New, 10 Risky Film Moments Directors Thought They'd Lose You, 7 Ways To Defeat Diana Walter In Lights Out @ohgma_infinium: But he didn't touch him? He closed by thanking DCEU Last Stand and saying Zack Snyder “was amazing to work with.”, JL: Ares actor Nick Mckinless says they shot "A whole fight sequence with Darkseid". You have to wonder how much attention Warner Bros give all of this... WhatCulture's former COO, veteran writer and editor. The latest revelation of a deleted scene that actually features Darkseid was confirmed in an Instagram post by actor and stunt performer Nick McKinless. More ‘Justice League’ Concept Art May Reveal New Scenes, ‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder Confirms ‘Something Darker’ Line Referred To Darkseid. Darkseid is more consistent than Ares but with Darkseid's opponent usually being Superman, who also pulls a lot of PIS from nowhere on a regular basis, he is difficult to mark up. For the Bonus round Darkseid should win by his Omega effect, not sure what defense Ares have against sending him through time. One of the most important details here is that this fight sequence was, in fact, shot during production. and darkseid with the formula beat it. Screen Rant has verified with a source close to production that Darkseid was indeed the intended villain in this scene when it was shot. 40,000+ articles posted by thousands of contributors spanning the entire cultural spectrum. Included in the drawings is a dark figure resembling Darkseid standing over a circle of fire, indicating that the villainous New God was originally going to present during the flashback scene. In reality, it's not even him playing the character. Would have you have enjoyed seeing Darkseid take on Ares? How His Fast Saga Story Should End, Black Widow Book Provides Best Look At Villain Taskmaster So Far, Disneyland Expected To Stay Closed Until Early 2021, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey Cast & Character Guide, Olympus Has Fallen 4 Brings Back Gerard Butler For Night Has Fallen, Why Godzilla Didn't Kill King Of The Monsters' Third MUTO, X-Men Art Urges Marvel to Cast Armie Hammer as MCU’s Cyclops, Jurassic Park Trends After Photos Of Massive Florida Gator Go Viral, Every James Bond Story Reveal From No Time To Die's Soundtrack, Batman v Superman Art Replaces Doomsday with Darkseid, Marvel: RDJ Puts On The Infinity Gauntlet Again For Charity, Killer Bean 2: The Party Was A Viral Short Before The Days Of YouTube, Spider-Man 3 Is Already Repeating 3 Spidey Movie Sequel Mistakes. He played, or doubled, as Ares in the flashback scene showing the first invasion of Earth by Steppenwolf and his forces from Apokolips. New. NEXT: Zack Snyder's Cut Of Justice League Was More Complete Than You Realize. Now, the aforementioned set photos reveal that Snyder’s version of the invasion flashback scene, which detailed Steppenwolf’s first attempt at conquering Earth in the theatrical release,  would have introduced Darkseid to the DC Extended Universe. 28. New, 10 Space Movies That Broke All The Rules Forum Posts. Justice League's troubled production impacted more than the movie itself, but it also resulted in Ares Actor Nick McKinless losing credit and pay. He was supposed to make an appearance at the end of Justice League that was scrapped and would’ve become a cataclysmic threat in the second movie. Steppenwolf glares up at Ares, suggesting a fight is about to ensue, but the film cuts to a different event during the battle and Steppenwolf is next seen being escorted off the battlefield in defeat. While the theatrical cut still featured him briefly, a significant part of his role was removed, including a one-on-one fight vs. Darkseid, and he only walked away with a "stunts" credit, despite his contract to play the role of Ares. from DC_Cinematic. Favorite character is between Swamp Thing and Darkwing Duck. Justice League: Deleted Darkseid Vs Ares Fight Scene Revealed. it has cosmic awareness, unlimited power. Star Wars and Lucasfilm Story Group Author Pablo Hidalgo Mocks Fans Shocked by Baby Yoda’s Egg Eating From Behind Locked Twitter Account, WandaVision Producer Points To Marvel Comics’ Monica Rambeau as Reason Why MCU Version Is “A Leader Among Heroes”. With the massive cuts and reshoots to Justice League, it shouldn’t be a surprise the behind the scenes issues extended beyond simple changes to the film, as accounting for each actor's part could get messy when so many parts were cut or shortened. Yes, that's his real name. Darkseid vs Ares # Darkseid A very weak Darkseid has defeated Zeus, Ares will not fair any better. Furthermore, this scene likely takes place shortly after Steppenwolf lands on Earth and defeats the Amazons. 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In the battle, there’s a brief shot where Ares can be seen attacking Steppenwolf before he's forced to retreat. In the theatrical cut of Justice League, Steppenwolf attacks  Earth to use the Mother Boxes to create the Unity, but the armies of Man and some Greek gods stand against him. Fan since Batman TAS was brand new. He played, or doubled, as Ares in the flashback scene showing the first invasion of Earth by Steppenwolf and his forces from Apokolips. We need more writers about Darkseid was initially intended to be part of a flashback sequence that would have seen his first attempt to take over the Earth and there was supposed to be a battle between the leader of Apokolips and Wonder Woman's nemesis. RELATED: Zack Snyder's Justice League Invasion Flashback Had Darkseid vs Ares. In the fight, McKinless said he jumped off a box (VFX would correct this to pick him up mid-air in a massive leap) and landed in a signature Zack Snyder pose with his giant axe embedded in Darkseid. He replied to an Instagram post by fan page DCEU Last Stand which updates its followers about everything related to the Snyder Cut. Meanwhile, the other Greek gods, Zeus and Artemis were properly credited as Sergi Constance and Aurore Lauzeral, respectively. Greg Draven, the actor who played the Viking that buried the mother box in the history lesson, revealed to Screen Rant the Greek gods Zeus, Ares, and Artemis arrive just when the Armies of Man are being beaten down and close to defeat. Portions of the showdown appear to have been included in the theatrical release, specifically when Zeus fires lightning at Steppenwolf and Ares can be seen briefly as he brings down his ax on the villain’s shoulder. More background of McKinless’s prep, diet regimen, and time on board the movie can be gleaned from the trivia section of his IMDb bio. New, 10 Dumbest Decisions In Fantasy Movie History Justice League is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD. New, Kevin Conroy Reacts To Robert Pattinson's Iconic Batman Line Writer, journalist, comic reader. Zack Snyder’s original vision for Justice League remains a topic of interest for a vocal segment of DC fans since the film debuted to mixed reviews and disappointing box office numbers, which many attribute to the alterations made to the film during reshoots that were overseen by Joss Whedon, who boarded the project after Snyder departed following a family tragedy. Stephen has been infatuated with movie magic on screen )and also peeking behind the scenes to demystify them) since wearing out his VHS copy of The Making of Star Wars when he was 7 years old and crazy about the deep lore of fictional universes ever since reading the Silmarillion when he was 9. In reality, it's not even him playing the character. Nick McKinless, who was cast in the role of Ares for Justice League's history lesson flashback went through months of intense training to prepare for the role of the Greek God of War. You have to wonder how much attention Warner Bros give all of this... WhatCulture's former COO, veteran writer and editor. Zeus forced him to retreat, but centuries later, he returned to start wars on Earth until Wonder Woman defeated him. They left three Mother Boxes behind, and a Mother Box was given to each tribe to be protected until Skotomidis [Darkseid] invaded again. That's why David Thewlis was created as playing Ares in Justice League despite the fact that you can barely see the character. Canadian film buff, political junkie, comic book geek, and board game enthusiast. Confirming the existence of the fight scene, he wrote he trained for four months and didn’t receive any credit (David Thewlis, who played the part in Wonder Woman, is credited as Ares in Justice League too). Actor Nick McKinless confirmed our report of a Darkseid and Ares fight being removed from Justice League in the comments (as seen below), where he says he shot an entire fight scene with Darkseid that wasn't included in the film. User Lists: 1 #1 Edited By Epicbeast3000. He played, or doubled, as Ares in the flashback scene showing the first invasion of Earth by Steppenwolf and his forces from Apokolips. remy94 6 mo 11 d . Followers. AresDarkseidJustice LeagueNick McKinlessZack Snyder.


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