Discontinued Americana® Colors & Mixing Recipes.

There are many other options to find the Americana line of colors that are not stocked in the chain stores. To convert paint colors properly, there would be a certain amount of mixing to get the appropriate color. Rather, what I did on the charts below is pick a DecoArt color that I would use in place of a Delta Ceramcoat color.

Dive into the colorful pages of the DecoArt catalog. DecoArt have discontinued fifty-six paint colours from the Americana Acrylic Paints range. Mix the second color Spend hours flipping through color charts, reading up on detailed product information, and being inspired by finished projects. Charts to convert Accent, Aleene's, Delta and Folk Art to DecoArt Americana.

Bottles; Discover the latest DecoArt Americana colors for 2018! DISCONTINUED COLORS WITH COLOR MIXES TO CREATE THE COLORS DISCONTINUED -- 2010.

15 New 2018 DecoArt Americana Colors, 2 oz. Discontinued Color Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Ratio Notes DA216 Soft Peach Titanium White DAO1 Peaches ‘n Cream DAO23 Camel DA191 6:1:1 Click on the image below to open and save the PDF file. Chris Haughey Designs. Discontinued Color Color 1 Color 2 Color 3 Ratio Notes DA216 Soft Peach Titanium White DAO1 Peaches & Cream DAO23 Camel DA191 6:1:1 DA243 Light Parchment Sand DAO4 Pineapple DAO6 Lemonade DA252 2:1:1 DecoArt Discontinued Americana Acrylic colors . DA105: BLUE GREY/MIST: NEUTRAL GREY DAO95 + DOVE GREY DAO69 + ANTIQUE TEAL DA158: There are a few DecoArt colors where I mixed two colors to get a better substitute color.

Deco Art. This year DecoArt discontinued quite a few Americana Acrylic colors, some of my favorites.

This full color catalog can also serve as a means of tracking your craft room inventory or creating a wish list.

A delightful mix of trending colors that includes both muted pastels and bright colors. DecoArt Color Conversion Charts. DecoArt’s Americana line still offers 223 acrylic colors, while Delta only offers 212 and FolkArt has 205. When these rumors were confirmed, I decided to settle down and… At first I was really upset and refused to believe the rumors running rampant on Facebook.

A chart with a substitute color for the discontinued Americana Acrylic paint.

The #1-selling acrylic craft paint, welcomes 15 new colors that are sure to be big hits based on current color and fashion trends.
DecoArt Traditions to Americana Acrylics Conversion Chart. DISCONTINUED AMERICANA® COLORS & MIXING RECIPES DecoArt.com Following is a list of discontinued Americana colors and our current color mixes, with ratios, to create those colors. I hear many comments about our beloved colors that will no longer be available. Thankfully, they've created a super useful chart with mixing ratios for us all to use if we find that we now need to mix our own replacement colours. All major chain stores stock Americana acrylics and typically have 120 to 140 Americana colors to choose from.


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