Meet the Big Bad Brother of Fat Gripz Original – The Fat Gripz Extreme. The Extremes take it up a notch. I ordered these along with the regular "Fat Gripz" and have been extremely satisfied. activation throughout your entire arms & solve grip problem by adding strength as well as size to your forearms & biceps. Reviewed in the United States on October 8, 2018. Comes in one color (ORANGE). Very Extreme . I don't understand the negative comments about the extremes being too big. ... with the regular "Fat Gripz" and have been extremely satisfied. For Grip work, these are also great for Barbell and Dumbbell Holds, One-Arm Rows and Overhead Hanging. As an athlete in my 40s, my philosophy is to make light weight harder..."Fat Gripz Extreme" do just that. These things are a good addition to any workout program. In fact, if your forearms, It’s simple yet effective – Attach it to dumbbells, barbells OR pull-up bars to transform these regular bars into fat, I dare you to try wide grip lat pulldowns with them, get ready to cry. Means gains are coming. //.

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