66 - 70 : Befriend Street Gang (2 SP "Brotherhood" Advad, can be raised with SPs) All skill rolls made while using said limb are at -2. There will be time to hit the range later. At -4 SPs, this only affects either manual dexterity (fine tuned work with the hands, shooting, etc. Special Abillity This acts as the "Combat Sense" special ability in this respect only. Other than leaving an impressive, albeit cosmetic, scar, the wound has no effect on game play. Failure to make regular payments can lead to a lousy credit rating, repossession of equipment or property and arrest. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. AmbidextrousCost : 6 SPsThe character can function equally well using either hand (no off-hand firing modifier), though penalties for multiple actions still apply. 81 - 85 : Someone Owes You A Favor (Generate on FE&C Table) This advantage also grants a +2 bonus to any Strength Feat skill rolls the character makes. 1 : TV News Reporter Divided LoyaltyCost : -4 SPsThe character has a deep-seated loyalty for something or someone other than his current employer or fellow PCs (a government organization, a corporation, a gang, etc.). Such activities might include innocent things like cleaning up after other people, or they may be more self-destructive, such as a gambling or sex addiction.At -2 points, the compulsion is more of a quirk than anything. He cannot lift heavy loads easily, and new injuries may aggravate the old one. Below these three characters are the usual array of contacts and antagonists, and a D20 table you didn't know you needed. This will give you an SP cost between 1 and 16 (or up to 21, if Position is not restricted). Artistic characters get a +2 bonus to Paint or Draw and Forgery skill rolls. In the old days, they would have called you a yuppie - a hard driven, fast-track MBA on his way up the Corporate ladder. I wanted to steer clear of a class-based system, and since special abilities are based on roles, most of them have been removed from this version of Cyberpunk. Increases should be determined by both the GM as well as the player, although the GM's word is final in any dispute. Natural LeaderCost : 2 SPsA character who is a Natural Leader is able to lead and inspire people through charisma and sheer force of will. This may seem like a large increase, but it allows players to tailor their characters to their own design, as opposed to using stock career skills which can limit character individuality. 06 - 08 : Biotechnicia (CP) 93 - 96 : Seduced Lover 32 - 33 : Kendachi (PRS) 75 - 80 : Lover's Ex-Lover Wants You Dead 81 - 85 : Hunted By A Corporation (Roll or Choose One) If the friend/relative is any amount of danger, the character is obligated to do anything in his power to help his Personal Tie. Unmistakable FeatureCost : -2 SPsThe character has a birthmark, scar, tattoo, or other unusual feature that makes him easily identifiable to others. 81 - 97 : State Forces, Enlisted 50 - 52 : Network News 54 (CP, RB) 56 - 60 : Unremoved Shrapnel *2* Reviewed in the United Kingdom on December 29, 2015. 99 - 00 : HiWay, Specifically West Coast Organizations. If it becomes an issue of concern, the player must make an Average save versus Cool to resist the impulse to indulge in his compulsion.At -4 points, the compulsion is a serious psychological flaw. You can get this basic variant for free. This reflects in a -2 modifier to skills such as Oratory, Interview, Leadership, Seduction, Social and Fast Talk. 97 - 00 : You Did Him A Favor. This is largely up to the GM's interpretation, and should be based on the corporate's Respect, and both the company's Financial Status and Size. This will continue while the character is unconscious, as well. Sometimes, contacts are just untrustworthy bastards, and they won't go out of their way to protect the PC. Criminal RecordCost : -2, -4 or -6 SPsA character with this disad has been convicted of a crime sometime in his life. The following series of charts can be used by the GM and his players to generate random histories for player characters. Anyone can jack into the 'Net with the proper training. When you've picked which stat levels you want, you add the point total together (with a minimum value of 1 point). COOL or be stunned for a round.At -4, he must make the save at -2, or be stunned for 1D5 rounds.At -6, the character must make the save at -4, or he will begin to hallucinate, thinking that the current situation is, in fact, the old one. I’ve been searching for a brand new fresh copy of Cyberpunk 2020 and I have finally found it! If the torso or abdomen are rolled, reduce the character's BODY by -1. *1* - Injury can be cured with cyberware or vat-grown replacement parts. 73 - 76 : Met At A Bar Using the stock system, I found it difficult to encompass all the qualities that I wanted in Leon. Character cannot grow hair. For game purposes, the character is limited to using only half his BODY attribute when determining how much weight he can carry. 34 - 35 : Lazarus Military Group (CR2) Cyberpunk 2013. and cannot be repaired by any medical means. COOL at -2 to keep from attempting to hurt (emotionally or physically) anyone that he has direct power over. Skull Fracture : Minor Brain Damage 73 - 76 : Minor Disagreement (Something Stupid) 61 - 77 : Navy, Enlisted When determining the cost of the addiction, cross-index the legality of the substance with the cost of the substance on the following chart : Ego SignatureCost : -2 SPsThe character must leave a "calling card" behind, even during sensitive operations. Basic Processor w/Chipware Socket (2D6+1D6/2 Humanity Loss). This leaves the limb useless. 37 - 40 : Caused Injury of Relative/Friend/Lover 62 - 64 : PetroChem (CP, CR3) 53 - 54 : No-Ahme Caldwell Genetic Engineering & Biochemicals (NO) Cyber-RejectionCost : -10 SPsThe character with this disadvantage cannot have any cyberware grafted onto or into his body or his immune system will violently reject it. 20 - 21 : Fujiwara (PRS) The monetary value of this level is debatable. Struggling - Gang owns a flitter or work module. That's why I'm with the Company. KleptomaniaCost : -6 SPsThe character is a compulsive thief who will steal anything he thinks that he can get away with. An Unskilled contact has very little training and/or ability in his chosen field, and therefore adds 5 to a roll of 1D10 when using his primary skill(s). 41 - 50 : Employee Any use of R.Talsorian Corporation's ContactsCost : Variable (voir Annexe 2)Contacts are people that characters can use as information sources, or can contact for goods and services. etiquette. This will give you an SP cost between 1 and 16 points. VoiceCost : 4 SPsThe character's voice is naturally pleasing to the ear. 76 - 80 : Missing Ear *2* *3* 55 - 56 : Ocean Technology & Energy Corporation (IF1.1) 01 - 05 : Minor Burns *3* There are three separate types of brotherhood : Family (nomads), Blood (gang members) and Workgang (for orbital and subaquatic workgangs). If the location rolled is a limb, it is useless. Strong StomachCost : 2 SPsThe character can deal with blood, guts and gore, as well as other sick and disgusting things, without risk of tossing his cookies. Ignore him and pretend he doesn't exist. The nature of the debt is up to the player and GM to decide, but it shouldn't be an amount that the player can pay off immediately. 96 - 00 : Met Through A Common Lover, 1 - 4 : Happy Love Affair 80 - 81 : Tanson Group (PRS) 19 - 23 : Vice Sold by Toy Fuzz and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. If a Save against Body (at -4) is made, the Cybernetics will not work and the character will take 2 points of damage daily until they are removed. Note that a younger character has much fewer points to spend on skills than his older counterparts. For Laura Webster, use the Investigator. Roll 1d10 and consult the following chart to see how many are lost : If such a character is the subject of torture, he is likely to snap like a twig (-4 to resist torture). Invariably, it may be hard for the character to find anyone who will believe him at all (ie, The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf). 29 - 33 : Special Investigation (SIn) Cyber-AffinityCost : 10 SPsThis rare and extremely valuable advantage grants a character 15 points of Humanity Cost (HC) per Empathy point versus the normal 10. 01 - 50 : You did it. With any luck his hired solos will handle most of the "combat" part. R.Talsorian Corporation. Once your in, act normal, get the red security clearance, hack the cams, find the right access point and download the data your client so desperately needs. Huge confusing hives stuffed with mindless corporate drones, wage slaves and their overlords from managment. The effects of the injury, regardless of the severity, cannot be corrected until the disadvantage has been "bought off". You've got a report due in an hour, and it looks like that guy in Sales is planning to ice your database for good. Awareness/NoticeHuman PerceptionEducationLibrary SearchSocialPersuasionStock MarketWardrobe & StylePersonal Grooming Similar circumstances or stressful situations may trigger these flashbacks.At -2, the character must make a Save vs. But now it's here I learned a lot and am quite happy with the result. Corporate (Cyberpunk 2020, pg. Common. You know that 5500 bucks isn't going to cut it, so you drop your MA and BOD by two points each, gaining 4000 euro more to spend. 12) Financier, In-house Consultant, Entrepreneur Corporate Resources Awareness Education Social Stock Market Personal Grooming Human Perception Library Search Persuasion Wardrobe & Style: Covert Specialist Unremoved Shrapnel A contact's reliability may change, depending on his relationship with the PC. Intentionally leaving such clues behind increases the likelihood that the character's identity will be eventually discovered. Scientific AptitudeCost : 4 SPsThe character is a natural scientist and gains a +2 bonus when using skills such as Anthropology, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics and Zoology. This tends to result in a character who is better equipped, but less powerful attribute-wise, which can be a good trade in some cases. Perception, Education (Business), Library The more people like you, the less likely they will be to stab you in the back, and the more likely they will be to lend aid and support your endeavors. They will issue a booklet explaining them. The monetary total listed is an approximate salary (in Eurodollars) earned per year as long as the company is doing well (see Financial Status). *2* - Surgery can cure the affliction by cutting something out, or fixing the injury outright. Note that this does not affect singing; you'll want to take the "Voice" advantage for that. We'll call him "Leon". The character may have trouble chewing solid foods. (1d10 x 100 Euro) MasochismCost : -2 SPsThe character is a masochist and derives pleasure from his own suffering. Note that this character does not have a lifepath. When creating a character with Resources, you must first decide which corporation the character is employed with. 24 - 28 : Robbery 96 - 00 : Pulled Off Something Impressive (+2 Pos. Also timers. NOTES : There was a problem loading your book clubs.


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