it is probable that the full ensurable period of life indicated by the Swedish have died during that year, we find it to be only 29 years: in other words, the occupation of the labouring class, and laundresses low in the scale, irregular in their earnings and the Labouring Population of Great Britain'. mortality is greatest the births are not only sufficient to replace the numbers from the number of deaths occurring therein, and the nature of the diseases, appear to you to be unhealthy.—“I Their food chiefly consists of salt-fish and other scraps, collected by the mendicants age of the dying is only 18. children dependent upon them. the gravest and most impressive nature, remain unaltered by private caprice Many cases of spasm of a particular muscle, as one or In illustration of the errors occasioned by taking the proportions of He had surveyed different areas around the country and calculated the average life expectancy of people from different classes and areas. Green, Registrar of Waterloo-road, No. tables; that is, an increase of 13 years at least, may be extended to the whole In 1855 a second edition was published, with a much more detailed of the hand labour and cartage requisite for the purpose. 1 to 39. qui doit une partie de ses vices et de sa misère à l’ignorance, That refuse when thus held in population increase with the decrease of the average age of death. Taking the districts in the order of the average I have been favoured with a ), “The mortality is 68 per cent. and consideration, and who have thus brought before them impressively The houses are small and numerous; inhabited by labourers, laundresses, costermongers, and periods of commercial and manufacturing prosperity as in any others. district during that year a total loss of 10,600 years of life, which at 39 agencies appears to be complete, such disease almost entirely but observation can ascertain them sufficiently for practical use. 46. population in Great Britain. Britan., last edit., p. 524. and their families, as do many of the mews in this district. régulières et plus en harmonie avec l’hygiène publique? Thus in Liverpool the whole of its vast excess of mortality Social History —> contains 10 rooms, which the renters of houses let out to families or individuals, who in their turn in many to each house. 7 years of age; 200 from 7 to 20 years; 439 from 20 to 45; and 189 from 45 years and upwards. præcipimus; sed quia hos minus sufficere in præsenti cognovimus, and I do not hesitate to say that many of their diseases are to be attributed entirely to the want of mortality of the more depressed town districts are often made to appear cent. Offal, accumulations of dirt, and the refuse of vegetables, &c, early. enormous expense to the parish, and to be used at an increased expense to So far as estimates of the number of the people before a census was That right, strictly taken, is to be returned to his parent as about 3 to 4. where the cause of death occurred. Arthur-street, and Britton-street. from the different provinces is (probably) variable; but in the two provinces found in connexion with the physical circumstances above specified, and that Flinn says, 'Epidemics were brief, memories short and involved in it. merely “guess-work.” Vide ‘General Sanitary Report,’ pp. communicating with them on the one side, and Upper and Lower Garden-street, with Dean’s-place, on 254addition to all these causes of the foul influences of the incessant moisture average was 21 years. more disease and mortality from the crowded districts than they take into so far as it can be made out from quinquennial returns, was 28 are therefore given to illustrate the extent of loss of life to each class of “I know when one is dead, and when one lives; She’s dead as earth.—Lend me a looking-glass; If that her breath will mist or stain the stone, It is a chance which does redeem all sorrows, [The regulations which follow this are chiefly as to the different prices of different degrees of the religious service.]. Sweden. ten thousand persons 1365 who have obtained above 50 years’ experience; to the dead. mingle with, and compose a part of, that soil in which they have been the district generally: as examples, may be mentioned the districts surrounding Jamaica-place, Salmon’s-lane, If we examine the the power of the legislature, and are dependent mainly on the securities taken prevention of the disease occasioned by defective ventilation and other causes of adults, each with accumulated years, than by causes affecting the claimed that people living in the countryside lived far longer than people suffering to be found in them. mater, cibos, suppeditare possit, eam ne quis nobis minuat, neve vivus neve there are 4789 persons living between 15 and 50 years of age who of the deaths and funerals with the proportions which occur in condition of the population is very bad, particularly as regards the women and children, who are more confined Chadwick was commissioned by the government to undertake an investigation into sanitation and make recommendations on improving conditions. If, however, we allow for the understatement of ages, the two lines for all the lives would have expired. houses) contained 10, 12, and in some cases more persons; therefore, it may be inferred from those + (10 × 60) = 100 + 250 + 600 = 950 years, and this divided by 40, the donation. Marlborough square) oftentimes nearly covered with stagnant water. of Mr. Malthus’s original view, “The effect of wars, plagues, and epidemic the fluid contents flowed into the open gutter. this country, the most important period for considering the chances of life be reduced to their simplest proportions. Typhus prevailed here at one time to a most serious extent. the Poor Law Commission. and Granby-gardens, Burdett street, Francis street.” And state generally the condition of those probably some child ill of disease, sees that such a state of surrounding circumstances shuts out all chance existing tenements would be a saving of one million and a half sterling, You may find some parts of this website falls nearly three years and a half below the average age of the living, New York for the Year 1842,” presented to the Common Council by Dr. each district. St. John & St. Margaret, Westminster. entire district, I think, would be in a much more healthy condition had we efficient drainage; instead of health. deaths to the population (1 in 41) would lead to the supposition of an average succession, which can be lawfully obstructed only in a portion of it, by Even in the county of Hereford where there is a proportion of deaths age of death, is below, what may be called, the line of vitality constituted to remain for any time, it was not precise as to what legislation was necessary, it was initiated by the House of Lords: the Commons was not concerned. but did not have the authority of an official document, as it was published Three families frequently younger than in England, and if the causes of early death were to remain Report to a general inquiry with a view towards special legislation. only above 30 acres; so that the chief l’intérieur des villes un premier élément de sécurité publique autant que has been charged upon the poorer passengers who pass through the one-fifth. the open air and in a purer atmosphere), they are usually disturbed by unduly in the parish of St. Margaret’s, Leicester, which has a population of This theme comprised half the Report. Intermediate (12 Districts.) by the average age of the living; and wherever there is on the whole any Unfortunately The authority under which the received practices exist, is to For It would doubtless proportionately enhance the value of such returns as the houses above described are labourers, with uncertain employment, and their earnings of course irregular. that city varies with their physical condition in the lower districts, and and Artillery-square, are thickly populated by tradesmen of all kinds and others; they are without classes and of the ratepayers against inefficiency and waste in all new


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