He can take Hulk and toss him hella far. The Devourer of Worlds. Sworn not to interfere, Uatu kept his oath for centuries, though he would become … User Lists: 0 #7 Edited By Daffy Duck. Battle takes place on an indestructable planet 100 times the size of Earth. Hulk will eventually get angrier, but would he be able to punch out Galactus? Yes, there have been upsets, because, well a writer said it was possible. It is a physical fight. Planet Verschlinger, dritte Kraft des Universums Balance zwischen Ewigkeit und Tod, zunichte gemacht Abraxas Einfluss auf der Multiversum, Drittes Gesicht der lebende Tribunal Anteile, Avengers confidential: black widow & punisher (2014), Iron man & hulk: heroes united (2013), Iron man and captain america: heroes united (2014), The Badly Animated Adventures of Spider-Man (2013), The Badly Animated Marvel Christmas Carol (2014), Disney infinity: marvel super heroes (2014), Marvel : Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009), Marvel avengers: battle for earth (2012), Marvel super hero squad:comic combat (2011), Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet (2010, Lego marvel super heroes (2013), Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet (2010, Marvel vs. capcom 3: fate of two worlds (2011), Marvel: ultimate alliance (2006), Disney infinity: marvel super heroes (2014), Marvel : Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009), Marvel super hero squad: comic combat (2011), Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet (2010, Marvel: ultimate alliance 2 (2009), Marvel: ultimate alliance (2006), Marvel: ultimate alliance 2 (2009), Super-menschlichen Langlebigkeit, Super-Mensch leaping, Super-Mensch Geschwindigkeit, Super-menschlichen Ausdauer, Super-menschliche Kraft, Super-menschliche Gehör, Super-menschlichen Sinne, Super-Mensch Geschwindigkeit, Super-menschlichen Ausdauer, Super-menschliche Kraft, Super-Vision, Computer gleichermaßen Kontaktlinse, Gamma angetriebene Abschirmung, Host-Scanner, Molekulare Abstoßung, pocket-Teleporter, adaptiv, Krankheit Immunität, Regenerative Heilfaktor, Selbstunterhalt, Adrenaline supression, Gas Inhalation, Wut Nullifikationsdoktrin, (Banner) Hulkbuster Basis, New Mexico, (Hulk) mobil, aber bevorzugt New Mexico. 0. A stupid battle is a battle not asked so use your imagination. Not even close. Another way galactus wins is if the fact that the planet is 100 times bigger than Earth so the gravity would make everything much much heavier, so everyone from earth would be weaker. For decades, Uatu The Watcher was a constant in the Marvel Universe. No. The team wins. Galactus vs Hulk who do you think wins... Galactus can not use any of his powers. It would be a short and riotously funny fight, though. Wiki Points ... World Breaker Hulk is not holding back. It's because of curiosity. 0. Follow 526. We don’t know for certain, as it happened off panel. Even if Galactus were to shrink down at the same height and weight class as Hulk would still overwhelmed by the sheer physical power of Galactus because his power is nearly infinite. This topic is locked from further discussion. Follow 494. On a good Galactus day? Unless Thanos can come up with a way to handle big G in the prep time, Galactus should win handily, if Thanos can get the Infinity Gauntlet with that 1 day prep then he solos and stomps. I oddly still like galactus in this...IMO big G gets alot of PIS moments...isn't he a part of the balance of existence or something.. WBH and MMH get oneshotted. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I lied, three questions. Both are extremely powerful entities that feed on the energy of entire planets. Really? Galactus vs WorldBreaker Hulk, Thanos, Sentry and Manhunter khianrobinson123-456. So, keep in mind that the final answer given by me, at least until a real answer is given, is complete conjecture. So Sentry, Martian Manhunter, and Hulk is kinda handicapped unless Hulk can get more mad than he is at world breaker. Why would someone make this battle? Sentry gets two shotted. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Galactus will then proceed to step on the Hulk. Thanos dies after 3 minutes. So you guys are implying Galactus has unlimited physical strength? Die Energieabsorption, Langlebigkeit, Atmen unter Wasser, Vast Unverwundbarkeit, Explosion Macht, dimensional Manipulation, Göttliche Kräfte, Erde Manipulation, Flug, Gravity Steuer, Heilung, Langlebigkeit, Magie, Auferstehung, Astral Formwahrnehmung, Homing Fähigkeit, Psi-Widerstand, Genius Ebene Intellekt, Psi-Widerstand, Telepathie, teleportieren, Wetterkontrolle, Galan, Ashta, Devourer of Worlds, The Great Destroyer & The Monster of all Worlds, Adamantium und Vibranium Klinge, Magie, Strahlenbombardement, Giftige Substanzen. Then it would be 50/50 because Galactus and Thanos are cosmic beings and probably wouldn't be affected. Who wins and WHY? Hulk gets flicked away like cigarette butt. 7 LESS POWERFUL: The Watcher. "Hulk strongest one there is!" In a physical battle. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The Chaos Bringer vs. For all the obvious reasons the other guys stated. Ah, yes! Hulk getting all pumped up, screaming "Hulk SMASH!" 0. Why would someone bump this? Galactus is not one of those beings, and were the two to ever battle, even mighty Galactus would be dwarfed by Eternity's power. The only way I can see Galactus winning is if he gets to eat the planet and they all go to another planet. Galactus vs Hulk who do you think wins... 11 years ago. However, we can extrapolate based on the context of the panels. Forum Posts. Followers. Reviews: 0. Whenever something monumental was going down, the Watcher was there to observe. Avengers: age of ultron (2015), The avengers (2012), The incredible hulk (2008), Disaster movie (2008), Reality round-up: superhero edition (2005), The one last time (2009), Hulk vs. (2009), Next avengers: heroes of tomorrow (2008), Planet hulk (2010), Ultimate avengers II (2006), Hulk (2003), Marvel: ultimate alliance (2006), Marvel: ultimate alliance 2 (2009), The incredible hulk (2008), Disney infinity: marvel super heroes (2014), Hulk (2003), Marvel: ultimate alliance 2 (2009), Marvel super hero squad online (2011), Marvel Super Hero Squad (2009), Marvel: ultimate alliance (2006), Marvel: ultimate alliance 2 (2009), Lego marvel super heroes (2013), Marvel: ultimate alliance (2006), » Mehr Marvel Superhelden Liste Vergleich. Galactus. Vergleichen Hulk gegen Galactus auf Basis von Befugnissen, Feinde, wichtige Fakten The Hulk and the Juggernaut are roughly known to have unlimited physical strength as well so how can this be a "without effort fight". Worldship (aka Taa II); obwohl er in der Regel mobil im ganzen Universum über sein sphärisches Raumschiff auf der Suche nach geeigneten Planeten zu konsumieren. Forum Posts . © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Here's how the fight will go.Hulk: HULK SMASH!Galactus: No... Galactus Smash.Galactus will then proceed to step on the Hulk.Galactus wins. Okay I'm going to change the battle scene on another thread. But Thanos is extremely strong, almost at Galactus level, then you add other big power houses like hulk, MMH and Sentry which swings the battle in the team's favor. Plus the Fantastic Four beat Galactus, if you compare this team to the Fantastic Four, it shouldn't be a problem. Wiki Points. Galactus highly doubts any win here(its funny cause animated hulk just recently threw half a skyscraper at Galactus). Daffy Duck. So it was. WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thor #5 by Donny Cates, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson, and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale now.. Donny Cates and Nic Klein’s new Thor series has seen the Thunder God get a cosmic upgrade and begrudgingly aid Galactus, one of the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe.


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