Zelena | Once the curse is broken, all of her magic returns. In the distant past Gothel was simply one of many nymphs in the grove, she was as sweet, kind, and nurturing as she could be. Thousands of years later, when Rapunzel is caught stealing vegetables from Gothel's garden, Gothel imprisons her at the top of a tower.
She calls herself "mother" because she claims she tends to people's needs like a mother would do. Magic/WitchcraftBlood magicShape-shiftingSpell-castingPhytokinesisTelekinesisConjurationEnergy blastsHigh intellect

In Hyperion Heights, she is Eloise Gardener, a prisoner of Belfrey Towers. Full Name

Evil-doer Felix | Gothel, better known as the Witch, is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time.

She then kills all of the humans in the realm, revealed to be the Land Without Magic, and leaves to the New Enchanted Forest with Seraphina, vowing to get her revenge on humanity once they come back. Mr. Hyde | The Shadow | Gothel/Eloise set about reforming her coven so she could once again wipe out humanity, eventually recruiting her daughter Alice (Tilly in Hyperion Heights) to enact her plan. Wraith, Groups Here’s actress Emma Booth’s part explained. Tending to her gardenPlotting human genocideRuling the Coven of the Eight Clorinda |

She is portrayed by Emma Booth. She is always looking for young girls with magical powers finding their emotional weakness, and manipulate it until she has a new pawn. Gaston | Gothel later tries to use a ressurection amulet to sacrifice Ivy's life for Lucy's only for Victoria to take her place instead.

Gothel is transformed into a tree, and Tilly sympathizes with her before creating hyanith flowers on the roots of the tree, promising to do better than her. After six years in the tower, Rapunzel escaped but came back to Gothel after her daughter Anastasia was on the verge of death hoping she could save her. Blind Witch | Her time in the New Enchanted Forest also saw Gothel set up her own coven and ally herself with Rapunzel’s other daughter Drizella. Alice/Tilly used her own powerful magic to defeat her mother and turned her into a tree, thus bring Gothel’s reign of terror to an end. An infuriated Gothel attempts to kill Tilly with an energy blast, but Tilly counters it with her own energy blast and strikes Gothel instead. Emma Swan |

Drizella joins Gothel's coven, and together they magically poison Henry Mills so that her mother Regina is forced to cast the Dark Curse that sends everyone to Hyperion Heights, Seattle. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Mother_Gothel_(Once_Upon_a_Time)?oldid=3890896. Regina Mills/Evil Queen | The Darkness | Mother Gothel, like all witches, has the ability of Witchcraft and has been described as "very powerful and dangerous.". To assist Drizella (formerly).To eradicate all of humanity (failed). Medusa | Ingrid the Snow Queen |

She is based on Dame Gothel from the fairy tale, She, at first, shares her position as main antagonist with, Mother Gothel's final plan (to eradicate all of humanity) is arguably far larger than any villain's plan on, She is the only main antagonist to be trapped forever in a similar style to. Main Villains The Woodcutter |

She is one of the antagonists later in season 7. Cora Mills | In revenge, Gothel wiped out humanity and vowed to do the same again when mankind inevitably returned before departing for the New Enchanted Forest. The character is based on the villainous Mother Gothel from Disney’s 2010 animation Tangled who is in turn inspired by Dame Gothel from Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rapunzel. Who was Once Upon A Time’s season 7 villain Gothel? She is always looking for young girls with magical powers finding their emotional weakness, and manipulate it until she has a new pawn. Jabberwocky, Other Villains Peter Pan | Together Gothel and Drizella forced Regina to cast the curse that swept everybody away to Hyperion Heights in Once Upon A Time.

Gothel, better known as the Witch, is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. Eloise GardenerRapunzel

Lady Tremaine | Jafar | Once Seraphina reveals that she has magic too but hid them in fear of being persecuted, Gothel permits Seraphina to join her. To escape the Tower (succeeded).To assist Drizella (formerly).To eradicate all of humanity (failed).
Prince Hans |

Mother Gothel |

Tamara | Misanthropic Witch, Blood magicShape-shiftingSpell-castingPhytokinesisTelekinesisConjurationEnergy blastsHigh intellect, Plotting human genocideRuling the Coven of the Eight. WitchLeader of the Coven of the Eight In the distant past Gothel w… When Rogers discovers that Victoria is involved in the case of the missing "Eloise Gardener", he tracks her down and discovers Gothel captive. Captain Hook |


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