What does it taste like and sound like? What does it wish humans would do? If someone wanted to really irritate you, what paid job would they make you do? Write an essay analyzing Lee’s style, especially her word choice. 16. The first activities I complete in a creative writing course are to set the tone and build a collaborative community. 6. The next important benefit of creative writing is a little more tangible and a lot more practical—creative writing assignments are a great opportunity for kids to improve their writing skills. The goals focus on characterization, character motivation, and point of view. All rights reserved. Part of developing life-long learners is teaching students to reflect on what they have learned. (Think about legal, cultural, and personal definitions.). Harper Lee uses Scout’s point of view to show the ironies of Maycomb. The secondary ladies of Teach Writing have you covered! This prompt is inspired by NPR’s old radio series “This I Believe.” In the show, people from all over the world send in messages expressing a core idea that can be serious or silly, such as “I believe in mechanics.” They then expand on that thought with specific, brief examples of why they hold that belief and how they came to believe it. Describe a dream that you’ve had while asleep. He uses Mrs. Dubose’s example to help Jem broaden his view. Write an informative essay comparing the differences between the original novel and the 1962 film version of To Kill a Mockingbird. When she is not teaching or writing, she is probably reading, drinking coffee, chasing her three kids and two dogs, or binge-watching documentaries with her husband. Much of To Kill a Mockingbird explores themes on growing up. : A knowledgeable source tells you exactly what is going to happen. Many schools are dropping To Kill a Mockingbird from the curriculum. Betsy from Spark Creativity suggests an alternative to the final exam: the graduation speech exam. Harper Lee shows the hypocrisies of Maycomb to make her points. For years, I taught a creative writing course. What would you want to know about them and their country? Get your free PowerPoint bundle by submitting your email here, 10 Teacher Tips for Saving Money on Back-to-School Shopping, Our Favorite Videos For Kids About How Things Are Made, Join the WeAreTeachers Influencer Network. They’ve trudged through the narrative essays, and they’ve most likely practiced the art of persuasion, short story creation, poetry, and non-fiction writing. What would you like them to remember? You do not need to decide which is better; it is more important that you make thoughtful comparisons. Aside from writing at Language Arts Classroom, I teach full-time. Topics can range from the serious to the trivial (e.g., a teacher who does not allow students to have drinks in class but is known to spill coffee during lessons). It would certainly be interesting to see what a whole classroom of people come up with. Students really benefit from that modeling and from simply having a starting point. Fourth grade is a time for students to continue to hone their writing chops as they put to use the skills they’ve learned and gain confidence in their abilities. ), Treatment of the Ewells (respected in court but not in life), Criticism of racism in Europe (Scout learns about Nazi Germany), Dolphus Raymond (the drunk who doesn’t drink). Fourth grade is a time for students to continue to hone their writing chops as they put to use the skills they’ve learned and gain confidence in their abilities. He should have enjoyed being childish while he had the chance. Choose a position on whether To Kill a Mockingbird should be read in schools. Kids who learn how to express themselves through writing from an early age have a much easier time articulating their thoughts intelligently later in life. Keep reading to view 15 ideas for TKM projects.. Creative Writing (8 prompts) Persuasive / Argument (4 prompts) Informative / Expository (11 prompts) Consider important court cases, laws, crimes, and social norms. 1. What special powers does it have? Related post: To Kill a Mockingbird Discussion Questions, Related post: To Kill a Mockingbird Unit Test (PDF). Conduct a short research project on how the jury system works. How do you know when you are an adult? Is the jury system used in the United States. For instance, she has her students create a Twitter chat between the period, parenthetical citation, and the quotation marks. If you were invited to contribute five items to a city time capsule to be opened in 50 years, what would you include and why? Create a brand new holiday. Harper Lee wrote and published To Kill a Mockingbird during the Civil Rights Movement, but her story takes place decades earlier, during the Great Depression. Write from the perspective of an inanimate object that you see every day. These are the best of the best activities, ready for you to personalize for your classes. Inspiration for your students’ daily writing practice. Creative writing assignments aren’t just a frivolous way to pass the time—they’re a powerful, inspirational way for students to get in tune with their own thoughts and learn to communicate more effectively.


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