The collision for this wall was fixed in the European version. I'm surprised by how many people here actually played this. Ugh if there is a game I hate it's Conker Pocket Tales. Two faces of Berri showing expressions not normally seen on her. I did enjoy a lot of crappy stuff when I was a kid, however, so I probably would have liked it anyways. Conker's Pocket Tales ROM Download for Gameboy Color | GBC. The controls were awful. Well, this is a LTTP thread out of the norm. I played this on the gameboy player, I do not recall thinking very fondly of it. This game has revisional differences. Screenshots: (click to enlarge) Conker's Pocket Tales (USA, Europe) GBC ROM Download: Filename. I actually picked up a sealed copy of this game about a month ago. The player can then obtain the chocolate bar piece behind it, but that's all that's there. Present at 0x3F88880 in the ROM is unused dialogue text that appears to be a placeholder for additional languages. This is used in the very beginning of the game, when the milk falls from the table in Panther King's castle, but the first 32 seconds are cut and only the last four seconds remain. Now you must take on the role of the bushy-tailed hero, pursuing your nemesis throughout 6 visually-stunning worlds to rescue Berri and save your birthday from complete disaster. Conker's Pocket Tales è un gioco d'azione pubblicato dalla Rareware nel 1999 per Game Boy Color e Game Boy. An animation for a dirthill or something falling apart. An animation of an Army squirrel laying down and cut open is in the game's data, along with an animation of a Tedi surgeon. I bought as a kid because I was so much looking forward to Twelve Tales. 32x32 sized controller buttons. A build date and version number is displayed in the crash debug menu. The bottom texture cannot be seen because the bottom of the barrel doesn't seem to be modelled out., Games with hidden development-related text, In the cutscene where you first encounter Rodent, there are two tied-up squirrels that aren't present in the final. Many of these things would later make appearance… It was probably meant to play right after it, but isn't used. The size of this Conker’s Pocket Tales Emulator/ROM is just 862.6KB This menu uses images instead of text. Doesn't change the point I was making. It is the first game in the Conker series and follows the story of Conker the Squirrel as he retrieves his stolen birthday presents and rescues his girlfriend Berri, who has been kidnaped by the Evil Acorn. I actually wnated to play through it again soon. It was used in an ECTS prototype in the first cutscene of the Casuality Dept. Wow this is an LTTP you don't see ... ever lol. Bird wing textures, in both green and blue colors. None of Berri's models display them normally, though they can be seen via hacking. In Poo Cabin, there is an area blocked off by a set of bars close to the very top of the cabin. Some of these animations are of him petting Pikachu from the unused Pikachu cutscene. The cover of Conker's Pocket Tales shows Conker aiming with his Slingshot, while there are Evil Acorns, flowers and a Windmill seen around him. I actually did know of this game first, as my older brother owned it way back when, and it's this copy that I dug up and decided to play through. The rest of them appear to be disabled in the final game as trying to enter one results in a "wrong cheat" message. It is kind of crazy to think that they only took Berri from this game, and nothing else for Bad Fur Day (not that there was much there to take), and she obviously got HEAVY changes. Textures for the outside of some of the houses. Are they really different like Sonic 1 on SMS and MD or just some minor changes in some levels to better accomodate for the weaker og Game Boy? Previous Previous post: Commander Keen (USA, Europe) GBC ROM … I had this as a kid, tried to play it many times and always ended up hating it. This game has unused sounds. The Great Mighty Poo's intro is different. -37.298705, -12.681055... or in maximum security p. View all Game Boy emulators. ].gbc. An unused jumping animation, a Conker farting idle animation, and a tail punch attack (possibly a leftover from Twelve Tales). The Game Boy Color version actually had an additional level that could only be played on a GBC. Strain your brain to solve challenging puzzles, battle the Evil Acorn’s horde of minions with your trusty slingshot, and even flex your muscles in sporting events as you track your foe to the final showdown! To play Game Boy Color roms, an emulator is required. So confusing and boring. After Conker's Pocket Tales, Rare decided to take their "adorable little squirrel" N64 game Twelve Tales: Conker 64 (which was in development at the same time), scrap it, and recycle some concepts in an M-rated adventure game called Conker's Bad Fur Day. Hidden outside of the Windy area is what appears to be a stone wall that never appears during normal gameplay. It is actually used on Conker's fifth model when he is far away from the camera, but the texture remains unseen because of this. È un gioco di azione con protagonista Conker, lo scoiattolo della Rare che aveva esordito in Diddy Kong Racing. It doesnt matter whether you noticed a difference (of which there are many), the fact is that yes, Wario Land 2 is the same as Conker in that it contains two different games in the same cart depending on which console you play on. Judging by its look, this would have been used in Count Batula's mansion. A handful of textures from this game went unnoticed during the transition to Bad Fur Day. This version is much shorter, does not loop, and has a high-pitched violin-like instrument near the end that slowly picks up in volume. Of all things shown on the cover of Conker's Pocket Tales it is only Conker, the Slingshot and the Windmill (though with a different look) that actually makes appearances in the game. The above guesses on how they would be animated may not be 100% accurate. I got stuck in the western town. The level layout might have been different at one point, and the designers probably forgot to delete this tile. Conker's Pocket Tales is a Action-Adventure video game published by Nintendo, Rare Ltd released on 19980708 for the GameBoy Color. Sadly, a friend deleted my save file by playing the game on an OG Game Boy. Present at 0x8009E834 in memory are internal level names. The full music is an alternate version of the song that plays when Conker first meets the Tediz inside their base in It's War chapter. The title did not gain too much attention from any audiences, though despite its rating this might be due to the fact that Conker's Bad Fur Day contained unacceptable language and ever since people have not bothered to go buy it, due to its inappropriate content. subchapter. With the sudden change of appearance of its Nintendo 64 pendant, it is now somewhat of an anachronological part of the series.


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