1964- Official guest at the Tokyo Olympics. However, the victory was not easy to claim in Australia as he had to swim twice to prove his unbiased winning. It is the world's first surf atlas for kids, a must-own for surfer parents and ocean-loving relatives looking to share their passion. 1984-Posthumously inducted into the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame. In 1984 Kahanamoku was posthumously … • The record made by Kahanamoku beating 50-, 100-, and 200-yard freestyle in the trials got him featured at New York Times with a limelight recognition, where it was stated that he would “at one time [hold] every freestyle record up to a half-mile.”. In 1959, he officially became the ‘State of Hawaii Ambassador of Aloha’ when Hawaii finally attained the position of 50th U.S State. Waves are a dynamic force that is often created in open ocean thousands of miles away from the shore and breaks near the coastline. 1960- Appointed the new state of Hawaii’s Official Ambassador of Aloha. 1914- Introduced surfing to the U.S. Atlantic Coast, Australia, and New Zealand. Let's connect on social media! • Meanwhile, in 1916, World War I disrupted the channel of Olympics, but Kahanamoku got a showcasing chance to train American Red Cross volunteers on various life-saving techniques in deep seawater. 1934-59-Sheriff for city and county of Honolulu. Duke’s father was named in the prince honor and raised in the Royal Palace, even being a policeman. 1956- Official U.S. Representative at the Melbourne Olympics. Learn more on our About section. His funeral was the biggest seen event in the history where his ashes were thrown into the Waikiki surf. The statue was designed by one of the popular artisan Jan Gordon Fisher. Samuel Kahanamoku ( Brother), Kapiolani Kahanamoku ( Sister), Maria Kahanamoku (Sister), David Kahanamoku (Brother), Louis Kahanamoku (Brother), Bill Kahanamoku (Brother), Sargent Kahanamoku (Brother), and Bernice Kahanamoku (Sister). • His later participation in the Olympics slowed down the winning rates with age. On December 23, 1914, the dark-skinned athlete was the star of the first-ever surfing exhibition in Freshwater Beach, Sydney, Australia. 1924-Won a Silver Medal in the Paris Olympics in the 100-meter freestyle. He would swim, surf, dive and explore the multiple underwater spots of the island. Yes, I'm a girl, and can we break this stereotype that a girl can't be a crazy sports follower? Discover the best quotes by Duke Kahanamoku, and explore his eight commandments for living like a surfer. 1920- Won 2 more Gold Medals for swimming in the Antwerp Olympics. He swam with his head out of the water and achieved maximum push with each stroke. And he was an accomplished ukulele player. Particularly when it comes to surfing, he used to own the biggest traditional surfboard, which is 16 feet tall and weighed around 114 pounds (52 kg). It was also noted in Le… It has occurred on the monster waves risen as the aftermath of a big earthquake. • On January 22, 1968, at the age of 77, Duke Kahanamoku passed away due to a heart attack. He rode for a continuous 3 hours at Freshwater beach, teaching various tricks to his fans. He met and worked with Tom Blake, married Nadine Alexander, and served as sheriff of Honolulu (1932-1961). His ashes were thrown into the Waikiki surf, and a bronze statue was erected in his memory at Kuhio Beach, in Honolulu. The Duke Kahanamoku statue welcomes everyone with open arms, and it is one of the most popular attractions in Hawaii. His acting career began after the first 1912 Olympics, where he started playing small extras or supporting actor’s roles. • In 1925, Kahanamoku instigated the idea of using the surfboard as a lifesaving tool in a party full of movie stars. While camping on a beachside, everybody witnessed Kahanamoku’s braveheart, who grabbed his surfboard and went for a wild surf to rescue the passengers of an overturned yacht at Newport Beach. 1966 -First person to be inducted into both the Swimming and Surfing Halls of Fame. Setting a world record twice in his career, Kahanamoku won the first gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle race and silver medal in the men’s 4×200-meter freestyle relay. But there's more. For his burial at sea a long motorcade of mourners, accompanied by a 30-man police escort, moved across town to Waikiki Beach. In his first years, Duke impressed with his swimming skills and rapidly started winning competitions to become the ultimate Hawaiian waterman. The 1932 Los Angeles Olympics was the last partaking where he earned the third position for the water polo team. In 1959, when Hawaii becomes the 50th US State, Kahanamoku is officially named State of Hawaii Ambassador of Aloha. His brother boasted to Malcolm Gault-Williams, writing for Legendary Surfers, that "when he swam, his Kahanamoku kick was so powerful that his body actually rose up out of the water, like a speed boat with its prow up." He also planned long journeys to raise funds for the Red Cross with his fellow American aquatic champions. Following the ancient Hawaiian designs, the board was made from the woods of ‘koa tree,’ which Kahanamoku calls his “Papa Nui.”. Duke started touring the world to teach his famous "Kahanamoku Kick" swimming technique. I just don't write about Ice Hockey and cricket, but I love playing it on Sunday's as well. After that, he was seen as a trainer to the young batch of swimmers. In 1912, Duke Kahanamoku wrote history for the Hawaiian flag. Even the race is being judged by the team of high officials and professional surveyors; still, AAU accused that the alarm clocks might have been used in the decision making than stopwatches. Copyright © 2020. Kahanamoku, nicknamed "The Duke" and "The Big Kahuna," is considered to be the father of modern surfing. But is that a safe practice? All Rights Reserved. Duke and Australian surfers sealed an eternal alliance. However, the introduction of a new technique occurs when these longboards were driven or surfed smoothly using the required power. Forever. He developed fearlessness in water, and the traditional practice involves him thrown over the side of an outrigger canoe into the surf. The Hawaiian won five Olympic medals as a swimmer, but he also showed off in the movie industry, politics, and business life. What a splendid way to live life to the fullest. His large hands and feet probably helped him too. Dorando Pietri: Born, Height, Weight, Died, Event & Biography, Vitali Klitschko: Born, Height, Weight, Wife, Nickname, Net Worth. He never completed his higher studies and dropped out of school to instantly participate in shaping surfboards, swimming, canoeing, and stay live on the beach. • In his early childhood days, Kahanamoku was taught the major learnings of swimming in the traditional Hawaiian way from his father and uncle. • Duke Kahanamoku was an esteemed personality who gave the world a precise example of living life to its fullest. Kahanamoku died of a heart attack on January 22, 1968, at the age of 77. He lived 77 years and passed away on January 22, 1968. 1932-At age 42, won a Bronze Medal as an alternate on the U.S. water polo team in the Los Angeles Olympics. Kahanamoku won the Gold medal as an outcome of the second round of the race. "Waterman: The Life and Times of Duke Kahanamoku""Duke: A Great Hawaiian""Duke: The Life Story of Duke Kahanamoku""Surfer of the Century: The Life of Duke Kahanamoku""Memories of Duke: The Legend Comes to Life""Duke's Olympic Feet", "Surfari""Free and Easy""This Is Your Life""Mister Roberts""Wake of the Red Witch""The Black Camel""Around the World with Douglas Fairbanks""Isle of Escape""Girl of the Port""The Rescue""Isle of Sunken Gold""Lord Jim""No Father to Guide Him""The Pony Express""Adventure". 1990- Statue dedicated to Waikiki on the centennial of his birth. He shaved 4.6 seconds off the 100-yard freestyle on a course across Honolulu Harbor Hawaiian Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) swimming and diving championship. However, Duke was in constant contact with the water. Duke embodies the spirit of Aloha. • In 1915, Kahanamoku became a man behind introducing board surfing in Australia who has constructed and showcased the actual surfboard made up of sugar pine woods. Till his death, he served as a salaried officer for the state of Hawaii. Duke embodies the spirit of Aloha. His funeral was the biggest seen event in the history where his ashes were thrown into the Waikiki surf. He gave his life to surfing and touched the hearts and souls of millions of people around the world. • Now at 1920 Antwerp Olympics semifinals, he initially equaled his own world record and led his way to make another world record in the finals of the 100-meter freestyle.


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