PIS works both ways.

...so THIS flash has not got ANY way to win this battle ( for now as i have alredy said).the end. The surface of the moon is the size of Asia but the weight of the moon is only 1.2% of the earth. All he has to do is tap into it. Save this search. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I'm not saying flash takes this but this fight could go both ways. Current Barry was shown being a time manipulator, capable of manipulating the speed force and then never ever utilizes these abilities which have entire comic arcs building up to these reveals.

kal was able to read and learn EVERY SINGLE MEDICAL TEXT EVER PUBLISHED in seconds,or he has proved that is brain his BILLIONS time faster than a super computer. I think Superman should be able to win this.

But comics ain't known for their physics. you say that flash was almost beaten by grodd just to create an interesting story, but that is not really true.

If you go by what you'll do with Flash power, Flash. this flash gets tagged a lot of times,superman has almost defeated him with one finger and supergirl has almost killed him, he had to use some kinetic cannons to put her down. Wally has an insane litany of feats like making all of the pc heroes combined power look like nothing, btu then neglects to use these abilities in the vast majority of his comic issues. One mistake from wally he gets punched to oblivion, Wally puts him on a curb and stomps his face in. he was always able to compete with him,except in that scan. 306.

The first time Wally fought Zoom they ran through Metropolis; Superman was frozen still because of how fast they were moving. Supes tagged Barry ONCE in the New-52, prior to Barry discovering the Speed Mind. Because he is invulnerable and the writers would prefer to have him in a fist fight rather than dodging every attack. (The real one). If this was Wally I'd say he had more of a chance with the speed steal, but Barry loses. It doesn't matter if Speed Mind lets him calculate every possible outcome: Barry still has to choose the correct one. See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

The ways barry wins are a phasing attack (took out MMH fairly quickly) or speed force dump.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. then yes,kal has tagged him before( but i am not so shure) he discovered his speed mind, but that would not change anything.

he fast enough to tag the flash while smiling.that's pretty god to me. Case Closed.

The title says Flash vs Superman (New 52) its only behind Superman.


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