Franklin was particularly close to the young Kofi Whitemane, who declared Franklin an honorary cousin in much the same way as the children of Power Pack had been adopted as honorary Whitemanes. During this time, Franklin displayed telepathy, precognition, and psionic energy blasts. Hyperstorm kidnapped Psi-Lord and replaced him with his child self. Franklin had a hard time coping with the traumatic experience of being tormented in Hell. Franklin even lived with the Power family for a time, when his parents decided that a superhero headquarters was a dangerous place for a child to live, and wanted Franklin to spend time in a "normal" family environment. Franklin's adventures with Power Pack gained him an enemy in the alien Zn'rx, and allies and friends in the Kymellian Whitemanes. It would be a good idea to establish those characters before focusing on their kid. He was a mutant, due to his parents' radiation-altered genes, but began manifesting his powers while still a toddler. It was then revealed that in another possible future timeline, Franklin Richards would, with Rachel Summers, father a terrible time-and dimension-traveling supervillain named Hyperstorm. X-Men Movies Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Shortly after these events, the being known as Onslaught kidnapped Franklin in order to use him for his abilities to reshape reality. However, they were in disbelief that he was the son of Susan Storm and Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four as they were not married in their reality. Although all are shocked, none understand how Franklin managed to shot Norman since he was only wielding a toy gun (both Johny and Ben examine the gun once it was shot) hinting that perhaps some of Franklin's reality altering abilities have resurfaced. Probably not for a while. agents by using a bureaucratic technicality and by having them underestimate her. Oct 9, 2018 - Explore alfie040805's board "Franklin Richards" on Pinterest. Besides, the FF haven’t even made an appearance yet. Fantastic informs Osborn to leave the Baxter Building and not to come back, dismissing him. Eventually Agatha returned to live in the secret witch community of New Salem, Colorado, and Franklin moved in permanently with the FF. It focused on Thor's hammer, Captain America's shield, and his father's stretching arm. During this period Franklin also bonded emotionally with Avengers associate and manservant Edwin Jarvis, as Jarvis was his primary caretaker while Franklin stayed at the mansion. However, an initial condition was that a "dummy" safe house was to be set up, and a press release to be announced that the children had already been moved. Franklin later even aged himself into an adult, becoming known as the Avatar.

When Franklin returned to the present as Psi-Lord, he helped create the short-lived team known as Fantastic Force. While still little, Franklin was looked after by an elderly woman called Agatha Harkness, who turned out to be a benevolent witch. Franklin Richards (currently known as Powerhouse)is a hero from Marvel comics, most associated with the Fantastic Four, he is the son of Invisible Woman and Mr. Unable to find a solution for his son at the time, Reed Richards placed Franklin into a coma. Franklin Richards is a mutant.He is the son of  Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic) and Suzan Storm (Invisible Woman),both founding members of the super hero group the Fantastic Four.

Later, Onslaught is reformed with the mutant energy released from Decimation, and tries to get its revenge on Franklin. The siblings were on their own due to their father's experiment which left him unreachable and the other members of the Fantastic Four stranded in alternate realities. Franklin and Valeria plead with the Tinkerer.

He returned to his family when Power Pack temporarily left Earth for the Kymellian homeworld. X2: X-Men United Franklin returned home, Bucky found herself on Earth 616, and Onslaught was last seen floating outside the Area 42 Prison in the Negative Zone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When Franklin fled to Counter-Earth, Onslaught followed him. He was a mutant, due to his parents' radiation-altered genes, but began manifesting his powers while still a toddler.This drew the attention of Annihilus, who used a machine to release Franklin's full potential, before he was mature. In the next scene, the two are chased down a hall by Osborn who is getting ready to shoot them.


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