It’s painful. Lucky for you, we’re collating the entire set as cards are revealed over the next month, up until the eventual release. . Sylvanas Windrunner value is well known. And Sneed's Old Shredder is insane value! My losses were to niche cards Kezan Mystic. At the end of your turn, discard them. The card completely enables a deck archetype that is capable of being powerful. Being a F2P player your guides are a huge help. I understand it’s a strong card, but shaman just lost many of its best cards. You’d have to argue with many people, write a lot of text (just as you have to do with me now – sorry for that :D) …. It’s just a solid card choice that can be easily replaced by another solid tech card. Good Cards to Craft are Legendaries that are less popular and possibly not as strong, but also playable in the current meta. she is the worst topdeck against aggro too and a dead card most of the time. Not to mention that it’s already easier for Druids to play high-costs cards, but at 7 mana, Malfruion comes out much earlier than most other DKs. Also, if we agree with your approach, I think that Shudderwock definitely deserves a spot in the best crafts. Is Jade Druid good in Wild ? I will also wait for the safe to dust Legendaries list. Wat, constant fiery war axe or 3 armor is real good. Sometimes even the most unexpected Legendaries become meta, while the best ones fall from the top after just a single expansion. Maybe the new hunter legendary is so OP (boom level) that hemet will become the new BGH. Strangely enough, Flik was my first non-given-for-free legendary but the collection should be updated by now. Every time you get 3 extra legendaries on the floor! Both are great cards when the meta suits them but, like you said, fall in and out of favor quite often. Y’Shaarj is very optimistic. You’ll have most of these after opening a few AoO packs. Those are Raza, Kazakus and in second stance Lyra. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. However I really think Tarim Sunkeeper is one of the best cards in all of Hearthstone and is definitely safe if you like to play Paladin at all. so – I feel you, man , Second, you make very good points about choices I critized and I agree with many of them – so thanks for the eye opener. But sometimes, it is too dependent of that synergy. Tell me hours if you could? I have a question: does Flik clear the death pool of rezz as well? Which needs a multitude of other cards. Question: I am a Wild Player from time to time. I don’t have Finja the Flying star nor Wickerflame Burnbristle. Hogger, Mukla, sergeant Sally, Mukla tyrant of vale, the list goes on! Don’t hesitate to include him in your deck if you face a lot of weapon. All three sets will rotate out of the Standard format with the release of the first expansion of 2021 (most likely in April). Hearthstone's Best Arena Hero Class Tier List,, Fill your hand with random Mage spells. Battlecry: Summon 2 random demons. And yeah, I didn’t expect Flark to actually start seeing play back then. I just crafted Whizbang myself a few days back after pretty much completing all the other decks I want to play this expansion, and I don’t regret it at all. Hi, Does that green visor on a red suit of armor not look familiar? P.S: Rhok’delar: similarly this card has a place in exactly one meta deck, which, if the meta shifts the wrong way, can completely drop out of favor. Almost every deck will include the DK. They’re still in your collection, just like they are right now, so you can decide to do with them whatever you want. Hate for the same to happen with Black Knight. P.S. There aren’t a TON of “must have” Legends, while lots of decks require multiple Epics to play them competitively. I rather craft a Jaina (good chance to see play again with the next expansion), Godfrey (good chance to see plenty of play for many years to come in both play modes), … than a Grumble (good chance to stop seeing play with the next expansion or the one after that). For each Hearthstone Set, we provide the Best Cards to Craft and Good Cards to Craft to assist you through your next crafting conundrum. So just stop that useless demagogy and learn the game then talk! Fast forward and he’s actually seeing some play with all the lich kings running around. Shudderwock may be a better card in the future, but I’d prefer to craft it if and only if it’s going to be nerfed and refunded. I tend to believe this deck has too much high-cost minions for this meta. And you will try to play him to give him revenge after Blizzard mock him in the first Tavarn Brawl. Haven’t seen him once. And again there so many combo possibilities! I mean Black Knight is a decent craft right now but he isn’t vital. Great point/reminder. How Do I Delete Hearthstone From My Computer? hopefully, I’ll nab some goldens when I re-purchase Witchwood w/ Raven Bundle. Then, thanks for the advice and the budget guide : I’ll make that my goal. I think she needs to be mentioned at least. I got him. We probably have to define what safe means. Read the flavor description. its fun indeed and also lost to weird cards like questing adventurer . Control Shaman seems to be one of the more popular and potent decks so why is Hagatha (the minion, not the hero card) not on the list? Bloodmage, Leeroy, Edwin, Tirion. I did the same and crafted a golden Shizbang. It was underestimated initially yet it seems to celebrate one comeback after the other. Battlecry: Destroy 1 random enemy minion. Deathrattle is back baby! will u share a guide about epics ? Even though they’re there, I’ve got dozens of complaints over the expansions that I recommended X even though it quickly stopped seeing play once the meta changed. In this deck you can only get insane value from him! As our list indicates, the exception is Valeera and Garrosh, both of which have a negative in deck and played win rate. The card itself isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong. It costs (0). she is overhyped but she is queen against control matchups. # K&C: this is the 2nd expansion next to WW where I do have some objections. Its best actually you are the only person arguing that its bad! I crafted a golden Whizbang on my alt free account. Safe to Disenchant cards weren’t updated for the Rise of Shadows yet. I’m glad that I didn’t update the Epic guide yet, because I’ve meant to do it tomorrow, lol. You my friend are doing God’s work. Really? Dunno if its really a good thing put this Flare on the deck. Not I kind of agree with Grumble recommendation as the best craft. Thoughts? ^_^, With this philosophy every card is safe to craft, dude… :/ … this article is obviously about meta shit. You might be right that I could put him into Good instead of Best, but he’s played in one of the best (and most popular) Even Paladin builds right now. should i craft cairne for my tempo rogue deck or wait for new expansion ?? Well yeah, I could not possibly happen to know that they will go with such a quick nerf patch. you don’t need her in other matchups and is mostly only really viable in control warrior so far where you don’t really have pressure cards in the deck. Typically, Neutral Legendaries fit into more decks and offer the best variety when crafted. That’s just a basic logic. A change log would be a wonderful thing for such ‘long term updated posts’. Thanks for all you do Stonekeep! It’s basically summon two scarabs/spiders for 7 mana which isn’t rly that good… It’s a solid card but all of druids’ decks are perfectly playable without him right now. At the end of your turn, deal 2 damage to ALL other characters. As you emphasized on one of your replies to a comment here. It’s just that the meta currently has slowed down and there are less high tempo decks that would want to play it, but it doesn’t mean that he’s bad. and by that time your 4/3 weapon won’t do much against the larger minions they will start to play like savannah highmane, tirion fordring, the lich king. The pack still has pretty good synergy with Shadowreaper Anduin per se, giving you more hero powers as you reach the end of your resources. So have you seen the new warrior card Varian Wrynn? I think with the kodo/tigers though bringing the curve up a bit compared to “regular” midrange hunter though it’s still worth it to keep the elks because when it does hit it’s simply amazing plus it’s a beast for ram wrangler activation, even in the lategame if it hits it’s really good because it gives you the draw right when you are starting to run out of cards in an otherwise no-draw deck. Other than that it’s the pretty strong Midrange Hunter shell. But I have a losing streak from rank 7 to rank 10 with this deck. Also with Baron Rivendare and you holding a dragon it like a Lightbomb (or almost..). I’d expect razakus to be viable in the next expansion, unless there is some crazy counter or more midrange decks show up. With the other TgT Midrange Hunter, by Orange, I went from rank 12 to rank 7 with winning streaks. What did you say?! The warrior Dk is for free…. Check comments and statistics!!! For lists of other card rarities, see Free card list, Common card list, Rare card list and Epic card list. True, so far (strongly) suggesting to craft her would – in hindsight! Players only have 15 seconds to take their turns. And I think that this kind of approach works better for this kind of list, simply because most of those who really need it are either new players or F2P players that are low on Dust and can’t afford to experiment. The thing is – it doesn’t matter that she’s bad against aggro, because you absolutely need her for Control mirrors. also Lord Godfrey is a staple for Warlock, “you know i like to clear boards doesnt matter if its mine!”. When choosing the next Legendary card to craft, you should consider both the strength and set of the cards you’re considering. … © 2020 MagicFind, Inc. All rights reserved. In Wild, Legendary cards have different power levels than in Standard due to additional synergies available in the format. And I really don’t think they should’ve put him on the list. Then all the expansion that were released in the year XXXX – 2 are rotated out. I’ve been thinking about crafting Black Knight myself. I mean … I do not like it and I disagree with that kind of approach, but I understand why you made that shift (I recall that just before WW there existed no spell hunter meta, nonetheless you had to defend yourself in the comments why you thought (correctly, now in hindsight, but also back then – IMHO, now and back then) that “To My Side!” is a good craft. I would say this list gives a good analysis of currently playable cards, but I would never worry about dust months and mo the down the line. This is the rule for understanding rotation. I haven’t seen much control shaman. log in sign up. * Bonechewer Brawler Gormok the Impaler – well you need a 4-dropp…. If you sort by the win rate, he’s in most of the highest win rate builds across all ranks: Justsaiyan even had a list recently that opted to play without him. Lots of the card in the deck helps you to get alot.. or some spells. Can you make a list of legendary to disenchant? I have all Legends for both Witchwood & R.o.S. Harrison is still a good craft (and if someone got him before, he definitely should not regret it), but it’s not as good anymore when Rogues with Waggle Picks aren’t 20% of the ladder .


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