because the influences of all factors are relevant. The problem is that, left to its own devices, your processor would get too hot to function properly. As a rather new builder, I have opted into an AMD Ryzen 5 2600X with a Macho Rev B. and it handles itself relatively well. Fabrication facilities include CNC Drilling, G-Fin Tube G-Fin Tube is used for high temperature services with a maximum design temperature of 450º C. A helical groove is cut into the tube, the fins are peened to push the displaced metal back into the fin to form a strong mechanical bond. There are a total of 8 heat pipes and two giant 140 mm fans that work on the aluminum radiator to dissipate up to 240 W of TDP from your CPU.

Learn More. Unlike bulky high-end air coolers that take up a ton of space, single fan closed loop coolers are much more compact making them perfect options for anyone that is using a mini-ITX case to build a mini gaming PC in.

Nowadays, most CPU coolers come with different brackets that make it compatible with most modern CPU sockets. Ultimately, in our review of EVGA’s CLC series, we determined that they offer some of the best price-to-performance in liquid cooling currently on the market. High-quality components, excellent cooling, and brilliant noise control. Barry F’s comment is a fine example of lateral thinking: and even value Engineering.

So, choosing a more affordable air cooler that can do a similar job to a closed-loop liquid cooler is fine with me. But air CPU heatsinks are much bigger and bulkier and don’t quite offer that clean look that closed-loop liquid coolers do. If you have clearance restraints because you’re building a mini gaming PC, you’ll probably be limited a low-profile air cooler or a smaller AIO cooler. However, these aren’t as simple and straightforward as the closed-loop options currently available and are really only items that people looking to do some extreme overclocking, or people who really want to build something aesthetically superior should look into. I look forward to your response. In terms of cooling performance, the 280mm option does offer the best thermals. What mechanisms are used to transfer heat?

This alternative technology is sure to make waves as A/C will become a necessity in many areas. Hello, It also uses a special metal deposit at the base to transfer heat onto the copper joints more quickly, thus reducing the amount of time it takes to decrease the CPU temperatures.

However, this doesn’t mean you should do the same.

I also really don’t want to get a measly little thing that doesn’t make any difference, I’d rather just invest in a solid product.

LGA 2011, FX 8000, FX 9000- this beast can deal with all of them, and the Intel CPU’s don’t even get close to 60°C under load. A. The cool plate comes with a layer of thermal paste applied onto it and is built from extremely heat conductive alloy to transfer heat from your CPU to the pipes as efficiently as possible.


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