainment Brigade deployment, Department of the Army announces 3rd Infantry Division deployment, Department of the Army announces 1st Armored Division's Sustainment Brigade deployment, Army Announces 1st Cavalry Division Deployment. civilians gathered at the Port of Ash Shuaiba, March 24, to observe the last mine-resistant, ambush-protected What you need to focus on is describing the enemy, not predicting them. TRAC Lee submitted its validated COAs at a sustainment operational assessment in June 2012, where current and former brigade, BSB, and CSSB commanders and S-3s and division G-3s and G-4s assessed the COAs.Leaders were briefed on the capabilities of sustainment units in 2017 (the year of the last Army structure memorandum), BCT changes for Army 2020, sustainment gaps and offsets created by Army 2020, and the three COAs offered as solutions. assault landing demonstration for Exercise Bright Star in Mubarek Military City, Egypt, on Sept. 13, 2005. Nathan Smith (lower left), The concept of support addresses how to most effectively and efficiently support the warfighter and increase agility while operating in a fiscally constrained environment.The concept centers on habitually aligning selected logistics capabilities into three corps-aligned CSSBs and 10 division-aligned CSSBs. We said that may give us a glimpse into the future. • Improving echelons-above-brigade (EAB) mission command. TRADOC is making changes to doctrine to describe how the newly designed CSSB and other operational- and tactical-level sustainment units will complete their missions in Army 2020. Organizations are designed to support average demand since the Army cannot afford to build for the extreme.Several CASCOM-developed concepts were analyzed to ensure they go beyond simply plugging holes to temporarily fill gaps and seams.


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