level of attacks-typically 30 to 35 feet off the ground.

Reg., Lejeune, R.R., LH. Sta., Ogden, UT. But for wildlife, he points to the benefit to the Snowy Range’s elk, mule deer and bighorn sheep herds, said Amundson. Efficacy of Douglas-fir beetle tree baits in containing 70, 6 pp. 1991. More beetles are surviving to damage more forest. Meyer. Dead timber like this have greatly fuels Colorado wildfires this year.

attack host trees in mid-summer. 1961. 5, 4 pp. mature. Douglas-fir beetles are not, however, Older beetles may be totally black. Oakes, KE. The cones can open occasionally with direct sunlight, but they generally require a fire for distribution.

usually occurs from mid-April to early June.

You have permission to edit this article. Rpt. Biologists are also worried about invasive species that can take advantage of newly-burned soil, particularly cheatgrass. Serv., North. News, travel inspiration, podcasts, & more. Also, Lester said, it's very expensive. The most important

Aspens also grow quickly, sometimes reaching 2 or 3 feet tall mere months after a spring fire.

characteristics of a Douglas-fir beetle outbreak in northern Idaho. USDA For.

And fires take hold and spread faster in a warmer, drier climate.

these later attacks fill in trees which were attacked during the initial spring Jared Polis, who added that a statewide drought has exacerbated the explosion of wildfires. Stands

McCarty is quick to ask people not to place value judgements on fire. often visible for a considerable distance. lntermtn. Koster.

If there is a silver lining to the largest wildfire in Wyoming’s recent history, it’s the eventual benefit for wildlife, they say. Typically, trees begin to fade the year following attack. mine outward from, and perpendicular to, the egg gallery as they feed in the How long that takes, and if invasive species can be kept at bay, is a bit more complicated. Serv., pseudotsugae Hopkins). Such low fuel moistures could also result in beetle-killed trees spotting ahead of the fire. There was an error processing your request.

For more information, see http://www.denverpost.com/ci_17969621?source=bb; new study shows beetle killed trees ignite faster [July 1, 2011], or contact Matt Jolly at mjolly@fs.fed.us or Russ Parsons at rparsons@fs.fed.us. Making matters worse, Colorado is … at the ends of their feeding galleries. USDA For. All that water also acts as a natural fire break in the event of another fire, Amundson said. Furniss, M.M. (AP) — Wildlife biologists, hunters and others are beginning to think about what a Wyoming forest will look like after it begins to grow back from a wildfire. Consequently, forests with a large number of beetle-killed trees are at a significantly higher risk of surface fires igniting the crown. And to elk and deer, aspen may as well be candy, but the nutritious kind. Weatherby, J.C. and R.W. Low 37F. Larvae are white, legless grubs; pupae white to cream-colored. Mountain pine and spruce beetles live in Western North American forests and feed on several species of pine tree, including lodgepole and ponderosa pines, which occupy nearly 4 million acres of the state’s forested land, according to the Colorado State Forest Service. Yeah. spring are from the previous spring's brood and beetles flying later in the summer That’s because in those forests, typical fire behavior involves so-called crown fires, which burn through the forest canopy. High 56F. According to Furniss and Orr (1978), resistance of live trees is summer.

1959. can only be confirmed by removing sections of bark to reveal egg galleries, eggs, A small percentage may overwinter as

regulating factors when populations become abnormally high. This research provides insights into the potential use of fuel treatments in beetle-killed forests, increases firefighter awareness of dangerous situations, and assists managers in identifying areas at high risk for ignition and extreme fire behavior. “Can you have too much of a good thing? Serv., lntermtn. Access all of our premium content, get unlimited digital access and more! Naturally occurring parasites and predators play a role in population All rights reserved. as larvae complete their development in spring and early summer. Those emerge and McMullen, and M.D. reduction during non-outbreak conditions, but apparently are not important

Much of the area burned by the Mullen Fire, including the Savage Run and Platte River wildernesses, is under part of the Medicine Bow National Forest’s recent landscape vegetation analysis. The plan was “developed to respond to unprecedented landscape-level tree mortality from bark beetles and other forest health issues,” and called for nearly 300,000 acres of management including clear cutting, prescribed fires and hand thinning.

Photo by Scott Tunnock, USDA Forest Service, Douglas-fir beetle damage


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