Police laid down traffic sticks to flatten Small’s tires. His creed is that she was a child-fancier: that Pergami’s elevation was all owing to her attachment to Victorine, and he says his conviction is strengthened every day of her entire innnocence as to Bergami. And guess who helped exacerbate the divide between Caroline and her in-laws?
Earlier that day, someone spotted Small sitting in her car at a local shopping mall and called police because they thought she might be doing drugs. Unlike the Delicate Investigation, this was no closed-doors “secret” trial; this case was tried in public, and at stake was Caroline’s entire reputation. The daughter of the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel and Princess Augusta, eldest sister of King George III. But FRANCES VILLIERS is a next level schemer, and if she weren’t in opposition to my beloved Caroline, I’d be cheering for her too.

Her personal hygiene alone sounded frightening! Tensions came to a head during a heated exchange between GBI agents and Glynn officials just days into the investigation. Malmesbury did his best to teach Caroline the polite ways to act, what to do with all the tiny forks at a fancy dinner party, the importance of changing her clothes and bathing regularly, and a lot of things that other people already knew but which Caroline had never been taught. Caroline headed off to meet her fiance Prinny, who — remember, he’d only agreed to marry her so he’d get an increase in his allowance — she found to be pretty gross and useless, saying he was quote “nothing like as handsome as his portrait.” BURN, Caroline. Doering was quoted saying he disagreed with the DA’s position, but respected it. . “We do not want to go through the experience we had in Glynn County,” Keenan said.

Their families arranged the wedding; Caroline’s looking to gain the prestige of producing the British queen, and George’s as they had been promised a larger allowance by Parliament if he selected a European princess as his wife. He spent, and entertained, lavishly and his excessive consumption of alcohol was widely gossiped about. But the record shows that a battle over a permanent replacement for the DA’s job was taking place in the midst of the investigation into the shooting. Rumour has it, this guy was an army officer from Ireland, who happened to live in Brunswick at the time. Of all the Georges, he’s maybe one of the best-known these days. Scheming mistresses! (Special). And so he set out to damage his wife’s reputation. Corrections? (Crime scene photo). He also complained that Caroline was uneducated, and treated her condescendingly. 800 petitions, with more than a million signatures in support of her, were lodged during the investigation. The married life and death of Queen Caroline (1768-1821 were equally frenzied. Caroline was publicly accused of adultery, then a serious criminal offence.

He was like, “Leopold, why don’t you tell her,” but Leopold was a Not Awful Person and was so grief-stricken he didn’t get around to it. “I hit her right in the face,” Sasser says. King George IV learned the news of the death of his estranged — and  much despised — wife while on board a ship bound for his visit to Ireland. Just keep that in your back pocket for a minute, it obviously becomes important later. (Brad Schrade / AJC), “There is no way on this Earth that car could have moved in one swift motion through that gap,” Smith said in her deposition. But the thing is, Henry VIII was basically a totalitarian ruler with the absolute support of all of his government officials. They had been estranged since shortly after their arranged marriage in 1795, even before the birth of their only child, Princess Charlotte of Wales (1796-1817). Augusta, being the sister of the British King, was keen to find an English relative for Caroline to marry. Based on witness statements and dash cam video, Doering told local reporters that his preliminary review led him to believe that the officers’ feared their lives were in danger and that they acted appropriately. When they arrived in England, the first person to greet them was Caroline’s new chief lady-in-waiting… EVIL FRANCES!! Everyone was mad at having lost the American Revolution, and also at the fact that their country was massively in debt but the royal family kept spending money like nothing was wrong. That’s right, he was ALREADY MARRIED. An expanding posse of patrol vehicles, sirens blaring, tried to stop her as she drove around the mall parking lot. Glynn Police Chief Doering told local reporters that his preliminary review led him to believe that the officers’ feared their lives were in danger and that they acted appropriately. So by now, everyone in England knew all the secrets from this “top secret” investigation. OH SNAP, CAROLINE!! About half of them, according to Smith’s sworn deposition, hugged officers Sasser and Simpson on the way out. She was brought up in the German principality with a great deal of freedom, resulting in unrestrained speech which tended to be vulgar and lacking in respect, particularly towards her mother. Keith Small remembers Caroline Small as loving mother to their daughter, Analiese. When a Glynn County officer approached and asked her to turn off the engine and step outside her car, Small ignored him and drove away. Princess Caroline of Brunswick, painted in 1798. How can we end this situation? Representatives from England intercepted her and offered to increase her monthly allowance if she’d just stay in Italy forever. Unarmed but distraught, Small’s crime to that point had been reckless driving and leading police on an erratic low-speed chase that ended when her car, tires flattened to the rims, spun out on a suburban street.

Caroline Amelia Elizabeth was born on 17 May 1768, the second daughter of Karl Wilhelm, the Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel, and Princess Augusta, the eldest sister of George III.
Connecting Moreland Road and Park Street would be a broad thoroughfare, running north-south, originally called Pentridge Road (later renamed ‘Sydney Road’, the name it bares today). Furious that his will was not carried out, George excluded Caroline from his coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey. This was never even attempted; George knew his wife’s popularity would have ensured her acquittal in that house. “I thought the video pretty much raised serious questions as to whether or not they needed to fire,” said McManus, who voted against the officers. One told a witness how he saw Small’s head explode. But Prinny would NOT STOP TRYING TO DIVORCE HER. Caroline was like, “I think NOT!” and, after bidding farewell to Bartolomeo, hopped on a boat to England. Your email address will not be published. When  King George tried to divorce his wife in a trial before the House of Lords in 1820, Henry Peter Brougham (1778–1868), later 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux, defended her. But, with the single-minded focus of a misogynist who’s been consistently bested by a woman he pretends to think is stupid, George persisted with his divorce case. When the English delegation arrived in Brunswick, they were shocked to find that a plaque with Here lies Caroline, the Injured Queen of England had already been affixed to the coffin. Several were left legacies in her will. Just a certain JANE AUSTEN, who was firmly on #TeamCaroline in this whole scenario. .


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