I recommend using ​if you can tolerate lower doses of Iodine and you are continuing to titrate your dose. Many, M.C., Papadopoulaous, J., Martic, C., et al, Iodine induced cell damage in mouse hyperplastic thyroid is associated to lipid peroxidation. But for other patients, some have been able to lower their thyroid medication from using the iodine protocol.

During pregnancy, the child has rapid turnover of thyroid hormone in the thyroid gland which results in an increasing demand for iodine in the mother. If you’re deficient, you’ll notice how much better you feel when you start supplementing with those minerals. Lynne Farrow termed these as “Companion Nutrients”, and they are: See thyroid patient Jane’s (not “Janie” of STTM–this is written by Jane, a thyroid patient) Guest Blog post about companion nutrients here: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/2013/12/29/companion-nutrients-the-key-to-iodine-protocol/. Lugols comes in 2% and 5%. Patients with pre-existing thyroid conditions (listed below) can tolerate iodine levels safely as long as they are less than 1.5mg per day. Its very palatable and it’s better for you because it’s in a glycerin base versus an alcohol one.

I included this information to show you that starting at lower doses may be safe in most thyroid conditions. In some patients, this can manifest as an increase in energy, a reduction in hair loss, an increase in hair loss, etc.

Testing involves collecting urine immediately upon rising in the morning to use in what is called a spot test. Labrix Clinical Services in Oregon (link takes you to website and you email them), FFP Laboratories This one is related to Dr. Flechas and you call to order one: (1-877-900-5556), It seems that blood might work to discern if supplementation is needed if the result is quite low. If you do decide to use food as your primary source of iodine then I would recommend that you start out slow and try to follow the guidelines set in place by the Japanese.

Changes in hormone levels such as estrogen and testosterone can influence the absorption of iodine.

​Your thyroid isn't the only tissue in your body to utilize iodine. In my own personal case (as a male without hypothyroidism) I found iodine supplementation to significantly improve my symptoms of fatigue and low energy levels. ​. They found the incidence to be higher in women 40 years and older versus women 39 years and less. Even without outright disease from iodine deficiency,  people commonly experience decreased energy levels. You shouldn’t buy this – buy the pill. After two weeks i rushed to emergency room cause of Thyroid Storm which was mainly high pulse rate (130) and high blood pressure. This may explain why some patients experience dramatic improvement when they supplement with iodine. ​But the question is usually something more along these lines: Should I be taking additional iodine beyond what I get from my diet? Thanks.

The liquid tastes terrible – no interest. DeGroot Leslie J., et al, Studies on an Iodinating Enzyme from Calf Thyroid.

Yes, here’s one: http://www.integrativehealthcare.com/why-i-discourage-high-dose-iodine/ But there are many others who definitely support higher doses for different conditions. Related to breast health: Since the breasts are a major receiver of iodine, women are particularly interested in iodine supplementation. i think they shrank. I have had some health problems over the last year mainly a stomach ulcer and now possible coeilac disease. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Iodine:  An Important Detoxification Tool – this site sells the gross-tasting liquid version of the iodine I mentioned.

And if started early enough in one’s thyroid disease, yes, some have actually been able to avoid thyroid medications! ​. There may be no symptoms exhibited. My doctor told me to take synthroid for the rest of my life to suppress my thyroid activity, but I didn’t and I was fine for many years. You can find more information about me here. Levels up to 3.0mg per day have been shown in studies to be safe and this mimics the average daily intake of the Japanese who live long healthy lives. I tell my clients to take supplements first thing in the morning with breakfast. Replacing iodine stands to be helpful in many cases but in order to supplement safely with iodine you should make sure that both your selenium and iron stores in your body are optimal. (Goiter), Belshaw, B.E., Becker, D.V., Necrosis of Follicular Cells and Discharge of Thyroidal Iodine Induced by Administering Iodide to Iodine-Deficient Dogs.

Mahmoud, I., Colin, I., Many, M.C., et al, Direct toxic effect of iodine in excess on iodine-deficient thyroid gland: epithelial necrosis and inflammation associated with lipofuscin accumulation. Proceedings of the 10th International Thyroid Conference. Surg., 15:205-215, 1991. Four supplements that can be great for your thyroid are: Iodine. However, as testing has become more widely available, it seems to be taking individuals years to detox halides and allow the iodine to enter the cells. Should you use it?

It turns out that this rise in TSH is a compensatory (meaning a normal and autoregulatory response) designed by your body to counteract the reduction in thyroid hormone production. How can you be iodine deficient in iodine "replete" areas? Generally speaking, it takes around three to six weeks for noticeable changes. HAVE YOU BENEFITTED FROM STTM?? With this information in mind, I recommend starting with a low dose of Iodine and then slowly increasing your dose as long as you tolerate it.

Lab Invest., 13:1590-1599, 1964. Should I avoid it? This should be compared to other forms of iodine like Iodoral which contains both iodine and iodide in fixed amounts - usually in 12.5mg increments.


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