In fact,they wouldn't allow me to speak with a supervisor and they hung up on me !! Then you need to click on "More Account Status Changes" link. You cannot even find a contact number on the main site! Any suggestions or any possible clue why? Ourtime uses auto renew for its accounts to make sure that you don't accidentally get communications cut off with a promising new contact just because you forgot to pay your monthly bill. One big scam, use a computer to cancel or delete , contact credit or debit co to stop payment, do not answer any of there emails. Please cancell my account, can not access to any  views, thanks, True the information step by step as they are saying its not available to my account, iys so frustrated, Please cancel my membership asap due to cost I'm not able to continue and have found someone very special to me thank you. I was charged $** for another month without my consent. They need to use a more detailed list for your searches but they only use about 2 or 3 criteria! It really a nice and useful piece of info. How To Delete Your Free Or Paid Account On, How To Turn Off Automatic Renewal / Recurring Billing, How To Cancel Your Account On & Delete Your Free Profile. go to your band and issue a new card, credit or debit. please cancel my account. Use your computer. I'm not going out with anyone in NC, MD, NJ, PA or IRAN!!! Please cancel and delete my profile, just want to cancel and return my credit back to my credit card. Unless they use more detailed criteria, you will continue to get lousy matches! This site is a joke. Click on the More Account Status Changes link. I've been trying all day to delete my acct and auto renewal on and all I get is the original sire page but nothing that lets me delete my acct and auto renewal, It is impossible for me to cancel my suscription. Memberships paid by credit card will automatically renew until cancelled. The ONLY reason I tried this site is I "thought" it would be better for my age group. All sites have their fake profile scammers. They just got married. I will try on a computer now that I’ve read what’s above, but I signed up on my phone, I should be able to cancel by phone!! 7. I have tried several dating sights and they are all pretty much a joke. And the first thing I do when I do renew is to cancel the "auto-renewal!" Have your numbers changed. 2. is a dating website for singles over the age of 50. What a fraud. I too have been trying to cancel my subscription for days. this is a scam. How Do I Cancel My Services and Turn Off Auto Renewal on It's just a little "money maker" for Our Time that they slip on every membership! You can't do this on the cell phone. to try to help. Easy and free! You do not work for, or any other "dating" website. They change your password after paying for the subscription and then expect you to pay to change it. Please cancel my account immediately Here we will be sharing the different ways that how you can easily log-out or log-off from the windows 10, with its great functionality and synchronization capability entered login will automatically get synchronized and all the saved files and some important data can be directly accessed through it. Click on your Settings located at the top right section of your screen. Step by Step guides for cancelling just about anything! I am a pensioner the payment made to you from my PayPal account was more than expected and will leave me in financial difficulty. … Ive tried numerous times and nothing. The status change appears there. If you have ever read our top senior dating sites list and have gave ourtime a try then you may also need help from this article like many other members that already signed up on the site. 9. Sounds to me like it is going to be easier to cancel my checking account than this site. There is no UK phone number for contact or email address even though this site is advertised on UK television. Detailed instructions are provided. How To Create New Facebook Account . guide, please let us know by sending us feedback. Or companies that have self-serve help forums instead of a customer service department. I'm doing all this from the app on my phone. Verify the email and tap on the Ourtime sign up button to complete your registration. when I first joined, I realized I just needed to wait for the $5.25 a month to roll around! Photos with emails or phone numbers for texting on the profile ( and profile is never completed ). want to get off your site as not able to log onto it wtf. There are two ways to cancel: calling (866) 727-8920 or cancelling through your account page on their website. when I log in to "" I just get another load of unwanted mug shots. etc. Our free information and tools is powered by you, the customer. I've been on this site now for 24 hours..I paid what I thought was for six month.. at 30% discount 13pounds !!!! I was unable to see the different options presented on my cellphone. An Overview of Contact Information, Customer Service Ratings & Issues. Follow the directions to cancel your own membership. Who say they viewed my profile but messages say I have no views. ( In my case 54 days. Spent 2 hours creating profile because it was advertised as FREE – then, I got a message in my inbox and guess what – yep, have to pay to read your messages! They also charged my bank account extra funds than what I agreed to. Please keep us informed like this. We don’t work for! Read the instructions and read the site reviews, it only takes a few minutes and will save you a ton of grief. 8. Our Time is horrible! Stacey Walker. Look for the words "Account Status" and then click the "View Account Status" link. If you appreciated this guide, please share it with your favorite people. Everytime I try to log into help or anything associated with this site, the online page comes up. A new month starts timmoro. to try to help. To get started with the cancellation process, you will need: Username and password for; Personal information such as: name on file, address, birth date, phone number, and email address; Steps to Cancel. We have compiled a quick tutorial, step by step showing you how to do all of it. How do I delete myself off OurTime dating sites  I'm sick of getting emails from them. BTW, they don't pay any attention to your wishes for your matches' age, weight, race, height, body size children, location, etc. is a dating service for the 50+ age group. Sharing is what powers GetHuman's free customer service contact information and tools. I have only joined this site a couple of hours ago. Click on the Settings tab in the upper right hand corner. Their phone customer service is available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CST. The e-mail does not work,neither does the phone number!! Too boot they charged my credit card the montly fee then another seperate charge of $5 of which I have no idea what that is for. I will try on a computer now that I’ve read what’s above, but I signed up on my phone, I should be able to cancel by phone!! After paying around $90 for 6 months (gag!) Then there are the picks they choose for me that have no photos! We must talk!! I also learned they will not refund you for days unused. You can view some profiles of singles on their site for free, but you must give them personal information and create a username and password. Select My Account from the drop down menu. If you're looking for information on how to cancel your paid membership or delete your free profile from then you're in the right place. I know the fellow that is regarded as the number 1 lawyer in the US… his wife is a friend of mine. To get started with the cancellation process, you will need: Be sure to speak with someone when you call. Deleted my profile and now trying to cancel my 2 hour subscription – total rip off – what a shame!! To prevent interruption in communication with other members, all memberships paid by credit card automatically renew until cancelled. What makes them think I would want to date some one that is really geographically undesirable? Log off or sign-out are the synonyms to each other, sign-out or we can say log-off means the same. If you have any problems with the procedures given above, or if you feel you were charged because of an auto renew error, you will need to contact Ourtime's customer support. Suddenly have flirts. When cancelling, ask to cancel ALL accounts. After thousands of customers came to GetHuman in search of an answer to this problem (and many others), we decided it was time to publish instructions. I have 2 hotmails, both are for wesites that require some sort of verification, the first has been compromised ( getting a ton of spam on thier ), the second for my dating site, not yet. It takes time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting if necessary. 1. oh it did say …six month 13 pounds!!!!!! Go figure! I set age parameters that were not followed. 1. It takes time to get through these steps according to other users, including time spent working through each step and contacting … And if you spot any issues with our How Do I Cancel My Services and Turn Off Auto Renewal on Visit Login Page. Thanks for sharing. But I can easily get another, redirect the emails that I do want by updating the accounts that send me emails and delete the compromised account. Reply. I didn't have that many in a whole year. go to your bank and get a new debit or credit card. You can find the number here. The site is a disaster, my fav's aren't saved. This article describes how to cancel your account.


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