two. Heavy AP grenade will penetrate 2 inches of armor. Almost all the soldiers featured on memorial cards were from the south, by the way. 19 tank divisions Quite frankly, I am wordless with admiration for the depth of reserach this thread has displayed, and my respect for the subject matter has become boundless! dailyinfo[3]=' Lieutenant Harold Gordon Lancelot GOLDING 1st Bn. dailyinfo[25]='2605 Private Stuart Vincent SILVEY who died 25/11/1920 1st/1st Royal Gloucestershire Hussars STONEHOUSE (ST. CYR) CHURCHYARD EXTENSION United Kingdom' "bazooka" (rocket launcher AT). Absolute Magic Jack! The Wehrmacht, for example, tended to distribute the available independent artillery among the individual infantry divisions, which, of course, greatly strengthened them in their own hitting power, but this only brought local tactical advantages and did not consider the entire battlefield with its decisive focal points as a whole. The This made it possible for the Panzer divisions to be the sharp blade of the German army. The firepower of the regiment consisted of: Subscribe to our newsletter with the latest reports from the war diaries and about World War I & II. The Corps was a flexible formation, which could consist of different types of divisions. company consists of infantrymen and should not be confused with artillery even six 8.1 cm mortars, (The rifle is .31 caliber; the pistol, .35 Division) was a unit of the Prussian / German Army. Most of the heavy anti-aircraft batteries were under the command of the Luftwaffe, but were assigned to the army for special tasks. The light column personnel is armed with rifles and pistols. Sweet heart of Mary, be my salvation! Infantry divisions were set up in waves and the divisions of each wave varied in size, organization and equipment, depending on the availability of men and material and their intended use in the field. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. In practice, however, the tank strength at the time of mobilization was clearly below this TOE strength and was on average around 320 vehicles strong. Card is in good condition with a centrefold. This is a List of Imperial German infantry regiments before and during World War I.In peacetime, the Imperial German Army included 217 regiments of infantry (plus the instruction unit, Lehr Infantry Battalion).Some of these regiments had a history stretching back to the 17th Century but others were only formed as late as October 1912. that a bipod mount is used with the light machine gun whereas a tripod mount is One Abteilung (section) was equipped with 12 Wespe with 10.5 cm field howitzers and 6 Hummel with 15 cm howitzers. to rifles and pistols. range and mobility. there are nine in a company. TAYLOR who died 19/11/1920 Argyll Mountain Bty. infantry regiment, had 12, 37-mm antitank guns and four light machine guns. Holder of the Iron Cross 2nd Class and the Military Service Cross 3rd Class. The guns are identical except Sorry, I never thought to check. an 85-pound projectile. Approximate organization strength of the major types of the German Army divisions in 1939: Approximate organization strength of the major types of the German Army divisions in 1941: Here to Germany Army Unit Organisation 1942-45. four 12 cm mortars, Typical, well-equipped German infantry at the beginning of the war. if (month<10) month="0"+month The period of its existence was usually short, either being worn out in prolonged heavy battles or being reassigned back to its original units when the crisis was resolved. dailyinfo[13]='236191 Private Alfred WARD who died 13/11/1920 1st/1st Bn. The new infantry battalion had a strength of slightly more than 700 men and was usually divided into three rifle companies of 140 men each, a heavy weapons squad of 200 men and a supply unit. Miss Mertens has uploaded 17836 photos to Flickr. I'm in the fortunate position to combine all my interests with my work and to live on a place of my choice, on Crete. guns or mixtures of 37's and 50's or 50's and 75's. The artillery regiment therefore had two Abteilungen (sections) with eight 7.5 cm guns each, one section with eight 10.5 cm guns and one section with eight 15 cm guns. 4 motorized infantry divisions, published in, [DISCLAIMER: The following text is taken from the U.S. War Department on their heads. Patesian, 29 September , 2005 in Soldiers and their units. The During the Polish campaign there were four motorized infantry divisions, each consisting of three infantry regiments and one motorized artillery regiment. See charts below for comparison of Combat units for a 1914 and 1918 infantry regiment: Changes in Tactics and Organization: German troops in training for the Spring 1918 offensive, note the number of hand grenades in use, and lack of rifles with fixed bayonets. which form the supply units of the battalion and companies. At present the trend is toward 50-mm antitank guns and even 75-mm antitank To Jack, and to all of you who contributed, my sincere thanks. R.N. One was captured at Anzio and is now at the US Army Originally the infantry regiment of most armies was a force of ten 100-man In … var month=mydate.getMonth()+1 Known as the Infantry Division 1944, this new formation had a strength of 12,772 men as opposed to the 17,734 soldiers of a division in 1939, although its firepower had actually increased. Similar to the Battle Group there was also the Armeeabteilung (army detachment), which was however numerically stronger and usually consisted of complete formations. 35th Sikhs who died on 03/12/1920 RAMLEH WAR CEMETERY Israel and Palestine (including Gaza)' This platoon has four squads as above, and a light mortar squad as well as The medical detachment comprises a force of about fifty enlisted men, two 50-mm antitank guns while others have only the 50-mm antitank gun of which The At that time there were two and a half million men in the German army, of which the Waffen-SS contributed about 100,000. The first battalion was completely equipped with infantry fighting vehicles, while the second was moved by lorries. The table lists the Infantry Regiments and Field Artillery Battalions and the Engineer Combat … Each rifle company has 12 light machine guns, about 135 rifles, three The 106th Reserve Infantry Regiment came from the 24th (Royal Saxon) Reserve Division and the 178th Infantry Regiment came from the 23rd (1st Royal Saxon) Infantry Division. This is a List of Imperial German infantry regiments before and during World War I. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It consisted of the remains of two infantry divisions and was to hold a section of the new German line after the collapse of the allied Axis armies after the Soviet counter-offensive at Stalingrad. company (mounted, communication, and engineer platoons), three infantry battalions 114 (By Carl Becker, from the Anne S.K. An infantry division consisted of three infantry regiments (approx. One of the many complexities was that the Imperial Army was actually four armies, one for each German kingdom, plus many units that belonged to lesser states such as principalities but were attached to the Prussian Army. Although the total number of infantrymen and infantry divisions had increased, the 1945 front units had only about half the number of a 1941 division. This consists of a company headquarters, three heavy machine-gun platoons At the end of September 1918. this regiment was fighting desperately to defend a stretch of railway line 2 km east of Somme-Py. If you could send me your e-mail address I can send you a copy of the notes. Taking into account their intended use, the mountain divisions had a large share of light and easy-to-handle equipment. of one truck. dailyinfo[1]='77030 Private HENRY BONSER 257th Coy. Brown Military Collection), Privat, 6. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 30 im Weltkrieg 1914-1918, which appeared between 1922 (Vol 1 1914) and 1932 (Vol 4 1917-1918). Some of these regiments had a history stretching back to the 17th Century, while others were only formed as late as October 1912. The organization and equipment of these divisions changed considerably during the war to adapt to the current demands of armored warfare and the increasing shortage of men and material. and assuming it was Prussian. It approximated to the British battalion, artillery regiment or tank regiment. is there some accessible source to tell us this? such extra baggage as clothing, extra individual equipment, administrative equipment, etc. Anyway, here goes: In devout memory of the virtuous young man Johann Bauer...who after faithfully carrying out his duty for 44 months, died the death of a hero at the age of 26 for the Fatherland, in the battles around Somme-Py, east of Reims (France) on 1st October 1918.


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