Steven Skiena's Discrete Mathematics (CSE 547) Discrete Math Video Lectures Set Theory:Introduction to the theory of sets; combination of sets; power sets; finite and infinite sets; principle of inclusion and exclusion; selected problems from each topic;Logic:Proposition, predicate logic, logic operators, logic proposition and proof, method of proofs - Mathematical Induction Different forms of the principle of mathematical induction. This includes generating functions,Useful facts about power series, Counting problems and generation functions,using generation functions, to solve recurrence relations,using generation functions to prove identities etc. Application of Boolean functions to synthesis of circuits - Discrete Numeric Functions:Introduction of discrete numeric functions; asymptotic behaviour; generating functions;Recurrence Relations:Linear recurrence relations with constant coefficients (homogeneous case); discussion of all the three sub-cases. Warshall's algorithm to compute transitive closure of a relation;Partially Ordered Sets and Lattices - Partial order relations; POSETS; lattices - Boolean Algebra and Boolean Functions Introduction to Boolean algebra and Boolean functions. Statistics is considered by many as another separate branch of mathematics and you can find a lot of video lectures devoted to the same. Learn The Core Stats For A Data Science Career. Master Statistical Significance, Confidence Intervals And Much More! Are you looking to learn the different rules of mathematics? Learn everything from Probability & Statistics, then test your knowledge with 600+ practice questions, The application of optimization methods to important engineering problems in thermodynamics, statistics, design, control, economics and scheduling. Thus we have prepared a set of important lectures that can be avail through DVD . All rights reserved @ 2019, 2.Set operation and laws of set operation, 3.The principle of inclusion and exclusion, 4.Application of the principle of inclusion and exclusion, 10.Rules of influence for quantified propositions, 19.Walks, paths and circuits operations on graphs, 39.Second order recurrence relation with constant coefficients(1), 40.Second order recurrence relation with constant coefficients(2). This is why we have presented some of the best online lectures on mathematics where we will discuss a wide array of different topics. . Important :Before downloading these lectures you need to install Real player Click on download link then ,it redirects to real player ... Institute: University Of Berkeley CA ,USA Instructor: John KUBIATOWICZ Lecture1. Lecture1. As we all know,we spent thousands of bugs for day to day necessity and if someone wish to spent some bugs for their study being better ,then we are here to help them we Welcome them.


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