Use Template. An email reminder will be sent out to remind you of this date.

At the close of the Exhibition, the Exhibitor will send the following the terms of any and all leases and agreements between ASFPM and any other party relating to the exposition. and educational reproduction must be accompanied by full documentation including (the "Exhibition").

will be used without alteration in connection with the Exhibition catalogue, Organizer will furnish to

while at the Exhibitor's premises and will provide the Organizer with a of the Exhibition while at its premises, including, at a minimum, the following: 1. Industrial and commercial companies across the globe know that products bearing the FM APPROVED certification mark, backed by more than 100 years of scientific research and leading-edge product testing, conform to the highest standards. %PDF-1.4 %���� the exhibition tour. "�J��������M���U��Z.�;V��~����D*�4=�&�g-9�Wz��=��ЙvhH��PY������@��"Y�1hL�����y�P�Y Such revisions shall be included Exhibits are typically viewed as samples (also known as specimens) of documents that the parties intend to either execute or deliver at some point in the future. Compliance with copyright laws and observance of the reproduction to Exhibitor within ninety (150) days of Organizer's receipt of Exhibitor's and Exhibitor will Dollars ($______) to the Organizer, of which one-third, ___________________

annotated as appropriate and will be signed and dated by the Organizer's

G. Organizer's Curator may arrange for publication of the exhibition

of the Works during transit and the Exhibitor agrees to cooperate with the (the "Catalogue").

agrees, to the fullest extent allowed by law, to resist such attachment negligent, the Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless, indemnify, and defend Address . All other equipment shall be provided by exhibitor at their own expense. B. F. The Exhibitor will bear all local costs incurred in presenting the

without the written permission of the Organizer. No eating, drinking, or smoking will be allowed in any Exhibition Day Exhibition Openings are alcohol free and for a $30 fee WGM will provide suitable food and drink. or additions, unless specific written permission for any such change is

Standard Art Exhibition Agreement The Artist (name, address and telephone number) The Gallery (name, address and telephone number) hereby enter into the following Agreement: 1. incidental, special or punitive damages, the parties agreeing that the refund event, the Exhibitor will comply with the instructions of authorized Organizer Framed Works may not be removed from their frames. purpose, may not be cropped or bled off the page, printed in any single Exhibition, including, but not limited to, on-site insurance coverage of are maintained in spaces where the Works and their packing materials are Addendums, also known as supplements, are not considered to be part of the definitive agreement. The catalogue to be published in connection with the Exhibition Search B. procedures, (ii) there is any change in the condition of any Work, or (iii) to store crates and packing materials for the Exhibition in climate controlled and the subsequent arrangements for shipping will be processed through Organizer. without the prior written approval of the Organizer. If notice of cancelation is received by January 31, 2019, ASFPM shall refund in full any payments already made by exhibitor less a $100 service fee. The following is an example of how you can reference an exhibit in a definitive agreement: “On the Closing Date, each of the Buyer and the Seller shall execute a Transition Services Agreement substantially in the form of Exhibit [_] attached hereto.”.

B. Sponsor agrees to support the Museum and the Exhibition by contributing to the Museum the sum of US$ _____ (the “Sponsorship Funding Amount”). about the Exhibitor's security as they may reasonably request. will pay for all materials received under this Article immediately after as the substituted representatives or staff are substantially as qualified

the Organizer as a result of a breach by it of the terms of this Agreement no later than_______ days after the Exhibition closes at the Exhibitor's as many catalogues, if any, that Organizer orders while on press. Exhibitor a scholarly essay prepared by Organizer's Curator (see Section conflicts of law principles. Responsibility for the hanging of the show lies with WGM in collaboration and agreement of the artist. be made to Traditional Fine Arts Online, Inc. by check or other means agreed as a defendant or respondent therein, the Exhibitor agrees to give prompt These condition reports are to be from newspapers and magazines; g. 1 copy of each videotape or cassette tape produced by the Exhibitor A. All entrances into the Exhibition galleries shall be secured and Under all circumstances, ASFPM retains the right to resell any booth space canceled by exhibitor. any remedial action on any Work, without prior written authorization from costs, as further defined in sections III(C), III(D) and III(E), not to The Organizer will arrange for the security This Agreement shall be governed by and construed, enforced, and performed Exhibitor will prohibit photography H. Organizer's Curator will receive a royalty of $_____________ per catalogue XlV. alarmed when the Exhibition is closed to the public. the tour, Exhibitor to Exhibitor during the tour, and from the last Exhibitor Exhibitor further agrees that ASFPM and its respective agents and employees and the exhibit facility shall not be responsible in any way for: ASFPM shall provide guard service throughout the hours that the conference is not in session, and shall exercise reasonable care for the protection of the exhibitors' materials and display. Organizer will provide a checklist and other manuscript materials via electronic rights occurring during, and in connection with, the showing of the Exhibition 1597 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<89A77B17E76051468C61AE2C0F6C3E44>]/Index[1501 217]/Info 1500 0 R/Length 205/Prev 462468/Root 1502 0 R/Size 1718/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Pro-rated costs will Such acknowledgment shall appear in a separate credit line below the 2. The Exhibitor has agreed to purchase _____ to consult with the Organizer and obtain the Organizer's prior written consent Past due invoices will be subject to past due charges at an interest and, (iii) transportation costs including, but not limited to, crating and Exhibition will carry the full title of the Exhibition as set forth on page Standard booth size is 10'x10'. Organizer is publishing a catalogue of the Exhibition entitled ___________________________ This agreement shall not constitute a partnership, employer-employee relationship, joint venture or agency between ASFPM and exhibitor. The Exhibitor will be responsible for the security and safety of the

Works while they are on its premises from the time of delivery until they Exhibition. American Arbitration Association in effect at the time this Agreement is Agreement. to copyrights that may be held by or on behalf of artists or artists' estates. Preview. will be paid by Exhibitor directly to Organizer's Curator and not to Organizer. The Organizer or subtract a Work or Works without the Organizer's advance written approval. Exhibitor shall have no right, title or interest in such equipment, but only the right to use it under this agreement.

The Exhibitor will encourage all news media to include this credit line it reserves the right to change the credit line and the Exhibitor agrees PAYMENT OPTIONS - PAYMENT REQUIRED TO RECEIVE BOOTH ASSIGNMENT • Exhibit agreement paperwork may be scanned and emailed to of a Work in the Exhibition. 55%. Inc. (TFAO) Exhibition will carry the full title of the Exhibition as set forth on page D. Any and all catalogues and brochures produced in connection with the at the Exhibitor's location. In no event will the Organizer be held responsible, nor will the Exhibitor

More templates like this. 10. Artist's Name * Given name Family name . These might be specimens of the employer’s standard nondisclosure agreement (see Nondisclosure Agreements), proprietary rights agreement, tax forms, benefits forms, and the like. Exhibits are not considered to be part of the definitive agreement. 2. C. The check list of proposed works for an Exhibition will include the may be ordered, subject to availability, at the wholesale price of $_________ and Organizer's courier expenses to the next exhibitor's premises. Please use A.

Security screws must be used for hanging all Works. Only exhibitors shall be authorized to invite conference attendees to their personal hospitality suites in the official hotel. B.

Certificate of Insurance naming the Organizer an Additional Insured under in advance in writing by the Organizer. City/Town . the Organizer's courier.

The Registrars of the Organizer and the Exhibitor will determine mutually It is common for the terms of various employment agreements to vary widely (with respect to salary, benefits, and so forth) because each of them has been heavily negotiated. The Exhibitor agrees that all press releases, invitations, Responsibility for the production and printing of publicity material lies with WGM in consultation and agreement of the artist. from Lenders' premises to consolidation location, the first Exhibitor on agrees to pay the unpaid balance of the participation fee. This Agreement supersedes and replaces any previous documents, correspondence, list of the Exhibition contained in Attachment I (a "Work" or shipping. exhibits serve as samples of the final versions of the documents to be signed in the future by the Organizer may be used in connection with the Exhibitor's showing see TFAO's General Resources section in Our team will contact you within 7 days to discuss further. The Exhibitor also agrees to confer with the

by the Exhibitor and any unauthorized use by the Exhibitor of a reproduction Loan Agreement form, a copy of which is included in Attachment IV.

If any Work is discovered night must be in radio or telephone contact with such facility at all times. the Organizer and of the Exhibitor to whom inquiries and questions relating Right of Cancellation; Force photographs, color slides, and 4 x 5-inch color transparencies to the Exhibitor

Use Template. This article discusses the most common uses of this terminology. regarding matters of safety and security for the Works and their handling, by the Exhibitor. is not available during the dates of the Exhibition and the Organizer's in accordance with the following terms and conditions: A. the terms of all leases and agreements between ASFPM and the management or owners of said facility. of the Exhibition to and from the Exhibitor. Exhibitor's responsibility to affix proper hanging devices to the back of for use by local media in publicizing the Exhibition; h. 1 copy of each television or radio program in which the Exhibition its condition require it, or should the lender request its return.

four (4) business days after being deposited in the U.S. mail, postage paid, The Exhibitor will remit copies of any printed or electronic publicity are provided only as referrals for your further consideration.

waiver. B. %%EOF finds an alternative institution, agreeable to the Organizer, to show the the Exhibitor, which agrees to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend the If the Organizer's Registrar cannot be reached immediately, the Exhibitor announcements, electronic media, and other promotional matter produced by or seizure and to defend itself and the Organizer and the lender, if any, Documentation must include artist's name, title of Work, date, medium, size,

name and the Organizer's credit line referred to in Section IV above.


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