Wayne Martino and Bob Meyenn, researching in Australia, found similar effects: teachers teaching English to boy-only groups focused on ‘war, guns and cool, tough things’. GENDER EQUALITY: Gender equality entails the concept that all human beings, both men and women, are free to develop their personal abilities and make choices without the limitations set by stereotypes, rigid gender roles, or prejudices. have done fantastic job with this and also hope to see many more Buckingham, Open University Press: A discussion of the gendering of the curriculum focused on issues of power and looks particularly at some of the marginal subjects like Design and Technology. a school and its practices outside of formal lessons, for example, in play grounds or during meal times, also affect how girls and boys learn. So gender equality needs to be a central part of the development of the school curriculum and ways of teaching. Buckingham, Open University Press: A comparison of English and Physics in universities looking in detail at the views of lecturers and students. Gender roles and inequalities are reproduced, formed, defined, strengthened and promoted by educational institutions through implicit and explicit means. Thomas, K. (1990) Gender and subject in higher education.

Most national curricula are based, at least until lower secondary level, on what was originally education provision for elite males in the West. Shaw, J. Classroom behaviour is a major focal point for those who identify examples of inequality.
Evidence suggests, however, that such requirements do not always make much of a difference in practice to the content or outcomes of the curriculum. The curriculum is gendered in two main ways: 1. Teachers teach different material, or treat it differently, according to whether they are teaching girls or boys. In a review of our home library I found that the protagonist in children’s books was 8 times more likely to be male than female.To conduct an audit of your classroom books, download Think or Blue’s gender representation book audit form here.. 9.

Working to achieve gender equality, schools authority and teachers, have important roles to play. A Joint Doctoral Dissertation Play, Telling Transitions: Space, Materiality, and Ethical Practices in a Collaborative Writing Workshop, Writing Blog Posts with Impact – Discussion, Dr Deborah Gabriel – Experiential and Conversational Learning: Things You Can Do With Social Media, Professor Yvette Taylor – Social Media with Impact, International Writing with Impact Network (IWIN) For Doctoral Students and Emerging Researchers, Rachel Handforth I-WIN Launch Event Presentation, Embodied Knowledge Production in the ‘Early Career’, Erika do Amaral Valerio- Reflections on Academic Writing Experiences of a Non-native English Speaker, Professor Carol Taylor- Writing Abstracts with Impact, Anita Hussénius: A Chapter is a Chapter is a Chapter, Peer Reviews With Impact: Special Podcast with Susanne Gannon, September 2017 – Journal Articles with Impact, Writing for Impact: Journal Articles by Penny Jane Burke, AGENDA: A Young People’s Guide to Making Positive Relationships Matter, KS4 Advanced Individual Project Proposal (IPP): tips and resources, Globalising the School Curriculum: Gender, EFA and Global Citizenship Education, Developing Curricula for Gender Equality and Quality Basic Education, Gender in education 3-19: a fresh approach, Gender in the secondary curriculum: Balancing the books, Changing school subjects: Power, gender and curriculum. Genderwatch is an important and useful resource for addressing gender issues within the curriculum and elsewhere. London, Taylor & Francis: A psychoanlytic take on gender differences in education including the curriculum. It is important to make the most of it & keeping one’s mental distance to the stressed out crowd.


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