"[4] He was in high school when he started DJing playing music at a large skating rink called the Superstar Rollerteque with music like Planet Patrol, Kraftwerk and Soulsonic Force. Are you looking for that long lost out-of-print LP or 45 RPM single? I own all my masters and publishing. PENGUIN GUIDE TO JAZZ ON CD, LP & CASSETTE, Dj's Brennan Heart, Code Black, Toneshifterz and Outbreak decided to join forces, and setup a collab which resulted in a leading Hardstyle label. "When I Hear Music" is a freestyle song produced "Pretty" Tony Butler and sung and performed by Debbie Deb. Leo Records was formed in 1979 and since [5] Butler described Lopez's vocals, noting that about "75% of her vocals were off" but that "tone is what people like. MusicStack caters to all kinds of music lovers. The guys in the radio station taught me a lot about the radio side. We put your songs in front of music industry insiders, and we work closely with labels and A&Rs to take artists to the next level. John Wolf Brennan, ideas. © Copyright 2020 Spinnup. "[9][2], "Interview: Pretty Tony on Freestyle, Debbie Deb and More", "Miami Freestyle: 13 Best Acts of All Time", "Key Tracks: Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music, "Why Debbie Deb's Record Label Hired Imposters To Replace Her", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=When_I_Hear_Music&oldid=985011881, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 12:44. By 1910, the 10-inch music disk was fast gaining popularity, holding about 3 minutes of recorded music on each side. [3][4] Butler recollected in 1985 that his parents "kept me enrolled in electronics classes, didn't let me out of the house when the guys wanted to go out. I was given an artist-for-hire piece of paper and $75 to sing it. Tibor Szemzo, Marilyn Crispell, Music for the Inquiring Mind and the Passionate Heart: Leo Records is a What started in 1979 by an enthusiastic amateur developed into a huge catalogue documenting improvised, experimental, free jazz, and new music. I didn’t know what I was doing. [3][5] Lopez worked grew up in North Miami and struggling in school she was put in a work program in her senior year in high school which got her a job at Peaches Records where she focused on the R&B and Rap sections of the store. Although the [5] Lopez spoke about her involvement with Butler in 2010, stating Butler "knows what he did to me; he took advantage of me being a minor [...] He didn't do it to hurt me, he was just making business decisions that benefited him. Leo Records has become an encyclopaedia of new music from Russia, Siberia, Eastern and Central Europe, Canada, USA, and Brazil. Eugene Chadbourne, The Hear Music label was created as a joint venture between Concord Music Group and Starbucks in 2007, beginning with the signing of the one and only Paul McCartney. But he is a genius. It was in a warehouse with no windows or anything and only one door to get in and there were security cameras outside." Butler played her the music for "When I Hear Music" and two days later she went back to studio to record it. labels of recent times..." (page 799, THE :: List all sold-out CDs. Joelle Leandre, Universal Music isn’t just home to the world’s biggest stars. and "You’ve got to figure the whole thing out. It has almost "singlehandedly I’m not embarrassed to say it. I knew enough to do that. Cecil Taylor, The Ganelin Trio, includes composers and musicians [3][5] Butler explained that Atlantic Records had been sending him records to test with audiences before they were officially released and Butler was able to predict which ones with a would become hits with great accuracy. He had a black freestyle sound mixed with Latin tropical flavor. Great Britain. In addition to McCartney, Hear Music represents such musical icons as Carole King, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, and Paul Simon. Russian Metaphor We'll mark the anniversary at Cafe Oto in June, and in Moscow and St. Petersburg in October. Ivo Perelman, Lauren Newton, then has become "one of the most significant independent Alexey Kruglov Reggie Workman, etc. The catalogue of Leo Records is over 500 CDs. would be vastly different. "Pretty" Tony Butler learned music by studying electronics and fixing stereos and televisions an DJing. All rights reserved. [6][7] Vocals were described as ahving a "fragile anticipation" with "When I hear music, it makes me dance / You Got the music...here's my chance! "(page 1191, ibid). jazz and improvisation. 39K likes. Every record I did was on a different label, so now all of them could be played on the radio at one time. The WE R Music label was founded in 2013. to the market forces, that goes against the grain of current Spinnup was created by Universal Music to find new artists. It was in a warehouse with no windows or anything and only one door to get in and there were security cameras outside. We also work with smaller labels looking for fresh new artists. BUY VINYL RECORDS FROM RECORD STORES WORLDWIDE - LPs, CDs, 45s, 7" & 12" SINGLES Are you addicted to collecting vinyl records? by Richard Cook & Brian Morton). Sainkho Namchylak, I do owe him some credit for finding me and exposing me. Universal Music isn’t just home to the world’s biggest stars. What matters is the originality of the music. "[5] Lopez stated she felt a bit of injustice as she had just started beauty school and found the song became a big hit with Lopez finding that "Thousands of dollars are coming in to somebody, but not to me. Evan Parker, [5] Lopez was unaware the song was even released until she was driving home at about late at night and heard "When I Hear Music" on the radio, which led her to pull her car over as she "couldn't believe it was actually on the radio. [5], In the Spin Alternative Record Guide, took the bassline from "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force and added simple video game sounding effects while adding a "toylike melody" from sound effects from chimes. "Without Leo Records, [3][5] Lopez described the recording studio as having "a lot of drug money put into [it]. You can have a hit record and it will put you out of business chasing it." wisdoms; music that asks questions, provokes debate, generates [3] Through these connections, he was asked by the label to if he could make a hit record and set own studio that was set up like a DJ booth. I was a nerd. Originally made from hard rubber, music records began to be produced from shellac in the 1890s and this practice remained popular until the 50s when vinyl was introduced. My records were actually competing against each other. Sun Ra, "[3], Lopez stated she was not looking into becoming a singer, feeling uncomfortable with her weight and had low self-esteem. Simon Nabatov, Hear Music was a record label that was founded in 2007 in a partnership between Concord Music Group and Starbucks. Musicians of the month: "[3] Butler continued that "I really didn’t make a bunch of money. The stalwarts of the label are catalogue of Leo Records Watch this space. CD_LR_591 "[8], At the time of release "Fix It in the Mix" and "Jam the Box" were still in the charts which led to Butler realizing that he "was cutting records too fast to actually make money because I didn’t understand how it went. "[5] Lopez performed the song a few times but felt they were "disasters" as she "didn't know what [she] was doing. "[5] Butler played her the music for "When I Hear Music" and two days later she went back to studio to record it. "[5] A blonde woman named Anne would then perform as Debbie Deb under her name who would perform later on the track "I'm Searching" which despite being labeled a Pretty Tony record, Butler had no involvement in the track. Hear Music began as a catalog company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1990 before being purchased by Starbucks in 1999. We work with a huge number of labels across every genre. So, whether you make pop anthems, EDM bangers, electrifying indie or groundbreaking hip-hop, there’s a home to suit your sound. The Art Ensemble of Chicago, [5] He approached her asking if she would like work on the record despite Lopez stating she did not sing and was not certain about making a record. Leo Records accommodate "established" musicians and veterans It was an insane feeling. Whatever their size, every Universal label is driven by a passion for great music. small independent company producing highly original, innovative, Are you a DJ looking for the latest 7" or 12" vinyl records to spin? Music for the Inquiring Mind and the Passionate Heart: Leo Records is a small independent company producing highly original, innovative, improvisation-based new music; music that refuses to be submitted to the market forces, that goes against the grain of current wisdoms; music that asks questions, provokes debate, generates ideas. This young man might just be a genius." (Jazzwise)CD of the month: Whatever their size, every Universal label is driven by a passion for great music. improvisation-based new music; music that refuses to be submitted Yes. [3], Butler gave Lopez the address to his studio in Liberty City where she arrived that night. [3] Among the early tracks Butler made with this set up that included a Roland TR-808 and Roland Juno-60 was "Fix It in the Mix" and "Jam the Box" which by then he had purchased a Prophet-5 emulator. "[5] Butler recorded her vocals two a two-track which had a variable speed knob and turned the pitch of her vocals up when she was flat. I go, “I got four records.” A lightbulb went off in my head, and I go, "Wait, I need more labels." But I had nobody teach me about the publishing, writing, marketing, licensing and all that stuff. Smaller labels, big ideas . Anthony Braxton, Hear Records is a Music Lifestyle Store in Singapore specializing in Vinyl records, and the local distributor of Music Hall (US) turntables & Electronics.


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