If you Google the word "Hokkaido Milk Toast", you will see this recipe from Christine's recipes which is always the first hit from the search. or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. I ve tried your recipe... my very 1st wholemeal bread was success...thank u for sharing... hi christine..is it the recipes same if I would like to bake a white bread? Place 3 pieces of dough side-by-side in each muffin cup. This sticky mixture ends up making the dough sticky as well, but it’s also the magic that contributes to the chew and softness that makes milk bread so amazing. Something else?

Instead of dividing it to 3 rolls for one loaf? Hi Christine, would it still work if I leave it in the bread maker to bake?

Hi Christine,May I know how to prepare wholemeal / whole wheat flour at home instead of buying from shop? They turned out exactly like the photos here. Will it make a difference? And the smell! Dough will be very sticky. As wholemeal flour is added, it’s very hard to knead the dough until it passes windowpane test. It's better to wait until the bread is completely cool, and then cut with a long knife with serrated edge. Reheat the rolls in a toaster oven before serving. Serve these soft milk bread with main dishes of steak, chicken, fish or pasta. Hi Christine, I just wanted to say thank you very much for sharing this. May i know how do i incorporate this recipe by using a zojirushi bread maker?? Hi, Recipe Source: Bon Appetite. Select the “dough” mode (refer to the manual of your breadmaker to select the kneading dough programme). https://en.christinesrecipes.com/2012/10/tangzhong-wholemeal-loaf.html However, your efforts will be rewarded ten-fold when you finally get to bite into this bread! You can even let it go longer, it won’t hurt it. . Milk Bread Recipe. Your email address will not be published. Both flours work. Since I have a fan oven would I have to lower the temperature even further, say to 155C? Hokkaido Milk Bread using the Tangzhong method. Ingredients: 2½ cups bread flour 3tbsp+2tsp sugar 1/2 tsp salt 1 large egg ½ cup milk Let milk bread cool slightly in pan before turning out. They are delicious!! Turn the machine back on and let it mix on low speed for about 15-20 minutes until bread becomes smoother, scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary. Bake, rotating pan halfway through, until bread is deep golden brown, about 25–35 minutes. I didn't have a bread maker so I kneaded it by hand. My 2 year old boy has severe egg allergy. Roll up the dough and seal tightly (see picture 3 & 4). I would love to make him fresh bread to eat instead of traveling to Chinatown that takes at least an hour to get. Copyright © 2017 Yes I need to update that recipe and repost. Thanks ! You can always sprinkle a bit of extra flour on the dough to help with working it. If you want to share my photos or recipes, please provide a clear link back to A Day In the Kitchen. …this is NOT a gluten-free recipe. Read More…. Thanks for your sweet support! Hi Christine, I have a few quetions.Do I have to use a bread maker to make any of the tangzhong loafs?If I don't have to use a bread maker, could you please tell me how I would make the Hong Kong Sweet Buns and this Wholemeal Loaf please. Deflate and divide into 3 equal portions. So yes, while you could omit it, it may not be exactly the same as if you did include it. Required fields are marked *, I cook up big ideas in my small kitchen in Hong Kong! Made this today. Hi Christine, can you tell me what happen if the dough over knead? Yes! Bake about the same time, or longer. Normally, it takes about 25 minutes.The dough should be kneaded until the surface is not sticky to hands at all. It’s called Shokupan in Japanese language. Knead into ball shapes (see picture 2). Milk bread is a cotton soft, sweet and fluffy Japanese-style bread made famous by bakeries in Japan. Using the dough hook attachment for your mixer, mix the ingredients for about a minute. Repeat this with each piece of dough, place them in a baking pan and let them rise. Is it possible to use the autolyse method of kneading, that is,knead for a few seconds, rest for 10 mins, repeat twice, rest for 30mins.I use this method for all other bread recipes. This recipe is only 329 calories per serving.

Designed by GaliDesigns. Cover with plastic wrap, let rest for 15 minutes at room temperature. Thanks. It is tender and “chewy” at the same time, and can almost melt in your mouth. Brush with egg wash and bake and you’ve got bread!

This is a receipe that 'really' work! I've tried your bacon and cheese, pai bao, and butter cookies :D they were absolutely fabulous! All that kneading of the dough is what builds the gluten and the stretchiness and chewiness of the bread that you want. The communal oven in my rented place is so greasy that every time I bake a cake or bread, they would smell really bad of grease! :(. Japanese Style Bacon and Cheese Bread (Tangzhong Method 湯種法), Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle (雞蛋仔 Original Flavour), Converting Grams to Cups (Problem & Solution), Christine's Recipes: Easy Chinese Recipes | Delicious Recipes. So soft and fluffy!I just had one question,I really like milky flavors, but I can't find any milk powder except for skim milk powder in any of the stores. It is so versatile that you can adapt to either fill it, top it, or even flavour it! The longer you work it, the less sticky and slimy it will get, believe it or not, and the dough will actually start pulling away from your hands.

Hi Nicole, if you make this into pull apart bread, you are basically putting all the dough balls into the regular loaf pan instead of shaping them like shown in this post. 2) What size loaf pan did you use? So impressed that you made the bread without a machine.

The best Japanese-inspired milk bread that is cotton soft, fluffy and sweet. If you don't mind the crust would be a bit thicker and harder than those from oven, it's a fantastic and handy way to make a loaf. Close the loaf lid. Ever tried Tangzhong breads before? Nice! The dough is quite sticky, yet it's workable. I fail in making tangzhong in all my attempts =\.I think my Grandpa love this kind of bread. Transfer mixture to a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook and add milk powder, yeast, kosher salt, 2 eggs, and 5 cups flour. That being said, if regular sugar is all you have, you can certainly give it a try. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "adayinthekitc-20"; The bread can be kept for days and still very soft and fluffy. This Hokkaido Milk Toast (北海道牛奶麵包) is very soft and fluffy and can be kept soft for more days. . One of the things I liked most about the bread is its sweetish milkiness and so was wondering if I could add milk powder to this recipe as well and if so, then upto how much would be acceptable. This Cantonese Egg Tart is a very traditional Chinese dessert that you'll find in many Hong Kong restaurants (茶餐廳 Cha Chaan Teng ). The bread can be kept for days and still very soft and fluffy.

You can put all the ingredients into your breadmaker, then turn it on, leaving it until finish baking. If you have a stand mixer with a kneading attachment, your work will be simplified dramatically. Can I use molasses instead of honey since im allergic to horse ey. water. Your email address will not be published. The bread uses a simple Asian bread … I haven't tested this recipe without eggs. Slice to serve or place in an airtight plastic bag or container once it's thoroughly cooled. ***If you make this recipe, snap a photo and hashtag it #christinesrecipes — We love to see your creations on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter!!!


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