To avoid this, use glycerin-based extract.This dessert is also tasty in graham or other pie crust, or served with graham crackers.I prefer to put it in the freezer to set. Some groceries, even major chains, only carry the pumpkin pie mix. I find it much easier to make than traditional custard, which is usually thickened only with egg yolks. This is also a double batch compared to the original recipe. Serves 4 to 6. Don't fall into the temptation of trying it before it's fully cool because it tastes just awful hot! You can easily use canned sweet potatoes or other squashes. If you want to use a single pudding flavor, use one large size box of pudding. Using standard vanilla will result in trace amounts of alcohol. Mix sugar, flour and salt ... and continue to cook for 15 minutes more; stirring ... heat and add vanilla. Try switching up the pudding flavors to get a different dessert each time you make it!Submitted by: NICOMUR, I wanted yummy chocolate pudding without the sugar and high fat and guilt so I thought I would make it myselfSubmitted by: WOMAN4GOD1, This is one of the popular pies that I make in the summertime for cookouts. My favorite combinations are cheesecake and vanilla, and cheesecake and butterscotch. No one has an idea that they even resemble healthy!Submitted by: HAPPYKAT71, Lighter in fat & calories, but delicious.Submitted by: CAROL54904, I serve this sometimes with frozen strawberries, sometimes with chocolate syrup, and sometimes with pound cake. This dish is 2 WW points per serving. Now with this recipe you can enjoy it without the guilt. If you want to use a single pudding flavor, use one large size box of pudding.Used canned pumpkin, not canned pumpkin pie mix. I used double the pumpkin to Cool Whip ratio as many versions, making it more filling, higher fiber and lower sugar than usual. My favorite combinations are cheesecake and vanilla, and cheesecake and butterscotch. It is very good if you freeze it solid and thaw it just enough to stir it to a smooth consistency. A perfect end to a mealSubmitted by: JOEKNEE, This light and tasty dessert is quick to whip up!Submitted by: LEGOMAN, If you wish you liked cottage cheese, but can't handle the chunks...Submitted by: CHEZDISHMAN, Full ingredient & nutrition information of the, No-Guilt White Chocolate Banana Pudding Calories, Almost Fat Free Dark Chocolate Pudding Calories, No Guilt Whatsoever Banana Pudding Calories, Homemade sugarfree chocolate pudding Calories. For whipped topping and puddings, I have found using generic brands to result in a dessert with less flavor. You can also refrigerate it.Pudding flavors tested and recommended:Vanilla, Butterscotch, Cheesecake, White Chocolate, Banana CreamSubmitted by: _MAOMAO_, This is a very easy dessert to use up those frozen berries in your freezer. This recipe was used while I belonged to Weight Watchers - I have found many variations of this "classic" Weight Watchers recipe. The Cool Whip Free adds plenty of sweetness, so when I make it at home, I do not add any other sweetener. This is also a double batch compared to the original recipe. All ingredients were substituted with lower fat items.Submitted by: TREE63, Less than 200 calories per serving, and can be even better if you use low-fat or non-fat dairy products. I have not tested this recipe with fresh cooked squash or sweet potatoes. !Serves 4Submitted by: CAZSCHAOS, Tastes like Tiramisu minus the fat!Submitted by: MASTROAL, Great as a side dish or dessert!Submitted by: ELAINEHN, Recipe by Paula Deen Episode#PA0805Submitted by: JAYDECOOK, Banana pudding is a great quick dessert. Doubling it makes it easy to combine pudding flavors, using two small boxes of pudding. So easy to make. Submitted by: BUDGETMOM, Super Moist Diet CupcakesSubmitted by: COUNTRYCUTIE23, A lowfat pumpkin recipeSubmitted by: CAROLJTD40, This is light and made with Cool Whip - best served with graham cracker sticksSubmitted by: CALIDREAMER76, Similar to a recipe already posted but I used the reduced sugar mix and added pudding, cinnamon and vanilla extract and then mixed in chocolate chipsSubmitted by: TWINKLETAM13, This is a delicious crust-less pumpkin pie. Line bottom of 1 ... on top of pudding and bake in a preheated ... delicately brown and serve immediately or chilled. Doubling it makes it easy to combine pudding flavors, using two small boxes of pudding. Very Yummy!Submitted by: LIBBYSZ, A no-guilt way to satisfy a sweet tooth under 100 calories, this nutritious snack is light and chocolaty!Submitted by: ALLAKHAYTOOL, Whole Pie = 6 PointsSubmitted by: JAZZERSOUTH, Chocolate, indulgent and virtually FAT FREE!! It can be used like a custard sauce if you like. only 47.9 calories per serving!Submitted by: GYPSY2581, This is a great low fat version of strawberry pie that never fails to get me through holidays. Submitted by: SGWILSON, This is a really good lowfat version of chocolate peanut butter pie.Submitted by: CATARATA17, A healthier version of the traditional rice pudding!


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