The height of the bottom of the dovetail is set … Most … These are all of and yet the only surfaces that make contact with the female part. A 1:6 ratio – that’s one unit horizontal with six matching units drawn vertical – lays out as a 9.5 degree angle. It is important to incorporate the correct angle for a given project so that the joint will have maximum strength and durability. This equates to about 9.5 degrees and 7.1 degrees from normal to the end of the board, or basically 9.5 or 7.1 degrees away from being a finger joint instead of a dovetail. A 1:8 ratio – one unit horizontal with eight matching units drawn vertical – is an angle of 7.1 degrees. It is essential that the heights of surfaces A’ and D’ are the same. Dovetail angles are often described by the ratio of rise to run. Dovetail angles are most notably described in degrees, but is often stated as a ratio, either 1:8 or 1:6. You might prefer the subtle look of slender lower-angle dovetails or the “crafted” look of chunkier higher-angle joints. Personally, I feel that 8° dovetails look better with thicker parts and/or when joining contrasting woods, while 12° to 14° pins and tails look best … What Are My Options When Choosing a Dovetail Angle? I doubt woodworkers in the last century had as strong a passion for being precise as woodworkers today. The side bits between B’ and A’ are cut with a dovetail cutter, as are C’ and D’. Historically, in the western tradition, dovetails would be made with an angle of 1:6 for softwood, and 1:8 for hardwood. The term “dovetail angle” refers to the slope at which the tails and pins are tapered to form their interlocking bond.

These are the established angles; the angles we’re suppose to bow to upon pulling our marking gauges from … These ratios translate into a 7Ã?º or a 9Ã?º angle.


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