I hope his daughter does not wish to go to graduate school in the future. 1801 Hinman AvenueEvanston, IL 60208-1270, federal subsidized and unsubsidized student loans. Here is what you should do when looking at schools: Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is an estimate of the amount your family will be expected to contribute for your annual college expenses. Feel free to reach out to us with questions. An in-depth campus visit can help determine if a school would be an appropriate choice. She’s looking for a roommate on various Pitt related web sites. The third column reflects only Northwestern grant aid, the fourth column reflects Northwestern grant aid plus state and federal grants (like SEOG and Pell), and the last column reflects all of these items plus private scholarships earned by our students. • Undergraduate advising. • Internships opportunities. Now, can you help us with graduate school advice? Thankfully my daughter was as annoyed as I was at how the situation was handled by NU and happily matriculated to Univ of Miami where they made her feel welcome and appreciated. It will make it so much easier in the long run! Eligiblity for scholarships and grants is determined through a review of both financial need and merit. We knew the price tag and were shaking in our boots, so we sat him down and told him we would fill out all financials and see what happens. Financial aid from the university is limited to four years of enrollment for an entering first-year student and three years of enrollment for an entering transfer student. Not sure what happened with your daughter’s financial aid, but I think something went wrong. Pitt is a wonderful school. We have visited Pitt twice and were very impressed on each occasion. • Scholarships. We may be in the same boat as those Illinois parents as our son is hoping to be accepted at both Northwestern and Carnegie, his 2nd and 3rd choice schools. Perhaps that’s why student loan debt now exceeds consumer debt in our country. The individual’s GPA and overall merit will determine that. She seems very excited and is looking forward to attending Pitt in the fall. She wanted a big school in a big city and Pitt satisfies both of those desires. Our daughter wants to spend her junior year in AUstralia, and with the great deals they got from the colleges they will attend, all this is possible. But it sounds like the parents made the decision for her. All applicants who apply on time are considered for these scholarships and no additional applications are necessary. A Northwestern Grad will have the doors open to any top graduate schools in the country. If she accepted her first choice she would leave college with $80,000 in debt and nothing for graduate school. UofM give NOTHING! Our daughter is looking forward to her first semester at Pitt. I have posted before on this subject, but I think the two families (one choosing between Northwestern and Pitt and one from Nebraska choosing between Barnard and others) have made excellent decisions. • Departmental newsletter. An endowed scholarship can establish a direct connection between you and the donor; most donors welcome the opportunity to meet or correspond with the students who receive their awards. It is not possible to reallocate this aid to other terms. She should fit right in! • Student organization devoted to this major. I believe in four years, when the daughter has no debt and many options for Graduate School the wisdom of the parents will be apparent to the daughter. • Courses. Outside scholarships are a very tiny source of money for almost all students. Although we don’t have the 200k in savings, we are agonizing about choosing Pitt and its free tuition scholarship over a school that my daughter really wants to go to. He has done well with straight A’s and joined great clubs. Thanks for sharing your great story. I think that if you work hard and have a good GPA and work experience, you will get accepted. She is taking six more AP courses in her final semester of high school. Students who are eligible for need-based Northwestern Scholarship may receive a named endowed scholarship. She is also looking at the catalog with regard to a first semester schedule of classes. This is a great story, but most parents need to have this conversation before their student even starts looking at schools. An undergraduate degree is not worth the money unless you are going straight thru from Bachelors to PhD at say Harvard or Yale or something. • What questions haven’t I asked you that are relevant? Need-based aid is awarded to a small group of first-year international students each year. Graduate Students . Yes, you may apply for aid and/or submit special circumstances to our office for consideration at any time. If he does, this will pose the most difficult discussion our family has ever had to have. At his top two choices, he got wait-listed (UChicago) and denied (Stanford). The notion that a prestigious school won’t accept someone because he or she attended a “less prestigious school” is absurd. Yes. Its unemployment rate is half a percent less than the national average, and its job market is projected to increase significantly over the next decade. Please keep in mind that we had no idea our daughter would receive any merit award at any school, much less a full scholarship. Graduates that leave from top tier schools and then go on to pursue graduate work will be have an easier time getting into other top tiered graduate school programs. They were generous with the aid package, and she got an outstanding education. While Yale does not award merit-based scholarships, Yale students often qualify for merit awards from other organizations. Living and working in the Washington, DC suburbs, where people are both affluent and well educated, I see successful people in workplaces of all sorts who have come from a variety of college settings. To remain eligible for scholarships, students must maintain an accumulative GPA of 2.5 (or higher depending on the stipulations of the scholarship) AND students may not withdraw for more than one session or quarter over the course of their program. Her sister graduates in this May. In my opinion, the NU price tag is worth it just for the NU alumni network that can get you top tier jobs right out of school. Exceptions: military duty/medical reasons, with verification. That’s what prompted me to say that my wife and I “had to be the adults in the room” when it came to the matter of incurring student loan debt. • Undergraduate research opportunities. Our daughter has experienced a sea change since the decision to attend Pitt was confirmed. He is studying finance because his major economics has imploded at UF.


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