Impulsive decisions are usually fraught with risk. If you’re tired of sexism and male chauvinism, then make a personal declaration to do something about it. Learning how to deal with male chauvinists isn’t as difficult as you might think. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) They walk with a swagger and treat the wold with great amount of disdain. 16. Your first task in dealing with a chauvinist is to validate your own feelings, says Emma Levine, PhD, a licensed psychologist and founder of Perennial Wellness. It’s not your fault, because sometimes you see what you wish to see, and we understand that. Thus, I have given up my corporate job to pursue a full time career in writing. The same goes for them. Suggested read: To the men who do not get feminism, feminists are on your side. Most men these days are educated enough to understand equality between the sexes, but you never know; you’d never know if you have been ignoring some of these cues because you are so madly in love with him. Maybe that encounter with a chauvinist is just the impetus you need to aim for—and live—your very best life. 11/09/2018 jdevika 1 Comment. They simply cannot tolerate when wives are ambitious or have flourishing careers. How to recognise a Male Chauvinistic Pig?