We found at least five jobs related to the Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst job category that pay more per year than a typical Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst salary. Nous nous donnons rendez-vous dans un lieu parisien choisi avec soin pour passer un moment de détente. Within the Directorate of Analysis (DA), incomplete and sometimes contradictory information is transformed into unique insights that inform US policy decisions. Cyber intelligence analyst must not only have theoretical knowledge. La force d'INTRINSEC réside avant tout dans le savoir-faire, l'engagement et la passion de l'ensemble de ses collaborateurs! Pour en savoir plus, consultez notre Politique relative aux cookies. Ressources utiles & aurait les qualités requises pour ce poste. It’s called a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analyst. SOCRadar also offers certified analyst support who are passionate about solving dedicated complex cases to give their customers the best support. The Cyber intelligence analysts, also known as “cyber threat analysts,” are information security professionals who use their skills and background knowledge in areas like network administration or network engineering to help counter the activities of cyber criminals such as hackers and developers of malicious software. With these 10 cities having average salaries higher than the national average, the opportunities for economic advancement by changing locations as a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst appears to be exceedingly fruitful. L'équipe met à profit ces compétences et expertises pour plusieurs clients, créant un contexte demandant une collaboration forte au sein de l'équipe, une montée en compétence sur différentes technologies et prestations ainsi qu'un développement de la relation avec les clients. In this threat analysis training and credential program, you will gain real-world practical knowledge, and 40% will be a hands-on lab session. This language, terminology and the slang used by adversaries must be known to the analyst. La finalité du service est de fournir un service externalisé aux clients d'Intrinsec leur assurant une capacité à anticiper, détecter et répondre correctement aux incidents de sécurité impactant l'intégrité des systèmes d'information, la confidentialité de données sensibles, l'image de marque, ou encore la fraude. En créant cette alerte Emploi, vous acceptez les Conditions d’utilisation et la Politique de confidentialité de LinkedIn. Although the internet has many positive benefits, it also has negative consequences as black hat hackers can steal our information and money. Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst need to have practical knowledge of threat intelligence tools like AlienVault USM Anywhere, IBM X-Force Exchange, ThreatConnect, SurfWatch Threat Analyst, AutoFocus, etc. applicants within 45 days if their qualifications meet our needs. The demand for threat intelligence analysts gathers steam as threat intelligence strategies proactively provide for protection against emerging cyber threats. Intelligence on cyber threats enables executives to make informed decisions on security. La finalité du service est de fournir un service externalisé aux clients d'Intrinsec leur assurant une capacité à anticiper, détecter et répondre correctement aux incidents de sécurité impactant l'intégrité des systèmes d'information, la confidentialité de données sensibles, l'image de marque, ou encore la fraude. A threat intelligence analyst needs to know of the various ways to gather data. In-Person: Outside the U.S., go to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate and inform a U.S. Or, you can send us a message using the Tor browser at ciadotgov4sjwlzihbbgxnqg3xiyrg7so2r2o3lt5wz5ypk4sxyjstad.onion. Bachelor's or Master's degree in one of the following fields or related studies: Or, a mix of international and technical studies, GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4-point scale is preferred, Excellent analytic abilities and relevant experience, Strong ability to think creatively when approaching issues, Strong critical thinking and problem solving skills, Awareness of US national security interests, Demonstrated ability to write clear, concise text, Research experience in international affairs, Interest in a career that requires regular writing assignments, A thorough medical and psychological exam, A cover letter in which you specify your qualifications for one or more analytic positions. Please address why you want to work as an analyst and what differentiates you from other applicants. As a Cyber Threat Analyst for the CIA, you will conduct all-source analysis, digital forensics, and targeting to identify, monitor, assess, and counter the threat posed by foreign cyber actors against US information systems, critical infrastructure and cyber-related interests. People from nearly every country share information with CIA, and new individuals contact us Entreprise à taille humaine, nous favorisons les échanges et la collaboration au sein des équipes, et accordons une attention toute particulière aux initiatives de chacun. Votre carrière The issue of illegal drug use prior to 12 months ago is carefully evaluated during the medical and security processing. Because cyber defense strategies, products or artificial intelligence technologies can stop advarseries up to one point. DO NOT submit multiple applications; this will only slow the review of your application and delay processing. Vous pouvez modifier vos préférences en matière de cookies et retirer votre consentement dans vos préférences à tout moment. That’s why CTI analysts are critically important for all kinds of organizations. Nous vous proposons d'évoluer professionnellement au sein d'une entreprise spécialisée en Cyber sécurité : un secteur challengeant, dynamique et porteur ! The enormous volume of intel in the surface and dark web comes in a number of languages. Using the Tor browser, a virtual private network, and/or a device not registered to you can reduce some risk. We're sending you an email for you to verify and access your account. Learn more about Career Opportunities at CIA. A cyber threat intelligence analyst’s job is not only about creativity, analytical skills, and technical knowhow. An experienced cyber intelligence analyst needs to know of the varieties of tools available. Finally, another factor to consider is the average salary for these top ten cities varies very little at 6% between Lakes, AK and Germantown, MD, reinforcing the limited potential for much wage advancement. INTRINSEC est également porté par un grand esprit d'entreprise, qui se traduit par la tenue de nombreux évènements fédérateurs tels que : •Les Tech Talks, espace d'expression et de partage mis à la disposition des collaborateurs pour le bien commun : Crash test, retour d'expérience, partage de tips et de techniques. Because of safety concerns for the prospective applicant, as well as security and North Carolina ranks number 50 out of 50 states nationwide for Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst salaries. 98+ Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Jobs, Nearby Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst Jobs. The geo-political situation has a strong influence on the Internet domain. We ask all applicants to exercise discretion and good judgment in disclosing your interest in a position with the CIA. Get better results by entering a location. Please read the Application Instructions carefully before you begin the online application process. Intrinsec est pure-player du domaine de la cyber-sécurité ayant pour dessein la protection du métier de ses clients et ayant l'ambition de développer une posture d'excellence et de partenaire de référence chez ses clients. En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l’utilisation de cookies afin de réaliser des statistiques de visites. What skills does a cyber intelligence analyst need? Analysts need to do this to have an idea about adversaries’ tactics, techniques and procedures. This is why professionals need to go for cyber intelligence training to acquire the demanded skills. A good analyst should be nearly instantaneously able to assess what is clearly right or obviously wrong, which needs intense technical knowledge and cyber security knowledge. Job cart selections will only be retained during this site visit, so be sure to click "Apply Now" before closing the browser window. Office of Public Affairs Ces thématiques se retrouvent au sein d'activités développées dans une logique d'expertise et d'offres complémentaires : Ces activités sont soutenues par une direction technique développant des technologies en propre pour les ser-vices d'Intrinsec et structurant les innovations proposées par les collaborateurs d'Intrinsec. We’ve identified 10 cities where the typical salary for a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst job is above the national average. Earning a certification like Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst (C|TIA) will definitely help prepare you for this job but won’t be enough by itself. Top examples of these roles include: Intelligence Researcher, Information Technology Cyber Security, and Cyber Architect. You should be professional and solid with your expertise when looking for a position as a cyber threat analysis analyst. This should also include the threat intelligence tools, statistical data analysis tools, threat modeling tools and methodologies, threat sharing platforms, and malware analysis tools. US citizenship required (dual national US citizens are eligible). To learn more about Compensation Estimates, please see our Composée de passionné(e)s, la société est engagée dans le développement d'approches innovantes et de labé-lisation de ses activités par l'ANSSI. The Office of Public Affairs (OPA) is the single point of contact for all inquiries about the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Sélectionnez Accepter les cookies pour autoriser cette utilisation ou Gérer les préférences pour faire votre choix en matière de cookies. If you have information you think might interest CIA due to our foreign intelligence Please check our site map, search ADP is an exclusive provider of employee payroll data for ZipRecruiter. •Vous savez mener de front plusieurs projets et prioriser vos actions, et vous disposez de fortes capacités rédactionnelles et d'analyse. Apply to Intelligence Analyst, Entry Level Analyst, IT Security Specialist and more! Our mission. Here are some reasons why organizations need cyber threat intelligence. 6. With this knowledge, you can easily gather the data that you need. Contactez-nous, Une question ? The demand for cyber threat intelligence analysts is rising, and organizations are having difficulty finding the best candidates with the right knowledge and skillsets. We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience. So working here isn't just a job, it's a mindset and a lifestyle.. A l'affût de l'actualité et créatif(ve), vous saurez être force de proposition et aurez à coeur de valoriser notre savoir-faire, participant ainsi au rayonnement de notre activité. Nous intégrons ainsi des collaborateurs correspondant à notre état d'esprit, à nos équipes et s'inscrivant dans la volonté de porter la croissance de l'entreprise. If you know your password, you can go to the sign in page. Helps the security team to analyze and strengthen the organization’s general security status. Protection des données personnelles, Nos expertises The cyber world is very unstable and the human factor is of great importance. official you have information for CIA. Furthermore, you should also know how to gather data from Indicators of Comprise (IoCs). Assurer une veille quotidienne sur les menaces Cyber, Détecter, collecter et analyser des données, , et de monter rapidement en compétence par les.


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