His creation is called Surf Ranch and it thrust itself onto the world consciousness not yet two years ago via Instagram. After his 2018 win Gabriel decided to stick with the same design for 2019. I always loved longboarding. Podcast Episode 3 Season 2: Surfing in the heart of Paris! It’s all in what your trip is, and what path you want to take. "The year started as normal, and we sent Gabriel's quiver to Australia for the start of the season," Cabianca told the WSL. Here’s something you don’t know. } The dysphoria. Some lucky guys are now riding Gabriel's handshaped boards.". It was filled with… passion and… passion. Through the lens of the World Surf League Gabriel Medina is the wave pool champion, having claimed two Freshwater Pro titles. Like Diesel Ford F-350 exhaust and also unwanted steak cut fries with the slightest touch of Indian casino cut-rate air filtration. At Teahupoo, like now, all he has are DFK‘s. The only thing that’s good about that is if someone catches a wave and it stokes them out. Fingers crossed we will run Pipe and he'll start the year strong.". I tossed and turned all night, having the strangest dreams of NFL quarterback Drew Brees messing about in the Surf Ranch, throwing Kelly Slater passes and things before waking in a fevered sweat. Four surf journalists stripped down, climbed into wetsuits then went and sat nervously along the chainlink fence that runs down the center of the lake, the entire two football field length. From the manufacturing standpoint, it’s a lot more challenging and time-consuming than polyester and polystyrene and all that. There’s nothing good about that for the environment. Apparently ticket sales are not as… robust as expected. Stable. This site uses cookies to provide you a great user experience. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. For his boards at Kelly’s Gabby goes lighter on the volume and a tad shorter than normal depending on which wave direction he’s riding. They want something that looks cool, that’s trendy and beautiful, and that doesn’t cost any money. It is a 9’7” and double-stringer. And now it’s just as comparable with other epoxy resin. If it’s about rail turns, against Adriano for instance, he’ll use the DFK. If it’s against Filipe or Italo and he’s gonna fly he’ll use The Medina. Designs unlike anything ridden by other WCT surfers. They were gutless and feckless and downright silly. That’s where I shaped my first board. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Twenty-nine litres. WSL is best experienced with Javascript! That the dysphoria is here? “It worked last year so I just kept the same thing,” Medina told surfboard reviewer Noel Salas. All of our boards are glassed with a plant-based resin. But good luck trying to get one. After her board hit the point’s rock bottom a few too many times, she learned ding repair, which in turn, inspired her to learn how to make a board of her own. Gabriel’s signature model features fuller rails, a flatter deck and low rocker for speed. Making surfboards is super toxic! I am not a good dancer and dance with much self-awareness when forced. So they named it The Freak Kid although this later morphed into DFK (Da Freak Kid). The next wave smells like horseshit and cowshit and Immigration and Customs Enforcement two day old Old Spice rotting underneath unnecessary bullet proof vests. That’s probably what I’m most excited about for myself right now. ); I really like that board. My second wave, a left, felt boring so I kicked out midway and a kind water safety man riding a jetski told me I was the first person to kick out midway on purpose. I try not to fall for bullshit spells, but this hooked me. "He's skinnier, he told me's he's lost three or four kilos, so we adjusted the volume and mixed the widths. The year after he was the world junior champ, he qualified when he was sixteen and after that, at seventeen, he won two contests in the WCT. For the first time in probably a decade that was a freesurfing trip for Gabe that wasn't bookended by any CT events. What does the most competitive surfer on the WSL Championship Tour do when there’s no competition? That’s what I’m really passionate about. I got a lot of knowledge from them that I will forever cherish, just in their after hours. Did you also know that the wave you grew up either surfing or watching, the one that smells like salt and baked sand and coconut suntan oil and cigarette smoke has been made redundant? It was challenging, especially the first year. David Lee Scales and I discussed Kanoa Igarashi’s post-US Open of Surfing victory celebration, anyhow, on a brand new podcast. In retrospect, I can’t believe we did this. “Gabriel was always without boards for contests and he and Charlie were always travelling without any money, ” he says. And trying to make something that I thought that looked cool. I didn’t really know what I was doing beyond just sculpting at that point in time. “Since then we’ve only had good results with him. Since 2009, first with Pukas and now under his label Johnny has supplied Gabriel with around 120 boards a year, or 10 for each CT event, in a unique handshake surf-shaper arrangement. in the ocean and the Li’l Plumber was thrilled, beyond thrilled, as was his right. Quite shocking considering a one-day, non-VIP ticket is the most expensive entertainment from Disneyland’s gate all the way up Vancouver B.C.’s famed Opera, Caviar and Cristal nights. Thompson got interested in building boards while surfing Malibu as a teenager. “I normally ride a 5’11” at 29 liters but at the Surf Ranch I’m riding 28 liters. Still digesting what happened on the weekend. Ashley Lloyd Thompson wants to make surfboard building more sustainable. I call it the Dreamweaver. I’m certainly biased but think it is our best episode yet. I just started doing it and it felt right. Unfortunately, they didn't score a whole lot of swell, but the feedback was positive.". { The rest of the history, the world title, everybody knows. I mean dystopia, of course, but really it’s all the same damned thing because, like sex/gender categories, the ocean is no longer meaningful and all thanks to the greatest surfer to ever live. In 2017, he founded Instituto Gabriel Medina (IGM), a surf training center located in Maresias, Brazil. “Gabriel today is 182cm and 82 kilos,” says Johnny. A few months ago, I caught up with her to talk surfboards. The board that’ll surprise the hell out of you if you ever pick it up is The Medina (it used to be called The Game, as in Gabriel-Medina): a wide-nosed, wide-tail, low-rockered, full-railed, concave-to-vee-bottomed, well, let’s call it as it is, a boat. These cookies do not store any personal information. My first board was the Blue Otter Pop. Warm water, cold water, overhead or in little runners – watch Medina hit Brazil’s best breaks. Let us turn to his Instagram for various truths and insights. The loftlike space houses a shaping room, glassing area, and serves as a practice space The Shapes, Thompson’s band.


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