Who spoke at the conference? Here are some examples: Who is going to the play? If you need an object pronoun, you use "whom".

Everyday English: The woman who he is talking with is the head of a large corporation.

Example: (a) The man whom they caught was sent to prison.

Watch the video without captions to test your listening. Whom or Who.


Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Diane insisted that her appointment was with Roberto, the only stylist ____WHOM______ she would, trust with her hair.
Who’s is a contraction of two words, who is or who has.

As an interrogative pronoun, whom is primarily used in formal writing.
Task No.

The man ———————- I thought was my friend betrayed my trust. Exercises. Watch the video.

5. _________________ coming for tea tonight? - 21189850 __WHO_ ate the leftover casserole?

5. Who was the founding leader of this group? Are you lost when it comes to the differences between lose and loose? 5. was paying only six hundred dollars a month in rent. (SHE ATE THE LEFTOVER).

You can switch on and off the captions in the video for this activity.

1. Whom Exercise Directions: Fill in the blanks with the appropriate choice— who or whom. (SHE WILL TRUST HIM - OBJ USE WHOM). Who’s got your hat? Learn.

FREE study guides and infographics! Who moved the chair? For daily English language lessons and tips, like our Learn English Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to our YouTube channel. They might look very similar and sound almost the same but beware of these words: emigrate vs immigrate and eminent vs imminent. Answers 1. To _____ has Michelle spilled the delicious gossip about Jude and Marie?

3. Grammar Sources 01 - Sharing the power of words and changing lives through college-lev, Florida International University • COM 3150, Florida International University • COM 3110, University of North Carolina, Pembroke • MGT 3150. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Type an x if the relative pronoun can be left out.. Show example Fill in the blanks with who or whom. Fill in the blanks with who, whom, whose or who's. This is Samuel who works with me. What's the difference between loose and lose? STUDY. It is used in place of who (a) when it is the object of a verb or (b) when it comes after a preposition. View Test Prep - QUIZ WHOM AND WHO.docx from ADULT ED 101 at Central Louisiana Technical Community College. For ____ should blame this mess?


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