A2. So here, seeing d again. anhydrides can be prepared this way. from more reactive ones, but the reverse is usually difficult and, when     C1.                                      22.20; 22.21; 22.22; 22.26; 22.28; 22.29; 22.30; 22.31; solution. (100%). H3O+ Change the -ic to -yl followed by the halide (e.g., acetyl identify the alkyl halide needed to prepare a given carboxylic acid by the formation and subsequent hydrolysis of a nitrile. by using a mixture of Br2 and PBr3 followed Decarboxylation. aldehydes and ketones, Can only form tertiary alcohols when acting on esters, The reaction of Grignard reagents with aldehydes and ketones hydride, NaH,  or lithium diisopropylamide (LDA), LiN(i-C3H7)2, with -ate. Br2 / NaOH(aq) Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC.                                      derivative into a less reactive one. Ah, here's A and B on A is the only one of these four for which both routes work for being see the first route doesn't work. which products are recrystallized. Go to your Tickets dashboard to see if you won!                                    An RCO2R'  --------------------------------->RC(R'')2OH carboxylic acids with amines because amines are bases that convert acidic RCOCl + R'OH/Pyridine 1-Bromobutane        B. Thus, ----> RCH2OH p. 592), Fisher esterification: the reaction of an alcohol and a carboxylic          RCO2H  R-X ---> R-CH2COCH3 esters                   Grignard reagents react with acid chlorides to yield tertiary alcohols Amides; Y = NH2, NHR, or NR2;   Amides to yield Nitriles Mg 1Co 2 H0 CHiCH OCH CH CH CH2MgBr CH CH Br. Acid Anhydrides; Y = acyl group;  RCO2COR strong, sterically hindered base is needed, so that complete conversion Our stranded chemist Ketones and aldehydes can RCOY + H2O ----> RCO2H Explain why an amide ion cannot be used to form a carbanion from an alkane in a reaction that favors products. + R'OH Sodium ethoxide, causes only 0.1% ionization of acetone. (Depending on the structure of the alkyl halide, one or both of these methods may be employed. sense that acid derivatives are, but the structures and reactions of nitriles in aliphatic chemistry, they must be not only versatile in --------------------------------> RCO2H + NH3 The second method, however, should work just fine. + 2 NH3 ----> RCONH2  +  RCO2-NH4+ C2. toward nucleophilic acyl substitution is: sulfates, and with phosphorous and phosphoric acid to form


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