Have students draw a sticky note shape on the screen. Design it so that it’s ready for your students to use. Many people asked me for an account to donate, and I finally gave in and created a BuyMeACoffee account.

Here is one more minimalist presentation designed to make your content stand out. […], […] ​Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them​​​ […], […] Resource: Google Slides interactive notebooks + 20 activities to fill them […]. Note: All of the instructions in this post refer to Google Slides in a browser (i.e. It could be as simple as using the pre-created title slide in the “Layout” tab in the toolbar. CHARLIE MASON COMPANY 2021 Simple Planner Digital Journal Google Slides Planner with Hyperlinks - Blueberry |
I will only use your name and e-mail to update you on new templates. So I am having my 3rd graders use this as a Language Art type notebook. If you think about it, a digital slide presentation is a lot like a notebook. These are mini notebooks created for a special purpose. Qu’est-ce que le CSS et qu’apporte-t-il ? He shares how his students use a thesaurus to find synonyms and antonyms for a word. Students can use small circle shapes to plot points on the coordinate plane, connect them with lines, etc. Math symbols are difficult to type and too slow. Free Google Docs Brochure Templates . It features shapes on white background. That slide is saved as an image file. No, these aren’t notebooks for a substitute teacher. I must admit that I’m not good at writing descriptions, therefore the search feature might not reflect all the possible results. Learning goes to a different level. blog post. There are mockups, maps, charts, graphs, portfolio, images, history, timeline, and more slides in the set. , Thank you so much for this! Just $49, interactive activities with google slides, 50 elearning activities, templates and tutorials - Ditch That Textbook, 30 interactive Google Slides activities for classroom excitement - Ditch That Textbook, 20 free Google Slides and PowerPoint themes for teachers - Ditch That Textbook, Solving the Problem of Notebooks in a Digital Classroom > UnisonEDU Blog, You can even resize its pages to the size of a standard sheet of paper.

Rounded rectangles with vocabulary words, shapes for addition/subtraction, protons/neutrons/electrons for an atom) Have students drag them onto the screen in the right place to demonstrate understanding. Change the background image of a student slide to that image. I suggest deleting any of them your students won’t use. This idea came from fifth grade teacher Tony Vincent during his session of the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit, a free annual online conference for teachers. Uni is a beautiful template with modern typography and clean layout. They're easy and free! If they haven’t already, have them choose a slide size. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This product comes as a link in a PDF file. Or you could turn students loose to create their own title slides, adding a webcam picture of themselves (Insert > Image > Camera), Have them record a video with the webcam and insert it using, A companion webpage full of FREE resources  (.

If you add any of the placeholders, students will be able to click and add text to them.). If you’d like a more social and physically stimulating option, have students do a gallery walk. When they’re done, the video saves automatically to their Google Drive. Get the how-to's and a downloadable template to get started!

You can adjust the slides to your needs completely: change text, images, shapes, and create new slides. Find an image you want students to work with. However, if they aren’t going to print them, you can make them any dimension you’d like! Create lots of draggable shapes off to one side. The Techie Teacher shares her motivating method of creating digital writing journals using Google Slides. The theme uses free Google Fonts which you can download online.
Download your interactive notebook template, Organizing your digital interactive notebook, Taking interactive notebooks to the next level, Even when you’re not connected to the Internet …. Each student can have his/her own slide in one shared slide presentation. This presentation theme is using vibrant tones and strict shapes to make all eyes on the room look at your slides. It has quickly gone from being a free PowerPoint alternative to become the go-to app for creating professional slideshows. Go to View > Master. Required fields are marked *. You know your students’ needs.

For more information about creating these mini-posters, see this blog post. It uses trendy dark blue color along with bright elements and images. My question is, can it be ongoing? I love this digital notebook concept. The presentation theme has shapes in blue and orange color which add some dynamic to the slides. Would you like to receive an email when I post new templates? Now, it’s time for the fun! For other inquiries you can email me to hello@slidesmania.com, Terms of use | Templates License | Privacy Policy.

Create digital interactive notebooks — and use the pre-designed activities in this template. Pull in a series of several images and they can serve as a comic strip.

What […], Free Digital Planner with hyperlinks for Google Slides or PowerPoint Katie **Updated** 2020. 2 GoogleAppsAction.com For more free resources and ideas for the Google Apps classroom, visit: + To zoom the text for easier typing, in the browser version of Google Slides, click on ‘zoom’ icon on toolbar. Once you have your interactive notebook established, you can up-level them by doing some of the following …. Use Ctrl+D to duplicate it over and over. Like above, students could break down their ideas on individual slides or use a template with space for each step in one. In fact, they can go in “digital notebooks”, and one option for those is Google Slides! Have students create a slide for each step of the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, editing). Free Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template. Recreating a simple version of this activity fits well with an interactive notebook!


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