In his first phase, he's less aggressive, and players can safely attack him from a distance with their ranged weapon or hunter tools and try to keep an eye on his plunging attack. Even with coop, he destroys us in phase 2. He may also vary this attack by dodging more to the side, and throwing his weapon, so make sure to dodge CLEAR of the hitbox, which includes the cord attatched to the placenta. The second phase will make it easier as avoiding the jump attack lets you get some free hits in. While he is aggressive, if you back off he always gives you enough time to heal, even if you're still in range of the longer jumping attacks. Never tried what happens if you're in the hitbox of his placenta curved sword thingy, though. I was expecting much more of a challenge when I went into the fight, but I beat him on my second try, after only narrowly losing the first. In his regular form, he has the following attacks: In his Great One form, he has the following attacks: So Orphan of Kos won’t immediately attack you once the boss fight begins, you have to walk up to him and the corpse of Kos before he’ll turn around and attack you. Play aggressively. Mentioned as the "poor wizened child" of the being Kos, it can be theorized that the desecration of Kos by the hunters lead to the death of this infant Great One, causing it to fade into a plane similar to limbo. Be more careful when using slow weapons, like the tricked Kirkhammer or the tricked Ludwig's Holy Blade. The way they transition between phases, and the way the phases are similar to the other boss's are also notably similar. Also, the lightning starts from the corpse of Kos, his mother, and it spreads thinner the further it travels, so it's best to fight him off-shore. Phase 2 hardly even makes a difference in the fight for me. It is a small window and requires good reflexes but can be done consistently. However he doesn't do much bullshit either, you get punished for being greedy. He lost his beloved Maria, she was pregnant... And unfortunately she died with her (their?) It is also connected to Gehrman in that after killing it (before the Dream catches on fire), This implies that he was one of the hunters that desecrated the village, but was made unable to enter the Nightmare when he died, possibly because the. I spent two days learning all the parry strats, practicing the windows and stuff, and never got him below 25% hp. I am BL100, 50VIT, 50STR, 25SKI with whirligig saw. When he stops and calls for help from his mother, players should get offshore as fast as possible to avoid the lightning, which can one-shot low vitality player at close range. The boss will not be visible before or while entering the boss room, only after the initial cutscene will the boss be present, back turned to the player. Then I just transformed my holy blade to anime sword form and decided to just go to town on him. He will start a fairly slow windup, bringing his weapon to the left of his body before swinging the weapon around twice in a circular overhead swing. Once he enters the second phase by performing a shockwave, he will stay in the ground for a couple of seconds. baby... represented by the Orphan of Kos. I ACTUALLY BEAT THIS BABY BLUE MOMMY'S BOY DUMB *****!!!! Wonderful, now we can't have fun.

Upon encountering the Orphan, it will initially ignore the player and stare up at the sky mournfully. One of the safest parry opportunities is when he screams, shakes his upper body like he is really mad and slams the ground in front of him, pauses for a second and continues with 2 fast swings. It is recommended to dodge to the side about a second before impact, as the ball turns in flight, but slowly. Your windows are the most generous in this phase. I fought him quite a few times and I swear some attacks he only did once his life was about a third to a quarter down. Any tips for NG+5 will be welcome. Fire your weapon when he has lifted his leg to ready the heavy attack. Dodging in the direction the attack is being swung can result in you taking minor damage or the entire damage from the attack depending on whether you'te hit by the weapon or just by the strand attached to it.. Below is a full playbook for NG, with a melee character, mobility strat (sprinting, rolling and quick-stepping) only (unfortunately): Orphan is a frequent and fast attacker.


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