Champagne and Chanel for breakfast? This is probably just from where I’ve rubbed it off during the day, the staying power isn’t as strong as Double Wear. I wouldn’t say it’s a look that lasts all day even though it is the perfect no-makeup, makeup look. Not onto my clothes or anything but onto my hands during the day. Would I use it again? I am 37 and I have pretty good skin with an occasional pimple and a few light acne scars. I wasn’t surprised though. If I wear one layer of Water Fresh foundation applied with a brush, it’s like wearing a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream.

slightly too heavy for daily use. It looks better at the end of the day. My number one rule is to never wear make up on long flights and this was no exception so the excitement of trying on Double Wear Stay in Place Foundation had to wait until I landed. Read on. Check out the video I’ve made below to show you how the two compare on my skin and my everyday makeup routine!
Waterlight. Would be amazing with a pump bottle or a lighter bottle. Layering the Water Fresh foundation was easy and smooth, it didn’t look cakey and remained skin-like all evening. I did a little fist pump inside my brain when they said this. Estee Lauder Double Wear review - I haven't found another foundation that lasts as all while staying on all day and minimising my shiny areas! I’m so excited to review the Double Wear foundation for you! It’s ever so slightly lighter in its coverage that I needed a little concealer to help hide the acne scars but it was only a minimal touch up that I needed. I was looking for a light foundation that looked like skin. So now Estee Lauder have released the lighter and fresher sibling – Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation (let’s just abbreviate this to Double Wear Nude for the remainder of this post ha!). This is a very good foundation, but for someone younger than my 59 years. You’re probably familiar with the original Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place foundation or the Light version. Buy the Estee Lauder pump if you plan on using this, especially if you apply foundation somewhere other than your house where there are no spare clothes. Very liquid, thin and runny formula so I have to be careful when pouring the foundation out. With SPF 30, it's your invisible defense against UV rays and environmental damage.

Love the natural and glowy look, but sadly it doesn't control oil at all and will not last for +3 hours on my face. It has devoted followers who have been using it since its original launch and continues to win over new generations of women with the reinterpreted Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 25.. Estee Lauder Double Wear has cult-like status all over the world.
Your information will *never* be shared or sold to a 3rd party. If you want to look like you drink 3L of water every day, Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh foundation will make it happen. Easy to build up to a medium coverage. Often I will mix the original Double Wear with other foundations to keep the staying power but to create a thinner, more natural looking coverage. Community Collections with "Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30" Makeup for sensitive skin 10 products. I find that my face will still defeat foundations on the hottest of days and be slightly oily. It reminds me of the Giorgio Armani foundation slightly or one of the NARS liquid foundations.

Very natural, BUT DO NOT WEAR IF YOU HAVE TEXTURE! MakeupAlley™ is a registered trademark of MUA, Inc. Not for oily skin. I decided to give Double Wear a try at the start of 2017 after casually strolling by (we never really do just ‘casually’ stroll by do we?) I am not a trained professional, please test the products or ask for professional advice in store.

It didn’t take me long to have everything blended and sitting perfectly weightless on my skin. I used it one and half ago.

Be sure to apply the second layer evenly to avoid any marks or minimal coverage areas. the beauty counter at Sydney Airport waiting for my flight to Hong Kong. Looks fresh, natural, healthy, even-toned. I have reviewed a few cult products from Bangn Body, including a Firming Lotion Review. My favourite drug store cosmetics are on sale! After just five minutes of shade matching and realizing how damn affordable this foundation actually was (especially at Duty Free prices) – I was sold. Moves comfortably with your skin. Even though I read the not so great reviews to this product before buying, I tried it on a mall and bought it. Using a brush I can keep more product in one place, so I will build it up a little more around my jawline and my forehead where I rest my hands during the day and less around my T-zone. Word of caution, whilst the original Double Wear formula gradually trickles out of its bottle, the Double Wear Nude won’t so test it out beforehand on a beauty blender to get a feel for it. I’ve always found it so ironic how much product we need these days to achieve the supposed natural look. Looking for cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands isn’t always easy. 10 products.

So now Estee Lauder have released the lighter and fresher sibling – Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Foundation (let’s just abbreviate this to Double Wear Nude for the remainder of this post ha!). My friends even said that they liked the less makeup look and I looked like I was glowing! Feels very lightweight once applied, as the day goes on I can feel that I’m wearing foundation and often need to powder it slightly. This foundation can create different levels of coverage, depending on how much product you want to wear. You may have seen a few weeks ago that I did a round up post of my, My number one rule is to never wear make up on long flights and this was no exception so the excitement of trying on, So now Estee Lauder have released the lighter and fresher sibling –, With all the rage on achieving the effortless, Weightless formula means you can effortlessly achieve the ‘no makeup, makeup look’, It’s oil-free but won’t dry out your skin with the added inclusion of hyaluronic acid for hydration, Contains SPF25 and antioxidants to protect against sun damage, It has sugar-kelp extract to control “the shine” you get from dewy formulas, Anyone wanting to achieve a fresh faced look without it being obvious that you’ve got makeup on, Those who like a dewy finish to their makeup look and want something lighter for summer, Women with maturing skin as the dewy finish won’t accentuate any creases or crow’s feet (no one wants that…amirite?). My skin creates excess oil when it’s dry and can be disastrous in summer and for any foundation. Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30: rated 3 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. Was it truly the weightless summer formula with total coverage minus the melting face of foundation?

The foundation itself is very runny. Now, this is the important part.


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