If you have questions regarding our boots and blades, please ask our experts. This spin is … With customizations including color, leather temper, firmness, and more, you’ll be mastering spins in your dream figure skates in no time! Broken leg sit spin: Instead of sticking straight out, the skater’s free leg is turned inward at the knee. Two-foot spin: Another basic upright spin in which the skater rotates on both feet. All of the spins are variations of these three basic positions. Sit Spins. The right pair of figure skates will give you the support you need to advance in your skating career. The free leg is held in the attitude position. In a layback spin, the skater bends backward while spinning. Figure Skating Spins This page serves as a jumping off point for all spin-related videos on iCoachSkating. While spins may seem less exciting than some of the more complex jumps, they add balance into a routine that helps make it more appealing to watch. This is where the skater stops the forward motion and converts it to centripetal motion. For example a flying camel and flying sit spin. They are exciting for beginners and they are exciting for the audience. One of the most basic spins figure skaters do is the forward scratch spin. Pancake spin: Considered a higher-level, more difficult spin, the pancake spin requires the free leg to be crossed and propped over the skate leg horizontal to the ice, with the upper body bent over it. The skater first jumps up like an Axel and then kicks the take off leg backward. There are many variations of the upright spin that a skater can integrate into their. 03. This will get you on the right path to further appreciating the sport and learning to identify everything from the basic scratch spin to the illusion spin. “Y” spin: Similar spin to the “I” spin, but with the free leg held in a vertical split toward the side of the body. ISU communication 1445 defines the spin positions as: Camel - Free leg backwards with the knee higher than the hip level, however Layback and Biellmann are still considered as upright spins Back sit spin: For this spin, the skater spins on the leg opposite to the one in which they would normally spin, this is called the back sit spin. Reaching whirlwind speeds of up to 342 rotations per minute (that’s the speed achieved by Guinness world record holderOlivia Oliver from Canada) – figure skating spins are entrancing. Each figure skating spin has it's own variation on what needs to happen to prepare for the spin. Many of the spins advanced figure skaters do are variations of the basic figure skating spins listed below. During that spin, the free foot and free leg crosses over the skating leg. By using LiveAbout, you accept our, Soren Hald / Stone Collecton / Getty Images, Exercises to Help Figure Skaters Do Sit Spins, Ice Skating Terms Every Skater Should Know, Footwork Sequences for All Figure Skaters, All About the Salchow Figure Skating Jump, Figure Skating Jumps Every Ice Skater Should Know, The Biellmann Is a Cool Figure Skating Move, A Guide to the Ice Skating Institute's Beginning Figure Skating Tests, How to Do Forward Crossovers On Figure Skates. No matter which foot a skater chooses to execute a spin on, he or she will be spinning on the ball of the foot, just behind the toe pick. A backspin is done on a back outside edge. Layback spin: A spin where the skater spins on one foot, with the other leg extended and pointed behind them, and does a back bend with their upper body. When you change from one variation to another of the same position it is called a change of feature. Figure skating spins are an exciting feature of the sport. “I” spin: The skater performs a one-foot spin while holding their free leg up in front of his or her body, similar to the splits. A skater spins on the ball of the foot just behind the toe pick. As the skater pulls their extremities in the speed of the spin will increase.


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