Do you suspect it will be sufficiently set? Vanilla flan can be made marvelous by using a vanilla bean in place of the extract. Would it be to light and mix with the chocolate batter which rises to the top? This was an excellent recipe and my custard turned out perfectly smooth! When you use a larger dish – sometimes the outsides overcook while the center isn’t yet done. Thanks! I followed your recipe and methods to a T and it was perfect. The hot water will melt the butter on the sides, making it easier to take the flan out. Other than that, I always use a knife and it comes out fine. Wow you are terrific.  (The dish towel will help insulate the bottom of the ramekins for gentle cooking, as well as keep the ramekins from sliding around when you move the pan into the oven. Lol. If you are to make a light-coloured caramel, you may want to reduce the amount of sugar used in the custard mixture. Also would cook time change if I only had 10 ounce oval glass bowls? Thanks so much! Method. Maybe you should change the name of it. The standard abbreviation for “Tablespoon” is a capital letter “T”. Thanks for the great recipe and explanation of the process. (As if that matters at all for making a recipe…), hi when you said pre-heat to 325 degrees, what happens after that? It tasted amazing, shortly after refrigerating. I used 6 (1/2 cup volume) ramekins. Make the Caramel using either the WET or DRY method: For the Dry method: add 1/2 cup sugar to a large saucepan or small skillet. I used 6 (1/2 cup) ramekins. I’m not sure how it would work out if you mixed it with chocolate cake batter… I don’t think it will separate out into chocolate cake and flan. All of those questions are answered above. The recipe and detailed instructions/technique you laid out was a labor of love for sure. After posting I always print out a copy of the recipe just in case. Not too long. If you have neither, use 2 clean towels: 1 to cover the moulds, and 1 to cover the pan instead of using the lid (to prevent water from dripping onto the surface of the flan). It would be better to just find a different recipe calling for sweetened condensed milk and go with that one instead. How did it turn out? (We don’t have too many sweet teeth!) It does not curdle! No, you won’t get the right texture. Are you using my recipe? Nice to meet you. Would I just simply pour in more of the sugar liquid into each ramekin? Quick question – can I bake the flan in a larger dish – pie or cake pan – rather than individual ramekins? What is the serving size for this recipe? To unmold the flan: run a knife around the edges of the cup or ramekin to loosen the custard. Place the moulds into the tray. Hi there. I greatly appreciate this!!!!! ), 8. Do not wait for it to be solid or firm. The water insulates the custard and keeps it from cooking too fast, which causes cracks in the finished flan and a rubbery texture. In a bowl, put in 3 eggs and 2 egg yolks. . I have personally never liked creme caramel because it always left an odd soapy taste/residue on my upper palate on the rare occasion that I tried it (overcooked egg possibly?) Likewise, flan made with milk rather than cream will be slightly lighter than a cream-based custard. Can’t wait to give your recipe/techniques a try. I’ve never tried it, but I don’t see why not? Cream is a natural dairy product, just like milk. but never knew how to make just regular flan…. Just because one’s ethnicity may be Latin does not necessarily make one an expert on making flan. How can it curdle. As Mika has said and to add to it, sugar attracts moisture and so will liquify in the fridge even more when refrigerated overnight or longer. Please feel free to not use any of my recipes that I provide for FREE for educational purposes to anyone who wants to browse. HI Mika, I love your recipe. Hey quick question I make my flan at 2 am and I put the flan at 3 am and flan baked only for 50 mins I put flan into the frigde when I woke up I saw the flan it’s still watery can I put flan into the oven again? A. Bake in water bath (Bain Marie method), 5. Add the vanilla bean and seeds into the warming milk and let it infuse; remove it before whisking the hot milk into the eggs. As far as I know, there is no standard “hardness” for a custard… I do like it more soft and creamy. b) I baked for about 45 mins. Don’t over-mix the eggs: you don’t want the eggs to become foamy, because the air bubbles affect the texture of the finished product. When it says follow the recipe EXACTLY, that means as far as the size and material the pans are made of. After baking 45 minutes my flans were still totally liquid. Thanks again for sharing this recipe and the detailed notes. Allow to cool completely, then cover and refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight. Pan Con Tomate aka tomato bread is Spain’s version of bruschetta and quite possibly the best way to enjoy summer tomatoes! Another use for the caramel remaining at the bottom of the ramekins is to add a small amount, teaspoon or so to the bottom. Thank you. 5 egg yolks + 3 egg whites). And why do you think I’m a “White American”??? Also, make sure that you are not using really large ramekins or overloading each ramekin – too much custard will take much longer to cook. Would it likely ruin the flan to chill it for an hour in the middle in the freezer? Quickly add in lime juice and stir. Im planning to make a bake leche flan. The reason why, is that half and half has a higher fat content and will create a creamier and richer flan, whereas straight milk will not be quite as creamy. I tried your technique, but cut the recipe in half. Hello! Required fields are marked *, Authentic Mexican food. vanilla, do you mean vanilla extract? It is very creamy, and ranks with the best. Evenly divide the caramel between 6 Pyrex glass cups or ramekins. My flan came out perfect and is beautiful. DO NOT STIR. I am not a baker… Great recipe , I will try it. The texture of my flan is not smooth but lumpy with many tiny holes/ flaws: Make sure to cover the top of the moulds during baking/steaming. Glass does not conduct heat the way metal does, so that could have altered your cooking time. Do you know how to make it not so reached? Mika, Don’t know you but reading the majority of responses, wow! thanks for this wonderful recipe, is the temperature of the oven 325F or 325C? If you had bubbles on the side… you might want to decrease the cooking time next time. Just made this last night. My name is Linh Trang - Editor-in-Chief of Rice 'n Flour. I’m so proud and I have you to thank. Can you give me an advise on how I can make my leche flan firmer. When you say 2t water is 2 tabelespoon? (Have used lemon while caramelizing). Also, I would suggest that you do not substitute the half and half for whole milk. Also, mine took almost two hours to bake, maybe because I was only able to fill 6 ramekins. However “brown sugar” is just white sugar + molasses, so it isn’t necessarily “better”, just different… and it definitely has a higher moisture content…. Thank you. You can make the caramel out of brown sugar… however, I always use regular white (granulated) sugar, so I can’t give you any advice on that. I’m not sure. You can adjust the sauce however you fancy, but note that the lighter the colour, the sweeter the sauce. So I went back to basics and started with an easy flan recipe with milk. Also, I don’t know if you make a water bath or not, but plan to. It is quite reached. My husband LOVES flan. Hi there. The perfect flan is can be molded and flavored to any person’s preferences. I want to include the towel technique into my flan. Also by using sweetened condensed milk, will it make the flan more sweet or is there not much of a difference if created with sugar? Lucky me that you read my blog and corrected me and everyone here on how to do things the only one way allowed!!! Otherwise, it will definitely overcook and curdle! (So that the sides don’t cook faster than the center, ruining the texture.) Thank you. Anyway I am very picky about flan. Usually I make a large flan (pie-plate sized), and cut it into triangles to serve. The caramel, which set up hard in the bottom of the dish, will have softened due to the moisture in the custard. You would need to alter many of the ingredients and proportions if you wanted to make that substitution. Love the website. I have one inquiry for you. Love your recipe by the way. I just made one for a function and it was a hit. Surprisingly enough, neither country invented it. But this is how I make it. You can stir the pan to help dissolve the sugar, but stop stirring once the mixture boils. Returning home, I made this dessert- repeatedly. “Teaspoon” is abbreviated as lowercase “tsp”. Mika’s recipe is a great recipe for those looking for a more versatile Americanized flan.


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