The high calcium level causes a high calcium:phosphorus ratio which may contribute to developmental orthopedic disease b. Hi magnesium levels increase the chances of the formation of enteroliths (intestinal stones). In this case you can replace hay with alfalfa pellets together with beet pulp or alfalfa cubes – both containing long-stem fiber. Horse Food Basics – What’s Better Alfalfa Pellets Or Cubes? Getting your horse high quality Alfalfa Pellets, best organic pellets, is of foremost importance. The quality of the hay will determine how much is needed and if supplemental grain should be added. If you notice your horse losing weight, feeding 1.5% of its body weight in alfalfa increase the volume of cubes you’re feeding. But to clarify a few things first…Both Alfalfa cubes and pellets are roughage – fiber. Ultium Competition, Omolene #200 and Omolene #500 are also calorie-dense feeds that may be helpful to help an older horse gain weight when fed with appropriate good quality hay and/or pasture. But you don’t have to go by what we say blindly…look through the merits of this brand of alfalfa pellets for yourself: As you will find out, these pellets are a hit with most consumers. Soaked alfalfa cubes are easier to eat, and they contain more nutrients than grass hay. “What’s better Alfalfa pellets or cubes?” You have puzzled enough over this – now’s the time for the answer! I will definitely recommend calm and cool to anyone with a horse who needs to take it down a notch.”, “Since using this product, my horse can now be relaxed enough to listen to me and I don’t have to remember to dose her.”, Give these pellets a chance and you might experience similar results with your horse. What Kind Of Western/trail Saddle Should I Buy? So, what are the reasons why you feed your horse with alfalfa pellets? Also before feeding alfalfa pellets make sure that your horse is not allergic to alfalfa – which happens sometimes. Your email address will not be published. … Duren also doesn’t recommend feeding straight alfalfa to endurance horses due to its protein and calcium content. Horse Eye Care Basics – How To Protect Your Horse’s Eyes! But this certainly wouldn’t be a longterm solution. Here are snippets from customer reviews at Amazon. Alfalfa pellets also provide protein and calories for the horses. Excellent product, delivered promptly–no problems. Horse Care How To Grow A Mane Fast And Let Your Horse Outshine Others, An Overview Of The Different Types Of Horse Bit And Bridle. admin This 1 gallon bucket contains alfalfa based pellets that are nutritionally packed and can be a perfect supplement for vitamin b1 and valerian root. Required fields are marked *. Pellets – if soaked well beforehand, they turn mushier, making them easier to consume. Hi Alifya, I hope one day you will get a cat! Your email address will not be published. Horse’s require long-stem fiber in their diet to aid digestion of their food, which pellets don’t provide. No more feisty antics. Leave a comment For an average 1,000-pound horse, this is 15 to 25 pounds of hay a day, although of course this can change depending on the amount of activity the horse gets. A hot horse is a horse that suddenly goes wild and excited. Your email address will not be published. How Much Water To Give Your Horse And How – Answered! Alfalfa cubes are a better source of forage than pellets. This tends to digest quicker in your horse’s digestive tract. You can’t beat the value of this bag. After all, you have mulled over the query “what’s better Alfalfa pellets or cubes?” long enough. And it is time to see some results…it’s time to try…. For example, if you have a 1,000 pound horse who is in light work, a good diet might consist of 17 pounds of hay or hay cubes and 3 pounds of grain per day. Adding Alfalfa pellets to your horse's daily diet has its reasons. The pellets can be fed dry, but many horses prefer them to be soaked in water and fed as a mash.


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