View our Their menu is a huge heavy magazine/booklet with the huge picture that says, voted best black pepper crab. But I was wrong. I couldn't find any reviews on these "Groupon" crabs and figured that since 2,000 people have bought them, it should be pretty safe to try them. 2,000 other people were cheated AS WELL!So as you can see all 3 Groupons were redeemed immediately after I handed them over to the staff that evening.And after the meal, they still charged us a hefty sum at almost another $12 per crab for GST and service charge, making each crab $24!! This crab took us ice ages to get the meat!! First time eating chilli crabs sauce with peanut crumbs. $36 Groupon  + $50 payment worth of food.Located on the 3rd floor of upper serangoon shopping center.The whole shopping center looks pretty dead and you can see that this is pretty much the only shop opened on a friday night.All in all the crabs were not all fresh, and we felt cheated by the ridiculous service charge and GST. Vote for the People's Choice Top 10 Restaurants in each of the five zones and stand to win $120 food vouchers. The waitress was courteous enough to serve us the noodles as they saw us struggling to serve the noodles, whilst all our fingers messed up with crab sauce. Will definitely come... Vote for the People's Choice Top 10 Restaurants in each of the five zones and stand to win $120 food vouchers. Just the read the comments below. I ordered large because 7 people were eating. Offered to upsize crab to 1.2kg only to later disallow use of vouchers at point of payment, claiming vouchers must be restricted to particular type of crabs. The meats are stale and not fresh! The sauce was too peppery, and we didn't enjoy it. At least they're not oily either.Our spread for 3 people. The black pepper crabs were glittering and the crabs were succulent. Needed help with ordering and wasn't sure of serving size. No comments on the crab dishes. This place was relocated to Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre #03-33 at 756 Upper Serangoon Road.The car park is behind the shopping centre. Shrimp Paste Chicken $14/$20/$26 So I bought 3 Groupons for House of Seafood crabs, seeing that they supposedly sold thousands on Groupons. Black pepper crab, Salted Egg York Crab, chili crab, Korean seafood tower, steamed crab, Bee Hoon crab soup, homemade prawn roll, pork ribs, Crispy bun, Microwave crab, Alaska King crab, Bee Hoon crab soup, Lychee sweet and sour pork, Prawn paste chicken, Steamed fish, Steamed live lobster, White pepper crab, Yam Ring, cereal prawns, handmade yam ring, special lemon chicken, steam fish, After Work, Chillout, Children/Family, Business Dining, Birthdays, Alfresco/Outdoor Dining, Cheap Eat/Budget, Boys Night Out, Anniversary, Ala Carte, View/Scenery, Supper, Dinner, Large Groups, Large Groups/Gathering, Private Dining, Vibrant/Noisy, Lunch, Night Out, Take Away, Reviews for House of Seafood (Punggol Settlement). Pork rib is so tough and smell of blood.. So not worth the time and effort.Compared to mellben or uncle leong, this tasted very garlicky and the colour looked more like salted egg sauce, it didn't have enough sauce for our fried mantous. Regarding their servies, they never fail to impress us with patient and prompt responses even thoug the restaurant is always full of customers.Keep it up. Car Park is easily accessible. #01-01/02 The Punggol Settlement, 3 Punggol Point Road, 828694. ouse of Seafood - Strongly Recommended!A must go great dining place with water front dining experience and a great place to eat the fresh seafood while catching up with friends and family . Haven't been to House of Seafood since the days they were at Yio Chu Kang. Must check your receipt. We have been there to patronise for many years especailly for gathering and bringing oversea guests. Moreover, there is playground , park beside the restaurant with beautiful water view . The seafood was fresh and nicely prepared. But the waitress insisted to get 2 crabs of the same flavour because she said they were very small, but out of the 3 of us, only 2 of us eat crabs, so we said we wanted to try 3 different flavours. Tasted weird, not very Singapore style. Although we did pay a hefty price for their service indeed.Fried mantous were priced at 70 cents each but they were not freshly fried and once you place your order for the mantous, they come out in a split second. I brought 2 groupons for the crab. It took some persuasion and she finally let us have 3 different flavours. Years... Service was really bad with staffs showing their attitude problems, place doesn't look good for a restaurant.Captain that took our order was not even trained. With over 20 categories of dishes, be spoilt for choice as you choose between our set menus, cold platters, dessert, and of course, our famed crabs! Crab. The sauce disappeared quickly as the noodles soaked up the sauce, and the noodles were nice and there were mushrooms in there. But this was fresher than the black pepper crab. Helluva fun. One time is enough, never coming back here. Child friendly place too.Will definitely come ack again as usual! I guess only their seafood... Dear owner, your mainlanders waitresses are the reason why your business is failing. The noodles ended up tasting very peppery as the sauce dried up. Very dishonest business tactics and poor service attitudes. House of Seafood offers a wide selection of delicious seafood dishes! What was received is... Dishonest restaurant. It's quite upsetting that they're not crispy. Amongst the dishes ordered, my top favourite dish is the steamed live lobster. Came with peanut crumbs. We decided to try, one butter, one black pepper and one tang hoon. Nothing fantastic.The worst of the 3 crabs, the meat was hard and was very different to get the meat off the shell as the meat was constantly stuck on the shell.. The sauce had the right about of sweetness and saltiness. Finally had the chance to try after hearing several recommendations from friends. It is a good placefor a stroll before and after dine. Read review of House of Seafood (Yio Chu Kang), Sengkang / Hougang / Buangkok by cptslowyeo: $11.80 groupon crabs, cheat money salted egg crab, Soon hock fish deep fried, bu, crab in soup, Ala Carte, Dinner, Lunch, Night Out, Supper, Take Away, Reviews for (Closed) House of Seafood (Yio Chu Kang). Black pepper crab: Tasted okay only, like a lot of... For those considering this place for online order, please save your money. But uncle leong or mellben is still way better this.The freshest and biggest of the 3 crabs. Servings doesnt justify the price, it is very pathetic. Be careful of prices actually charged. Uncle leong is so much more value for money! Comment from Greg B. of House of Seafood Buffet Business Owner 9/21/2017 Whites has always been higher for half the selection, we keep up with other pricing including the casinos which we are much lower, our cooking oil has always been changed every 3 days, we did switch to a premixed meal so the seasoning would be more uniform. Chilli crab: Sauce did not taste chilli crab like at all. But the port ribs special and trio wine chicken I ordered. Each groupon crab was supposedly 400-600g but this one you could tell from the top shell that it was at least 700g or so.. Price charged (in their system) actually different from printed menu!! Those were glorious days I agree. I remember those valet parking days. I share the same frustrations as them too.


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