Down comforters are light, easy to compress, long lasting and breathable yet bounce right back when fluffed. This makes a large difference with comforters, because the best insulator and keeper of warmth we have is air. Baffle walls enable down to expand fully to get the highest loft – providing maximum cushion.

However, if you want optimal temperature control, we recommend buying down comforters for the proper season(s). A reminder that down is the lush undercoat of a bird, so the addition of feathers will create a similar softness to that of a feather-filled pillow. In terms of down comforters, the higher the fill power, the higher the comforter will puff up and loft. Just as with other bedding, a higher thread count means a tighter weave to the fabric. When you bring your new comforter or duvet home, keep in mind it can take up to 72 hours after unpacking for it to expand and achieve maximum loft and fluffiness. This could be a way to save bed space rather than stacking pillows if bed real estate is an issue.

So why not get that luxury experience at home and try our Hotel Chamber White Goose Down Pillow? This is where feathers can help. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for down. Founded in Europe more than 200 years ago, our mission then and now has always been to produce the most coveted down and down alternative bedding products. Down fill ratings range from: We look at common features of automatic coffee makers to help you narrow down your search. What we don't: A bit heavy for backcountry use. of 800-fill-power down What we like: Extremely versatile and looks great. What does this mean and how do you choose between the two? Quality of down comes in all warmth levels so it should not be confused with being dependent on the thickness of  the comforter. This number on your pillow or comforter is really a measurement of loft or how much one ounce of the fill will naturally fluff up to. It’s important to note that two jackets or sleeping bags may have different fill ratings while providing the same amount of warmth — the difference is that whichever has the higher rating will pack down to a smaller size because less material is needed to get the same amount of warmth. Fill power is diplayed in the form of a number, which you'll normally find stitched somewhere on the outside of a down sleeping bag, or on the sleeve of a down jacket. High: 200 – 400 If overall weight and bulk aren’t important to you, get a super puffy jacket and don’t worry if it only has 500-fill-power down. Compared to 800 fill power, one ounce of which will loft up to the size of about 3 ½, 1 gallon jugs. What Affects Down Quality? Thread Count: Think thread count is only important for your sheets? Note, always check a down comforter's fill rating. The priciest down bags, ones intended for extreme cold or ultralight backpacking, have the highest fill powers—closer to 800- than to 500-fill-power. Alternative Down Fill: Avoid allergy issues and get the luxury of down with down-alternative fills. While the 800 fill power down will be a bit fluffier when your head finally hits the pillow to count z’s, you still should consider fill weight. So, if you are talking about 600 fill power, one ounce of it will puff up to 600 cubic inches, automatically trapping air (insulation) in millions of little areas. Though down does provide warmth in the winter, it is also a natural, lightweight, and breathable material that is ideal for year-round use. The more insulating air pockets down traps, the warmer it will keep you! These blends are typically more affordable. Still great at insulating, what feather fill brings is support. You see why this is important in comforters if you happen to live in a colder area and need to keep in more heat. What Are the Different Types of Down? The following are standard thread-count ranges: Goose: Goose down is the most commonly used type of down for down comforters.

So in simple terms, the higher the fill power of a down jacket or sleeping bag, the warmer it will be. First up is the term Fill Power. Weight: 13.1 oz. Click accept to continue shopping or find out more in our privacy policy, It looks like you're visiting us from outside United Kingdom, By entering your email address above you explicitly consent for us to hold your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy. So now that we have clarified the types of fill, their strengths, the terms, and options, you can safely make an educated choice when deciding what goes in your bedroom, and will be able to maximize the perfect night’s rest for your specific tastes. Learn the best tips and tricks for cooking with your cast iron cookware.

Think again! So, while fluffiness is important in a pillow, we also need to focus on support.


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