But how can I tell what band each connection is for? Although I find the yzy-oui link useful for my WNR3500L project, I wish it could get into more details about the parts for people like me :), I would like to ask if this would work for my 3500L. What is the U.FL connector on the router's board?

However if there's only 3 antenna connectors, and the model is definitely 802.11a + 802.11g/n (eg 2.4 and 5.8 Ghz) then the antennas are dual-band design. Through some regular Google searching I found this sweet tutorial on installing external antennas into your WNR3500L. Hmm I found something which might be the answer.. If you want to help then give Murata reference of the connector. I don't have this router yet (it's on it's way) but I'm doing homework on it before it arrives. Anyhow you couldn't just plug in a pigtail to these jacks, you'd have to cut the PCB track to the onboard antenna otherwise you'll have all sorts of problems with impedance and VSWR. The wnr3500 does not use the u.fl connections, all though they will clip on and connect to ground the antenna wire does not connect. - BNC.

Personally I am going to strip the boards protective coat around the antennas, cut them, and then solder some pigtails directly in their place. That way they'll take the place of the antennas rather than the test port, need to wait for some parts and time to do it though. WNDR3300 router. Ok so let's get clear... As has been said, multiple antennas are for increased mimo, the wnr3500 is not a dual radio router so all the antennas can only use one wavelength at a time anyway. Add to compare. And they are standard connectors, just, and I'm sure you noticed this, standard for testing, and were not intended to be used for antenna, hence why they are not standard antenna connections. The 5GHz radios connect at this distance, but with a very low signal level. Fontena Antenna is Rp-Sma so it will plug to the rp-sma connector of the pigtail without any issue. Then I can tell you more, like which might be "primary" (for non-MIMO) etc. It is not expensive and you will not discover that it is 2dbi antenna In 10 dbi plastic rubber... http://stores.ebay.com/Wireless-Online-Depot/. I have searched for diagrams and schematics, nothing found.

Also, does it matter what kind of antenna? While I can easily copy with 11-12 MB/sec between the laptop and the desktop machine until then I only got ~30 Mbits/sec in ip. @ Jorobe: Posted in Wireless Hacks Tagged antenna , mbr624gu , netgear , router … Am I correct in understanding this board does NOT use the standard Hirose U.FL connectors? over spec your antenna, buy one that will cover more range than u think, and use th biggest antenna ext cable u can find too. I agree with the fact that if you do not remove internal antenna ,the total gain will be divide by ~2. Can you pop some pics up somewhere of the board (radio/connector/antenna area), and of the antennas? I only want to add an antenna for the band that I use. The other url is for Outdoor High Gain antennas.

The router uses 2.4ghz, and its 2.4ghz only. My guess is the internal PCB antennae built into the router is rather is weak in terms of signal gain. You'll need to test with a wifi client to see if your ext port is left or right... there is Three antenna, because it is 802.11n device, this is spacial antenna. If you open up the cover underneath the router, there are actually 5 Hirose RF connectors. If the router did, there would be a port for one on the back of the router, usually near the power cord.

- RP-SMA And they don't work with U.FL's. The …

Between them is a hallway, so there are two interior sheet rock walls and another fifteen feet of bedroom space. Last post was about Antenna that have good Rendering. NETGEAR is a registered trademark of NETGEAR, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. The PCB would still need to be cut/drilled to isolate the PCB antennas. I haven't tried it myself, but it looks pretty awesome. Yes Murata make the connections, so there for it is a Muerata connector, Murata MM8430-2610 to be exact, difficult concept I know. to install an external antennae on both WNDR3300 routers to improve the range and coverage. I'll confirm what ddwrtliukuohao posted regarding 5GHz signal coverage. It seems to me that it is WNR3500L Board, that it use UF.l and that i connected UF.l/RP-SMA pigtails on it....?!?! Old device (802.11bg) have one our two connectors, but 802.11n routers have one more to increase spacial(and so bandwidth), yzy-oui-fi said: there is Three antenna, because it is 802.11n device, this is spacial antenna. Why did they put three? They soldered the pigtail antenna lead into the solder point just behind the murata and the cable shield onto the murata case, then they just had to cut the pcb trace to the aerial. How to Install External Antennas on NETGEAR WNR3500L. I wish they could explain little better how they put those connectors?

I noticed the WNDR3300 is a dual band router, therefore, it can run 2 frequencies. Again difficult concept, I know. B/G is 2,4ghz and A is 5ghz, So basicaly if you used 22 DBI 802.11A antenna with B/G antenna the gain will be divide by ~2. Those antenna are 10 dbi Sectorial RP-SMA With something like 2 meters low loss wire. But if you add 10dbi outside Antenna, it should give you 5dbi/added antenna instead of 2dbi.

If you had bothered then you'd have found out they are Murata connections, but I'm sure your eyes are so accurate that you don't need to bother checking before making videos showing how to plug and unplug, a plug. WNR3500L is handwome to modify, its box is squared, easy to drill without damaging (it is more difficult with E2000 box), and U.Fl connectors could be find easily. In this case an improper external antenna will degrade whatever band is outside the antenna design freq. http://corp.fon.com/en/products/fontenna/. I thought antenna was antenna. Today, a resume simply isn’t enough to stand out among thousands of applicants. Murata is a Firm...A company...not a connector! It is not a u.fl connection, and as I already said a u.fl connector will clip on but not connect as its not u.fl on the board. In addition your antenna will not be in a middle of electronik noise (in the middle of main bord), and you could also used directionnal antenna or patch or sectorial or omni antenna. But, there is an easier way. I have removed all my internal antennae on my Linksys WRT310 & WRT160N & WRT150N ANT24501B-NETGEAR Outdoor Dual Band Omni Antenna Bundle Kit Model: ANT24501B. Now any external antenna can be used and the router still looks brand new. yzy-oui-fi said: "But how can I tell what band each connection is for? Its very helpful as people would be wasting money doing this. http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/518923438/_Miniature_SMT_GSC_Type_RF.html

Here is the common commercial name of UF.l: Hirose. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me (from yzy-oui-fi.com contact form). I have searched for diagrams and schematics, nothing found." I have a question regarding about the router's internal antennae. I did not display graph on the wiki, but like every wifi device, the rendering is highly increase with high gain antenna. Then we could compare and check if this is not Hirose or UF.l or something different. The WNR3500L is Dual-band....not Dual Radio. "But how can I tell what band each connection is for? Sure if you put 3x22dbi pannel antenna on it, the price will be expensive...But it only depend on what kind of Area you planed to cover with your device. Note: does anyone know which of the 3 antennas on the BGN interface, and which of the two antennas on the BG interface are the 'primary' antennas? Some internets-reading showed while people have stuck U.FL-RPSMA pigtails in it, it's not clear if they replaced the onboard connector or whether that connector will physically mate to a U.FL pigtail yet be electrically incompatible. I could say that there is no risk to damage the device and that you could come back to the "factory" easily...U.fl are easy (un)Plugable connectors. Hope someone knows the real story of this router's antennas! Add to compare. If you want to have something with good rendering you better choice something like Fontena antenna from Fon community. I can't see the "easier way" in that thread.. what do you mean? I guess I found the answer but yzy-oui does not talk about soldering. We add a U.fl/RP-Sma pigtail to the WNR3500L then we plugged an External Antenna. Those are not u.fl sockets on the wnr3500 board, I'm not sure how to make that any clearer? b/g or n, does it matter? Last post was about Antenna that have good Rendering. Has anybody here tried this, or a similar hack? They ship minimum 5pcs, dunno what they're worth but they couldn't be more than $5 ea.. Let the silicone paste set for at least four hours before reapplying the paste again. There are 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz as you mentioned in your last post. Someone contact me in pm wondering what kind of external antenna to use after modifying the device. As I understand it, a dual-band dipole/monopole would need an element 6cm long to act as a 1/2 wave antenna at 2.4ghz, and a full-wave at 5.4ghz. I have searched for diagrams and schematics, nothing found.". Oron J is right, some model router does not support an external antenna. Yeah, us too. i've also had to install antenna's on the recieving pc too if reception is an issue , ie: on a desktop pc with a wireless pci card , i have added a 10' antenna ext cable with a cheaper recieving antenna hope this helps UF.l is a standard connector. I would be happy if you could say what it is instead of saying what it isn't. I have no idea where to get the u.fl sockets, but regular u.fl to RP-SMA pigtails are fairly cheap on ebay, about 1 pound each here in the uk, including postage. And I'm sorry that you find someone trying to help people make informed decisions, to be troll. - it is Sma connectors and not RP-SMA They are the Murata connectors, so I am going to solder the antenna to the board. I used it Since 2008 they are very serious and antenna are made in Art rules. The added antenna are not used as they simply are not connected. I could follow you and say this is not : It's a pre-built cable assembly - might be normal polarity SMA at the end, but that's no problem. I guess you missed a lot.

Trouble is that internal antanna is placed on main board and could not be easily removed. Twisted Evil We changed the two hiroshi connectors to U.FLs and it works.


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