You would love early interaction with Bogles, but since their creatures are all hexproof you’re either going to need Liliana of the Veil or be on the play and have a turn-2 Pyroclasm—neither of which are especially likely (although an early All Is Dust could be sufficient). Between actually wanting mana sources in play for Eldrazi Displacer and needing to find space for more colored mana, Wasteland is a bit worse in this version of the deck. Most Eldrazi decks tend to play multiple copies of Simian Spirit Guide instead of Lotus Petal. The one with the biggest rebound is Noble Hierarch. I am going to briefly discuss the weekend tournament and then I will explain some card choices. Or should we count on wizards trolling and not reprinting one or the other? All Is Dust Rise of the Eldrazi (M) It would largely be mocked while dominating its period of time in Modern before relegation to the lower tier. I’m suggesting cutting the Smashers, even though they can close the door really quickly, because your opponent can Unmask you and Reanimate it if you start on a Leyline, which could be a real problem. If you have any semblance of an aggressive draw and can back it up with an Oblivion Ring (to put in off of Show and Tell) or Karakas, you can often end the game pretty quickly. I run Mono Blue Tron and that’s on the low end at about $400. It’s a legendary land that doesn’t even tap for mana. ChannelFireball - Magic: The Gathering Strategy, Singles, Cards, Decks. Even without the ability to reliably cast it on the first turn, some decks still crumble to it. 3 Brushland. It also conveniently doesn’t deal damage to you if there is an Eidolon of the Great Revel in play. Casting a big Eldrazi without the ability to interact with a combo was not a great place to be in Modern, but the door to shave on spot removal has opened. These are the cheap creatures that let you have an aggressive curve. I know my sideboard plan for this matchup is a bit odd as I’m suggesting cutting removal against Delver, but I think that on the play the most aggressive strategy is likely the most effective. Video for reference: After the post-spike dip it began climbing again, and now it’s retailing for $55 a copy. :) Enjoy the list. I don’t think I would want a card like Slaughter Games without a lot of discard in my deck, or at least ways to see my opponent’s hand, because a 4-mana spell that doesn’t at least guarantee a 1-for-1 is pretty depressing. In addition, there are plenty of artifact-based decks in Modern that get hurt by Karn’s static ability. Eldrazi adopting it to give them more chances to land a turn two Thought-Knot Seer without double Eldrazi Temple has also ratcheted up the amount of play it sees.


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