The first to digits represent the state, the second two digits represent the district and the Third two digits represents the Post Office.In this case the first two digits. It is the first fully solar-operated railway station in India. The station code name of Guwahati is ‘GHY’. Location in India. Q) Guwahati Railway Station falls under which zone of Indian Railways? Train Stations and Station Code of Assam It has been rated as A1-category station. Trains arrival and departure time at this station has also been tabulated. Guwahati station is the terminal station for 39 trains. ANAND VIHAR T - AGARTALA Rajdhani Express (20502), GUWAHATI - DIBRUGARH Shatabdi Express (12085), DIBRUGARH - GUWAHATI Shatabdi Express (12086), GUWAHATI - JORHAT TOWN Jan Shatabdi Exp (12067), JORHAT TOWN - GUWAHATI Jan Shatabdi Exp (12068), JHAJHA - DIBRUGARH Weekly Express (15941), DIBRUGARH - JHAJHA Weekly Express (15942), TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL - SILCHAR SF Express (12507), TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL - SILCHAR SF Express (12515), ALIPUR DUAR - SILGHAT TOWN Rajya Rani Express (15417), SILGHAT TOWN - ALIPUR DUAR Rajya Rani Express (15418), SEALDAH - SILCHAR Kanchanjunga Exp (13175), GUWAHATI - LEDO Intercity Express (15603), LEDO - GUWAHATI Intercity Express (15604), ALIPUR DUAR - LUMDING InterCity Exp (UnReserved) (15769), DIBRUGARH - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Express (20503), DIBRUGARH - GUWAHATI Intercity Express (15606), GUWAHATI - DIBRUGARH Intercity Express (15605), LUMDING - ALIPUR DUAR InterCity Exp (UnReserved) (15770), SEALDAH - AGARTALA Kanchanjungha Exp (13173), AGARTALA - SEALDAH Kanchanjungha Exp (13174), GUWAHATI - SILCHAR Fast Passenger (55615), SILCHAR - GUWAHATI Fast Passenger (55616), GUWAHATI - MARIANI Intercity Exp (UnReserved) (15717), MARIANI - GUWAHATI Intercity Exp (UnReserved) (15718), SILGHAT TOWN - TAMBARAM Nagaon Express (15630), TAMBARAM - DIBRUGARH Weekly Express (15929), DARBHANGA - NEW TINSUKIA Jivachh Link Exp (25910), DIMAPUR - GUWAHATI Nagaland Express (15670), GUWAHATI - DIMAPUR Nagaland Express (15669), LALGARH - DIBRUGARH Avadh Assam Express (15910), DIBRUGARH - LALGARH Avadh Assam Express (15909), HOWRAH - DIBRUGARH Kamrup Express (15959), DIBRUGARH - TAMBARAM Weekly Express (15930), SILCHAR - NEW DELHI Express (Starts 6 April) (14037), AGARTALA - ANAND VIHAR T Rajdhani Express (20501), DIBRUGARH - AMRITSAR Weekly Express (15933), AMRITSAR - DIBRUGARH Weekly Express (15934), SILCHAR - TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL SF Express (12508), NEW DELHI - DIBRUGARH Rajdhani Express (20504), KOLKATA CHITPUR - SILGHAT TOWN Express (13181), KOLKATA CHITPUR - DIBRUGARH SF Express (12525), SILCHAR - TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL SF Express (12516), SILCHAR - SEALDAH Kanchanjunga Express (13176), DIBRUGARH - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Express (20505), NEW DELHI - DIBRUGARH Rajdhani Express (20506), NEW TINSUKIA - BANGALORE CITY SF Express (22502), BANGALORE CITY - NEW TINSUKIA SF Exp (22501), DIBRUGARH - KANYAKUMARI Vivek Express (15906), KANYAKUMARI - DIBRUGARH Vivek Express (15905), AGARTALA - BANGALORE CANTT Humsafar Express (12504), BANGALORE CANTT - AGARTALA Humsafar Express (12503), NEW TINSUKIA - RAJENDRA NAGAR PATNA Weekly Exp (13281), RAJENDRA NAGAR PATNA - NEW TINSUKIA Weekly Exp (13282), OLD DELHI - DIBRUGARH Brahmaputra Mail Express (15956), DIBRUGARH - HOWRAH Kamrup Express (15960), DIBRUGARH TOWN - NEW DELHI Rajdhani Express (12423), AGARTALA - ANAND VIHAR T Tripura Sundari Exp (14019), ANAND VIHAR T - AGARTALA Tripura Sundari Exp (14020), DIBRUGARH - OLD DELHI Brahmaputra Mail Express (15955), NEW DELHI - DIBRUGARH TOWN Rajdhani Express (12424), NEW DELHI - SILCHAR Express (Starts 2 April) (14038), GUWAHATI - JORHAT TOWN Janshatabdi Exp Covid Special (02067), JORHAT TOWN - GUWAHATI Janshatabdi Exp Covid Special (02068), DIBRUGARH - LALGARH Avadh Assam Covid Special (05909), AGARTALA - NEW DELHI Rajdhani (Covid SPL AC) (02501), OLD DELHI - DIBRUGARH Brahmaputra Mail Covid Special (05956), NEW DELHI - AGARTALA Rajdhani (Covid SPL AC) (02502), DIBRUGARH - AMRITSAR Covid Special (05933), AMRITSAR - DIBRUGARH Covid Special (05934), DIBRUGARH - NEW DELHI Rajdhani (Covid SPL AC) (02423), NEW DELHI - DIBRUGARH Rajdhani (Covid SPL AC) (02424), LALGARH - DIBRUGARH Avadh Assam Covid Special (05910), TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL - SILCHAR Aronai Covid Special (02507), SILCHAR - TRIVANDRUM CENTRAL Aronai Covid Special (02508), DIBRUGARH - NEW DELHI Covid Rajdhani Special (02503), NEW DELHI - DIBRUGARH Covid AC Special (02504), SILCHAR - GUWAHATI Festival Special (05612), GUWAHATI - SILCHAR Festival Special (05611), SILCHAR - KOLKATA SEALDAH Special (03176), AGARTALA - SEALDAH Festival Special (03174), SEALDAH - AGARTALA Festival Special (03173), SEALDAH - SILCHAR Festival Special (03175), HABIBGANJ - AGARTALA Festival Special (01665), AGARTALA - HABIBGANJ Festival Special (01666), AGARTALA - MANDUADIH Festival Special (05675), SILCHAR - BANGALORE CANTT Festival Special (05676), MGR CHENNAI CENTRAL - DIBRUGARH Festival Special (05905), SILCHAR - KANPUR CENTRAL Festival Special (05685), DIBRUGARH - OLD DELHI Brahmaputra Mail Covid Special (05955). A) The last train to depart New Guwahati station is the GUWAHATI - SILCHAR Fast Passenger at 23:59. As part of one of the busiest and populated Indian states, Assam, the Guwahati railway station is known amongst the top hundred train ticket booking and train traveling stations of the Indian Railway. Looking for a Flight Distance between cities / two places? [5] In addition, there is a transit passenger facility with dormitory, single room and double room accommodation. Some of the major trains passing through NGC are - (NEW DELHI - AGARTALA Rajdhani (Covid SPL AC), GUWAHATI - SILCHAR Fast Passenger, etc).


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