Yes I’m planning on it. Cut into 4 to 6 pieces.

Will that mean that d egg tofu will not be soft already when eaten? So far we finished 5 recipes including this. Delicious Egg Tofu on Rice, just like the one you saw in ‘Midnight Diner’.

I learned about your blog searching for a recipe for a dish I learned about on that show.

After trying this recipe a few more times, I also figured out a new trick. Make sure to cover the lid with a large kitchen towel so condensation won’t drop and ruin your egg tofu.

I’m so happy to hear your grandchildren enjoyed it. In Japan, we call this dish Tamago Dofu (玉子豆腐). Usukuchi soy sauce is more commonly used in western Japan, such as Osaka. While chawanmushi has more ingredients inside the egg custard, we usually eat egg tofu plain. I really work hard to create my site, taking each pictures, and I do not want Google to relate my images with this site. Hi Richard! Add Kaset Egg Tofu 120g Add add Kaset Egg Tofu 120g to trolley Betagro Egg Tofu 120g x 3pcs ราคาพิเศษ 23.00 บาท จากราคาปกติ 27.00 บาท ประหยัด 4.00 บาท Promotion valid until 25/11/2020 I am wondering if this would work in a silicone mold instead of the metal nagashikan? “Midnight diner” is shown on Netflix?!!! This also prevents overheating the bottom of Nagashikan from the heat beneath. If I can make small versions of this I can add them to my bento box! Sift the egg solution into the greased tray and steamed using medium heat for about 15-20 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of the egg tofu comes out clean.

Cool completely before slicing into desired sizes. Highly addictive cos it taste super good!! Hope you enjoy yours too! All images and content on this site are copyright protected. Soft, silken, creamy Egg Tofu made with eggs and dashi. I need to check the movie (I’m not sure if it’s available here in the U.S.). Yeah, pretty exciting! Hi Holly! We made videos for some. It is steamed, chilled, then served with savory dashi broth. 1 month ago, Afr*** from Ampang, Selangor | Posted

Hi Richard! I love this drama too! For example, this one: However, with dishes that you want to maintain the ingredients’ natural color, I highly recommend usukuchi soy sauce.

Serve steamed rice in your rice bowl and place the egg tofu on top. I really love traditional soy milk tofu, but this one seems delicious too. Thank you for your kind feedback, and hope you two had a wonderful V-day.

Quickly rinse the Nagashikan (Tamago Tofu ramekin under cold running water and pour the egg mixture into the Nagashikan. But the prep and cook time does not equal this. Egg Tofu also called Japanese tofu.

Steam on the lowest heat possible on the stove for 20 minutes, or until the skewer inserted comes out clean. I also figured out a new trick. And stay in touch with me on Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for all the latest updates. 1 month ago. Thank you for trying this recipe and for your kind feedback. So you would use usukuchi soy sauce to keep this appetizing beautiful color with light-color soy sauce. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. xo. Fortune Egg Tofu 鸿运蛋豆腐 $ 1.00 excluding 7% GST; Fortune Extra Smooth Silken Egg Tofu 鸿运嫩滑蛋豆腐 1 tube $ 1.00 excluding 7% GST; Meng Chuan Egg Tao Fu 蛋豆腐 $ 10.00 excluding 7% GST You can eat as it is or churn in any dishes that called for egg tofu. The pot should be left with the lid slightly ajar so inside the pot will not be super hot, but hot enough. It has to be from the ingredients, I think…. 40-60g will make a decent sized omelette and takes about 6 mins to cook. BTW, I made your nama chocolate recipe for my sweetheart for Valentine’s day and it was a perfect success. The dish is called egg tofu because of its tofu-like texture and square shape, just like Sesame Tofu (胡麻豆腐) and Almond Tofu (杏仁豆腐) which also do not contain soy. what are the dimensions of your nagashikan? We enjoyed watching the Midnight Diner series on Netflix. Sign up for the free Just One Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox! Egg Tofu is Japanese steamed tofu made of eggs and dashi mixture that is steamed till firm, chilled, then served with a dashi and soy sauce broth. Poh k l from Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur | Posted I wanted to take a photo but it literally disappeared after it was cooled down. Thanks for reading my post! (As my bamboo steamer didn't have enough height for my egg tofu ramekin to go inside, I used a 5 1/2 QT Le Creuset Dutch oven and a 8 5/8" round cooling rack as a steamer.). © 1993-2020. Chawanmushi will be STILL soft and silky even though you don’t eat it hot. Egg Tofu Weight :150.00g Num/Box: 0 Expire: Availability: 29 in stock 0 Added to Weight :349.00g Num/Box: 12 Expire: 06/12/2020 Availability: 25 in stock Added to Cart ! From the description, it’s not clear that it’s made of soybean or not. I'm Nami, a Japanese home cook based in San Francisco. Soft, silken, creamy Egg Tofu made with eggs and dashi. Please do not use my images without my permission. As shirasu and shiso are unique ingredients and often hard to find outside of Japan, you may eat egg tofu on rice by itself or enjoy egg tofu as an appetizer. I’m so happy. Thank you again Nami-san!!! Pour the sauce and garnish with Mitsuba (if you have any). Thank s lot! In Japanese, we call this “Su ga tatsu (すが立つ)”. It is Japanese steamed tofu made of eggs and a dashi blend that is steamed till firm, chilled, at that point presented with a dashi and soy sauce stock.

Timing will depend on the thickness of your egg tofu. If you place a piece of cotton cloth underneath and sides, you can easily pull up using the cloth later. I have never seen/tried that in the package. Yes, we consider chawanmushi is a hot version, and egg tofu is a chilled version. I think I will try it in some of my silicone molds and see how it turns out. If I use 4 eggs (roughly 200 grams; American large egg is about 50 grams each without shell), you’ll need 300 – 400 grams/ml dashi to achieve smooth, silky texture of egg tofu. 2 months ago, It just arrived a few minutes ago but I’m already thinking of ordering again, Becky Gopalan from Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur | Posted Cool! I have to admit I don’t always keep usukuchi soy sauce in my kitchen. Strain the egg mixture in the fine mesh sieve to achieve silky fine texture. Hi Judy! Directions for easy removal of Egg Tofu: Cut Egg tofu tube on dotted line. So happy to hear yours came out well! The episode which featured the little boy eating the egg tofu looked so delicious, it made me want to try it. In a small saucepan, bring 2 Tbsp mirin to boil and let the alcohol evaporate. As you reply to my question last week you right the tofu color depend on the egg yolk color light or orangery. Help other shopper decide whether it's right for them. . The higher the dashi texture is in the egg mixture, the silkier it gets. Close the lid wrapped with a large kitchen towel; otherwise, the condensation built on the lid will drop onto your Tamago Tofu and ruin it.

Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want to look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, click here. Price per unit RM2.20 / each. Now I gotta find a Nagashikan.

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Hi Thao!

Or dashi color, or maybe amount of soy sauce? Since the drama doesn’t provide detailed ingredients and step by step instructions, I’ll be sharing these copycat recipes on my blog. That’s why mine tofu don’t turn out as white as yours However my grandchildren love it.

If you don’t take down immediately, I have to file DMCA for copyright infringement. Run the knife around the Nagashikan and slide out the Tamago Tofu. Hi Debbie! Place the Nagashikan (or ramekin) on the steamer rack. Thanks for reading my post! Just egg and dashi.

Egg tofu is almost always chilled (or at least cool). Instead of pure white as shown in your website. Step 6: Once it’s done, take out from the steamer immediately and let cool on the counter top and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours. There’s also a movie by the way. Terra Vegan Egg-Free Omelett Mix.

Ooo I loved watching this drama!

In Japan, we call this dish Tamago Dofu (玉子豆腐). I can’t let my copyrighted images taken away from my site, not just one or two, but A LOT OF THEM. Great recipe!! For example, when you make egg tofu and chawanmushi (savory steamed egg custard), you want to keep light and creamy yellow color. Enjoy the refreshing flavors while it quickly melts away in your mouth. Yeah the poor boy, but happy to see he likes this simple but delicious dish! It was a bit harder to take it out the hot stainless steel Nagashikan (ramekin). . Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Unfortunately, this recipe is not designed for freezing to store because the texture will change. Order now to get it delivered to your doorstep tomorrow. I was hoping to get new visitors like you from searching the show’s recipe! As I grew up in Yokohama (near Tokyo), I’m used to using dark-colored broth in my udon noodle soup made with regular soy sauce. I actually have a question for you. I believe this step makes a huge difference with the final result.

Cook tamago tofu a second time it not as good as 1st time because I steam it a bit too long because after 20 mins the tofu is not set completely. HI …for this egg tofu the total cook time is stated as 2hours 35min. Thank you for your feedback.

Pour the sauce that comes with the egg tofu package (or homemade sauce I provided in today’s recipe). What is nigari? Hi Amy!

I’m happy to hear you started watching this show! I hope you try making these recipes at home! Now I don´t have any excuse NOT to subcribe. Have fun exploring the 700+ classic & modern Japanese recipes I share with step-by-step photos and How-To YouTube videos. Am i missing something? The first vegan omelette mix, super easy, just mix with water and pop in the pan Also amazing for quiche, tortilla or fritatta, especially with Topas chorizo ! Hope you enjoy(ed) the recipe! I think you can as long as you keep it covered somehow. Sorry… I wonder if it’s easier to invert the egg tofu with a silicone mold. It was a bit harder to take it out the hot stainless steel Nagashikan. Rich In Calcium, Protein, Iron While Being Low In Calories, Egg Tofu Also Able To Prevent Colon Cancer And Heart Diseases. Even though “steaming” is a fairly simple cooking method, when you cook egg tofu, you can’t just put the food in the steamer, cover and wait till it’s done. Enjoy the refreshing flavors while it quickly melts away in your mouth. Fresh Fruits; Tropical Fruits

Even though it’s called “tofu”, egg tofu does not include soybeans or nigari. I do not think that I need to explain anything about this egg tofu as this is very common and you can easily purchased from the supermarket at very reasonable price. Otherwise all turn out well have not taste yet. Once it’s done, take out from the steamer immediately and let cool on the counter top and chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

I hope new Midnight Diner fans will find my recipe online.

Thanks for lovely recipe!


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