Want some secret tips to bring out the flavor in it?

Also, make sure the tortillas are all hot while assembling, otherwise it might break easily. Stress, work and personal life might drain the last bit of energy you have and leave you tired and exhausted! However, if you ask me, I would suggest choosing the lamb’s shoulder as it’s the juiciest part and full of great flavor! The soft and moist apple cake tastes great with some sort of gooey liquid on top. Hummus is basically a creamy dip made of mashed chickpeas combined with tahini, lemon juice and garlic.

Can you cook pasta in a rice cooker? Crispy frittatas are perfect for times when you have hungry mouths to feed, yet very little time to do so! Do you have apples in your fridge that are looking a bit too ripe to eat right now?

The Beef Chili-Onion dish calls are one of the aroma rice cooker recipes that call for a complex flavor as it contains a combination of different types of spices. You can literally throw some chili flakes over the dish and it will still taste amazing, to say the least! What Can You Cook In A Rice Cooker | 51 Rice Cooker Recipes, What Can You Cook in a Rice Cooker | Some Other Options, What to Dip in Cheese Fondue | The Ultimate List, Top Local Desserts That Gained Global Popularity. Minions DO love their bananas more than anything! Keeping that in mind, our next recipe is a soy-free, gluten-free Caesar Salad that’s perfect for any vegetarians out there as well! How to Cook Jasmine Rice in a Rice Cooker? Once the quinoa is cooked, you can add as many herbs, nuts and cheese (Feta would also do!) ・Every season's best menus and recipes Leave this field empty if you're human: We promise never to share, trade, sell, reveal or market your email address in any way, shape, or form This recipe by JeanMarie Brownson appeared in the Chicago Tribune. You don’t have to worry about the ingredients as they are the common ones that are available in a regular pantry like brown sugar, cinnamon, ground ginger, and cloves, etc. Is it useful? Traditionally, rice is cooked by measuring a specific amount of rice and water and applying heat for a specific amount of time. Be sure you are using the correct type of rice needed to obtain the result you are looking for. This recipe is basically a steamed cake. Instead of making plain-old potatoes in the rice cooker, we are giving the dish a slight Zing by mixing it up with your favorite spices including Garam Masala, Chili Powder, Green Chili, Asafoetida Powder, Ground Cumin and Coriander Powder etc. You can add applesauce or pumpkin and spices for making your recipe testier. Now you’re ready to serve a warm drink to your guests. Rice cooker is also used for making one pot dishes. You can use vegetable broth instead as it’s a forgiving dish and will taste the same in both ways. https://www.archanaskitchen.com/12-recipes-you-can-make-using-rice-cooker Here, the recipe shows 3 variations including the red beetroot puree, orange-colored carrot puree and last but the not the least, a puree that’s entirely made of leftover veggies! Swap vegetables for whatever is in season, and add sausage, bacon, or ham to make this recipe your own.

Or it can be pair with a side salad for a light dinner. Cooking egg in a rice cooker is pretty much as you can add it straight on top of your rice even after the machine turns itself off! Mix rice and milk in your rice cooker, add your favorite flavorings and sugar to taste. Let’s check the list below. Yes, you can. Combined with sweet potato and long-grain rice, the ingredient list of this dish is rather short as it’s meant to be made when you are feeling particularly lazy and not in the mood for doing something elaborate.

How about an Asparagus dish along with some Seared Scallops on the side? In that case, you may need to adjust the water level and the rest will work in the same manner. The key point here is to make sure the sponge cake remains soft and fluffy once it’s fully cooked. Even the most basic rice cooker that comes with “Cook” and “Warm” settings can be tricked (By pressing the “Cook” button twice!)

Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier as there are literally possibilities with tomatoes! To top it off, we suggest serving it with some herbs and a pinch of lemon juice to add a tangy lemony flavor to this dish if you prefer! And we dare say, you will love it too once you try this recipe! ※ Depending on the rice cooker, you may not be able to make the cake. It’s ideal for an appetizer, midnight snack or even at dinnertime depending on what time of the day it is!

Although the meal that’s prepared here only includes baby carrots, broccoli crown and chickpeas, you can use any leftover veggies from your fridge that would otherwise go to waste in it! Castella Sponge Cake is a famous traditional food item in Japan. The Tomato Soup dish that’s provided here is one of the many examples of how you can cook a hearty dinner for your family even if you have a small budget. To help you get it right, the recipe recommends keeping the dry and wet ingredients separately and let the wet ingredients slowly get slowly mixed with the dried ones while stirring continuously.


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