“It’s about putting the user first. Guy has sat on the other side of the table you want to impress. Apply this 10–20–30 rule and let your presentation be a breath of fresh air for all your audiences. And to be nice with it.”, Kawasaki is currently chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool. Kawasaki shares that Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak first wondered why it was so hard for the average person to get access to a computer. Kawasaki (naturally) cited the example of the Apple iPod as something high and to the right; it had “a user interface anyone could operate, connected to a massive legal music library, and granted access to songs for very little money.” That was the key to that product’s success. Guy Kawasaki, tech evangelist, author, and one of Apple’s best-known alumni, proposed the verb, application, differentiator (VAD) format. If you are thinking of downloading some pre-designed PowerPoint templates for assistance. Set the titles of your slides out as above and check with others if the progression feels natural. Standing on the podium, in front of power-dressed men and women waiting to devour us as soon as we make a mistake with the only shield, our support system — the presentation that we have to spend hours and hours on getting perfected. “The fear of Steve Jobs calling you ‘mediocre’ or worse is the most powerful motivation.” Jobs, he says, was a one-off, with a “different operating system to everyone else. As he shared on a recent Series Pass, even when a product is amazing, the approach to selling it is often erroneous. Guy Kawasaki: Forget the Plan, it’s all About the Prototype Former Apple “evangelist” talks about entrepreneurship. One should only add that text to the slides which convey the actual message. Selling, marketing, and evangelizing crap is hard.” There is, however, a catch. 10 is the perfect number in a headline too, Love this? Guy Kawasaki has listened to hundreds of entrepreneurs looking for funding. aki’s Value Proposition Example. This is a simple yet effective approach that Guy Kawasaki has used over and over again to describe the startups he works with. Learn more about me and subscribe here, How to Identify a Future Billionaire, According to a Legendary Investor, Jay-Z & Warren Buffett’s Interview Reveals — Billionaires Think Alike, Harvard Researchers Prove High Achievers Crave Purpose, Not Passion, Intern Developer Built an $8.82 Billion Software Empire — Despite an Economic Meltdown, Lessons I Learned from My Millionaire CEO, 9 Warren Buffett Quotes to Help You Become a Better Person — And a Better Investor, Programmer Rejects $6 Billion, Gets Fired From His Own Company. Find out at The Global Boardroom →, ‘Failosophy’ author on why failure leads to success. Venture capitalists are not superhuman, they have short attention spans too so don’t test their boundaries. A first step to selling value is to tell your story. For venture capitalists, he even gives the slides he expects: This won’t work for everyone but make sure there’s a clear journey between your slides. Now coming to the famous 10–20–30 rule for which you are here. Check out the official schedule to discover the keynotes you don’t want to miss, and watch them on our live streams. We read faster than we hear so your audience will know what you’re going to say before you say it. This is the spirit behind the rule and there are few legitimate reasons to break it. You’re forced to focus on what is truly important when you introduce time limits. You must have seen or heard at least one of the universally acclaimed TED Talks which shook the world with their presentation skills, in a limited time period. And it is the future of marketing.”, IESE and Crèdit Andorrà present new Chair of Entrepreneurship and Banking, MiM Class of 2020: Ready to take on the world, © Copyright, 2020. And starting up is really hard. TED talks given by the world’s leading experts are limited to 18 minutes. In his words, “most of these pitches are crap”. Renowned entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki breaks down how to pitch to investors in just 10 slides. Whether you harvest ice, freeze water, or build a refrigerator, “it’s all the same.”. Difficult as trends are to classify, says Kawasaki, this shift is taking place around us, with plenty of successful models becoming household names – Airbnb, eBay and Bluebird among them. Attention Salespeople: How You Introduce Yourself Matters, What Your Personal Brand Can Teach You About Selling, The Simple Client Meeting Rules Every Salesperson Should Follow. The information on the slides is to support what you are saying not replace it. Kawasaki further illustrates this by using ice as an example. Example: Lose weight with our cloud-based diet app. On his blog I found the following killer examples: Alltop: Stay on top of all the topics. However, 10 slides doesn’t mean filling those slides with too much text. While we strive to keep the … What you forecast for this year is already late.” The key, he insists, is to build your prototype. Content published on Quotable is exclusive and cannot be reproduced or republished without the express permission of the Quotable editorial team. The traditional sales person has his or her own interests at heart. Guy also argues that sticking to a 20-minute speech will force the person to alter the content mercilessly. Smaller font size interferes with the readability and so your font size should not be less than 30 points. Now, who is this Guy Kawasaki? Value proposition. The idea is to optimize your offering so you get high, and to the right, on that chart, which means it’s as unique and valuable as possible. And if you get the prototype right… you may never even have to pitch.”, As and when the time does come to pitch an idea to investors, Kawasaki has some solid tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. That's the whole basis of my social media,” said Kawasaki. Whether it’s your personality as a potential employee, or the proposition of your product, Kawasaki recommends charting its uniqueness on one axis, and its value on the other. Since the font is readable to all the audience whether they are sitting in the front or back, they will pay more attention to what is being said by the speaker rather than what is being shown in the PowerPoint slides. He was a member of the original Mac team at Apple and then became their Chief Evangelist. If you’re not the first, you don’t have to be first. Squinting might look good in pictures but not in a presentation hall. Applying this rule is easier said than done! In simplest of its form 10–20–30 rule stands for-. It’s best to leave plenty of time for questions where you can engage with your audience rather than just talking at them. All rights reserved. He’s a bestselling business author too with The Art of the Start. Guy Kawasaki has listened to hundreds of entrepreneurs looking for funding. Guy Kawasaki formerly an Apple employee, achieved an iconic status amongst other venture capitalists. You can differentiate your company by letting prospects in on what’s at the heart of what you do. “A lot of it is down to luck – and I know that being lucky is not a viable strategy. Now he’s a Brand Ambassador for BMW USA and Chief Evangelist for Canva as well as owning his venture capitalist firm.


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