It is parallel to the goal line and 4m away from it (measured from the rear edge of the goal line to the front edge of the 4m line). The goal area lines are 6m from and parallel to the goal line.The court is divided into two halves by an imaginary halfway line. Switzerland. The middle of this imaginary line is the exact position for the referee throw.All lines are between 5 and 8cm wide and made of solid colour tape contrasting with the sand (blue, yellow or red).

The goalposts and the crossbar have an 8cm square cross section.On the three sides which are visible from the court they are painted in bands of two contrasting colours, which also contrast with the background.The goals have a net, attached in such a way that a ball thrown into the goal remains in the goal.

The anchors must not create a danger for the players and officials. The longer boundary lines are called side lines, and the shorter ones are called goal lines (between the goalposts) or outer goal lines (on either side of the goal). There is a safety zone surrounding the playing court, with a minimum …

The game is played on a smaller court: 20‑­24m long x 12‑­16m wide (20m x 13m is exactly one third of the normal handball court).

Mini handball is a modified form of the game for children aged 8‑­11. There is a 3m safety zone surrounding the playing court. It is 2 meters (2.2 yards) deep from the goal line to the outside.

The substitution areas for the court players are 15m long and 3m wide and situated on each side of the playing area.

The tape is flexible and hard wearing, firmly anchored to the sand at each corner and at the intersection of each goal area line/side line with buried dead man anchors.A bungee cord is attached to each corner and connected to buried wood or a plastic anchor disk (without sharp edges). The colour of both goals must be the same.The goal posts and horizontal crossbar are completed by a frame supporting the netting, the deepest point is 80cm at the top and one metre at the bottom.Each goal includes a net, made of heavy duty nylon (or other similar synthetic material, knot free, mesh 80mm x 80mm or smaller, thickness 6mm). The playing area is 15 long, 12m wide and the goal area 6m in length. Help us improve our service or tell us what is working really well. The playing surface consists of sand at least 40cm deep.

It consists of two upright posts equidistant from each corner and joined at the top by a horizontal crossbar.The goal posts extend vertically. The information in this guide is general in nature and cannot be relied upon as professional advice concerning the design of, or marking out for, sporting facilities and playing areas.

No assurance is given as to the accuracy of any information contained in this guide and readers should not rely on its accuracy. The playing court is 40m long and 20m wide, with two goal areas and a playing area.

The rear side of the goalposts are in line with the rear edge of the goal line. The goals are 2m high and 3m wide. The goals must be firmly attached to the floor or to the walls behind them. Rules of the Game. Here we give you a handball court diagram to let you know the dimensions of the court, goal, and the substitution area and help you understand the sport better. The goals are affixed to the lines with rubber rings attached to the posts.

A goal is centered along each goal line at each end of the court.

19 March 2020., Handball Australia A 3m line directly in front of the goal. The handball regulation goal size is a six metre (19' 8") D-shaped zone. It is 3 meters (3.2 yards) wide and 2 meters (2.2 yards) tall, bolted to the wall or to the floor. It is soft, not too heavy, must bounce well and easy to grab to guarantee a “fear free” game. The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land. Both the segments of the line and the spaces between them measure 15cm.The 7m line is a one metre line, directly in front of the goal.

It is attached to the back of the goal posts and crossbar. This end point of the substitution line is enhanced by a line which is parallel to the centre line, extending 15cm inside and 15cm outside the sideline. It is parallel to the goal line and 7m away from it (measured from the rear edge of the goal line to the front edge of the 7m.The goalkeeper’s 4m restraining line is 15cm long and is directly in front of the goal. International Handball Federation. Readers should obtain their own independent and professional advice in relation to their proposed sporting activity. Two quarter-circles (radius 6 metres) and a short straight line will join them all together. The centre line connects the midpoints of the two side lines. Handball is currently played in the following formats: The playing court is 40m long and 20m wide, with two goal areas and a playing area. The anchors must not create a danger for the players.At 3m behind each goal area catch (stopping) nets must be loosely suspended along the entire length of the playing court (12m x 7m high). The height is 2m from the sand surface to the underside of the crossbar, and the internal distance between the vertical goal posts is 3m.The goal posts and horizontal crossbar that form the tubular aluminium frame have an external diameter of 8cm and are painted in a solid colour contrasting clearly with the sand and with the background (yellow, blue, or red). The internal measurement is two (2) metres (6.56 feet) from the floor to the underside of the top bar.

© Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, Government of Western Australia, Creative Communities COVID-19 Recovery Program, State Arts and Culture Partnership Honours,, Submit an enquiry via the online enquiry form. The goal area is defined by a 6m goal area line which is drawn as follows : The 9m free throw line is a broken line, drawn 3m outside the goal area line. The goal lines are 8cm wide between the goalposts. A ball with a circumference of 44cm‑­49cm is used. A goal is placed in the centre of each outer goal line.

The longer boundary lines are called side lines, and the shorter ones are called goal lines (between the goalposts) or outer goal lines (on either side of the goal).There is a safety zone surrounding the playing court, with a minimum width of one metre along the side lines and 2m behind the goal lines. Handball, as the name suggests involves a ball, and is played with the hands.

The goals are 2m high and 3m wide.The goalposts are joined by a horizontal crossbar. The goal is 3 meters wide and 2 meters in height. The catch (stopping) nets must adequately reach the sand. We pay tribute and our respects to Elders past and present. For the safety of the players and officials, the bottom of each goal is anchored beneath the sand.

Two quarter circles, each with a radius of 6m (measured from the rear inner corner of the goalposts), connecting the 3m line with the outer goal line. It is part of the standard handball court markings.

All other lines are 5cm wide.Lines between two adjacent areas may be replaced with a difference in colours between the adjacent areas of the floor.In front of each goal there is a goal area. The two shorter boundary lines are called goal lines, although there is no line between the goalposts. A rectangular goal is positioned at the middle of each goal line. The substitution line (a segment of the side line) for each team extends from the centre line to a point at a distance of 4.5m from the centre line.

This line is parallel to the goal line and 6m away from it (measured from the rear edge of the goal line to the front edge of the goal area line). The court is marked with lines that belong to the areas of which they are boundaries.

All lines on the court are part of the area that they enclose.

The bungee provides the tension necessary to keep the boundaries in place while giving the flexibility to reduce the chances of injury should a player or official catch their foot under the line.

The two longer boundary lines are called side lines.


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