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Zwar kannst du viele dieser Tipps auch im Live-Einsatz anwenden, musst dort aber viel vorsichtiger mit umgehen, da die Gefahr von Feedbacks besteht. This will increase the overall volume of the cymbals which isn’t ideal, plus it can generate phase issues. If I feel like I need to do a harder cut I may increase it to 18dB or even more. What this will do is allow them to better sit in the mix and not compete with the lead vocal. 7. Eine schmale Absenkung (hohe Filtergüte Q) im Bereich von 2,5 – 4 kHz kann hier wahre Wunder bewirken. Dark Vocals. Ihr sprecht immerzu von 'sinnvoller Mikrofonposition'. Und (nicht böse sein): Besprichst Du das Mikrofon von der richtigen Seite? Sep 2013   22:11 UhrAntworten. However, it’s generally good practice to get rid of frequencies that don’t add anything to the vocals, especially the low end. Just follow the same steps I explained just a second ago; Increase the frequency on the HPF until it starts affecting the tone of the vocals and just back down a bit. Cutting is also generally better because it won’t eat up your headroom, while boosting will quickly leave you with none at all. Ich wollte mal eine Anfrage zu Gesangskabnen starten und hoffe etwas Feedback zu erhalten, wusste leider nicht wirklich wo ich diese anfrage platzieren sollte. Depending on the male or female vocals, and the human vocal range in general, equalizing vocals can be broad. Gerade drauf gestoßen, als angehender Hobby-Produzent genau das richtige! This gives us more control and allows us to remove as much low end as possible without affecting the tone or warmth of the vocal. EQ is just a tiny part of the whole mixing process, but it’s one of the most important ones. Zudem gilt: Viele Vocals können vom Einsatz eines Low-Cut-Filters profitieren. Was in einem Song mit einem bestimmten Sänger noch bestens funktioniert hat, muss noch lange nicht in einem anderen Song oder mit einem anderen Sänger (oder gar demselben) in einem bestimmten Song funktionieren. As a general rule of thumb, most vocals can benefit from a bit of a top end boost – it helps to ‘open them up’ and cut through the mix. Especially for any beginner who is just starting to learn to mix. Darauf läuft Studio ONE Artist als Bearbeitungs-Software. Best of all, it’s 100% free :) Click the button below to sign up now. Hier klicken, um das Antworten abzubrechen. die Telefonstimme). The best way to use a HPF and not affect the vocals, is by increasing the frequency point until you can actually hear it affecting and thinning out the vocals and then just roll it off a bit. Remember we said we’d discuss two scenarios? On our 7th band, representing the highs of the frequency range, I would take that band somewhere around 14 kHz. Click here to check it out…. Hey , ist eine super seite. Wenn diese Chance vertan ist: Mit dem Equalizer kannst Du mit einem Hi-Shelf (Kuhschwanzfilter) einen leichten Boost ab etwa 6 kHz herumexperimentieren. mit Cyanide2. Sind näsel-ähnliche Frequenzen dann doch nicht nur um 600Hz oder auch 1,2kHz zu finden, sondern auch bei 800? When EQ’ing, especially when boosting, I’d advise you to not boost or cut more than about 5dB-6dB. First find the best mic that really compliments the singer and then worry about EQ’ing. Steve (Dark & Faithless)   28. You may notice a ‘ringing’ kind of resonants in certain areas that just sounds really bad – that’s the jackpot! Like I mentioned at the beginning of this article, cutting should always be done before applying any compression to the track, so keep that in mind. Low-Cut-Filter ab circa 60 Hz einzusetzen. Use whichever term sounds simpler to you. Now we go back to the piano. Jetzt für den Newsletter anmelden und keine Goodies & News mehr verpassen! Of course, because we’re boosting so much at this stage it’s going to sound totally unnatural and may bring out these characteristics to a certain extent, but you’ll notice when a certain area sounds especially bad. carlos (delamar)   16. Sometimes boosting this area causes a sibilance problem so you may have to use a de-esser for that. If the Q’s set to about 8 you should be good to go. Next, we’re going to back off the high-pass so that it’s just removing the low end without compromising the vocal. Just play around with it and see what you like best. Even when you bring up the level, it may sound louder, but it doesn’t sound like it’s “in” the mix, it sounds like it’s on top of everything. If you boost the high end and you feel that harshness come forward, then simply roll the frequency knob up a bit to only focus on the higher ones. When you EQ other instruments in the mix, this is a good candidate to slightly cut out of other instruments like rhythm guitar or keyboard / synthesizer. aitch   15. We’re going to come back and make a couple more changes to the piano portion of this article later, but for now we’re done. If you have several backing vocals in a big mix, they can often benefit from quite a drastic low-cut (around 150Hz – 250Hz) so that they fit in the mix without distracting from the lead vocals. It’s also considered good practice to cut before- and boost- after compression. Und vor allem bei den Anhebungen: Weniger ist mehr. You could use a HPF just in case, but in most situations it’s not even needed. Hier findest Du einige elementare Tipps für das Bearbeiten von Vocals mit dem EQ. Hiphop Vocals abmischen: 5 Tipps für professionellere Aufnahmen, Vocals doppeln: Tipps, Tricks und die Handgriffe der Profis, Kopfhörer: Der Unterschied zwischen offen, geschlossen und halboffen – Video, Auto Tune Plugins kostenlos: 6 Tools für perfekte Intonation & Vocal FX, 15 Fehler, die Du beim Vocal Recording ZUHAUSE machst.


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