This instability led to noises, which caused the post-processing process not to be executable. The strain rate sensitivity evaluation did not show strain rate dependency for in-plane directions. 2017; Milch et al. Poisson’s ratio CREWES Research Report — Volume 17 (2005) 3 32 d 2(3 ) K K µ ν µ − = + (4) Zhang (2001) inverted velocities at very high effective pressures for the elastic moduli of rock solid for two sets of samples (Han et al The total deformation had to be established by accumulating the deformation determined in several load steps, because of the high sensitivity of the ESPI technique. Poisson's ratio measures the deformation in the material in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the applied force. 2012; Vorobyev et al. μ = Poisson's ratio. \kern-0pt} {E_{\text{R}} }}} & { - {{\nu_{\text{TL}} } \mathord{\left/ {\vphantom {{\nu_{\text{TL}} } {E_{\text{T}} }}} \right.

Poisson’s ratio values for different material . Reference Guide to Evaluating Assembly Failure of Composites and Plastics, G Mark Requirements for Electronics Imported to the Gulf Member States, Testlopedia - The Plastics Testing Encyclopedia, Tensile Testing of Polymers and Composites Materials, Physical and Mechanical Testing of Polymers, Polymer Regulatory and Consulting Services, Polymer Product Processing Development Support, Microbeads and Microplastics Testing and Consultancy, Coatings and Thin Films Analysis and Testing, Adhesives Analysis and Formulation Testing. Many published research works regarding digital image correlation (DIC) have been focused on the improvements of the accuracy of displacement estimation. In this review, methodologies of the 2D DIC technique for displacement field measurement and strain field estimation are systematically reviewed and discussed. Holzforschung 71:405–414. Springer, München, Konnerth J, Valla A, Gindl W, Müller U (2006) Measurement of strain distribution in timber finger joints. Similar results were also reported by Zhenxing Hu et al. Therefore, a uniaxial tensile experiment was designed under real measuring conditions to generate comparable and truthful values. 2013; Messphysik—Materials Testing 2017; Zwick/Roell 2017a). Consequences of the measurements conducted by H. Carrington on Spruce). Additional material data (for example strain distribution) can be gained from the deformation map through post-processing., Choi D, Thorpe JL, Hanna RB (1991) Image analysis to measure strain in wood and paper. For example, with the “dog-bone-shaped specimen” it was not possible to establish ESPI measurements, because at a certain load level the specimens started to creep while capturing the image. Finally, in this study the feasibility of different non-contact optical gauging techniques was evaluated and compared through the comparison of the Poisson’s ratios, which showed that non-contact optical gauging techniques are suitable for establishing the Poisson’s ratio of (spruce) wood. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering, Experimental Studies on Behavior of Keratin Based Human Hair Fiber - A New Reinforcing Material for Composites, Effect of Fiber Loading and Void Content on Tensile Properties of Keratin Based Randomly Oriented Human Hair Fiber Composites, Fluorescent digital image correlation techniques in experimental mechanics, Controlled fragmentation of multimaterial fibres and films via polymer cold-drawing. Diameter of the hair fibers were measured using optical microscope at Lucid laboratories Pvt Ltd, Balanagar, Hyderabad and are shown in figure 2. Review of Scientific Instruments, displacement and strain measurement: a review. First, laser extensometry was applied to measure strain in axial and transverse direction. The porosity severity is governed by the energy density, and the build direction and location only influence the porosity slightly. Volume fraction of the human hair fiber is varied by fixing the fibre length at 20 mm and tensile tests were conducted as per the standards. Measuring Poisson’s ratio: mechanical characterization of spruce wood by means of non-contact optical gauging techniques, $$\nu = - \frac{{\varepsilon_{\text{q}} }}{{\varepsilon_{\text{l}} }}.$$, $$\nu_{\text{RT}} = - \frac{{\varepsilon_{\text{T}} }}{{\varepsilon_{\text{R}} }}\left( {\nu_{ij} = - \frac{{\varepsilon_{j} }}{{\varepsilon_{i} }}\,i,j \in {\text{R}},{\text{L}},{\text{T}}\;{\text{and}}\;i \ne j} \right).$$, $$\left[ \varepsilon \right] = \left[ S \right] \cdot \left[ \sigma \right] \Leftrightarrow \left( {\begin{array}{*{20}c} {\varepsilon_{\text{L}} } \\ {\varepsilon_{\text{R}} } \\ {\varepsilon_{\text{T}} } \\ {\gamma_{\text{RT}} } \\ {\gamma_{\text{TL}} } \\ {\gamma_{\text{LR}} } \\ \end{array} } \right) = \left( {\begin{array}{*{20}c} {{1 \mathord{\left/ {\vphantom {1 {E_{\text{L}} }}} \right. Fluorescent DIC techniques, especially the fluorescent stereo DIC, allow 3D surface profilometry and deformation measurements at the microscale and submicron scale.

Strain 46:47–60.

Axial strain (εl) in dependence of the gauging techniques ESPI, laser extensometry, video extensometry and mechanical extensometer for the specimens RL and RT. For example, a rubber band tends to become thinner when stretched. Tech Dokumentation.v17 (in German), Zwick/Roell (2017a) Laser-Extensometer: laserXtens (Zwick/Roell). The efficiency of the presented analytical formulas is verified through the tensile testing of 3D printed Kagome honeycomb specimens., Wommelsdorff O (1966) Dehnungs-und Querdehnungszahlen von Hölzern (Elongation and transverse strain constants of wood).

(2017) (calculating the average value from each corresponding off-diagonal term, followed by a backward calculation to re-obtain the elastic material parameters), to warrant efficient FEM calculation and the use of pre-implemented material models. The Stress strain diagram for typical south Indian women hair is shown in fig.2. In summary, RUS and 3D ODM for establishing Poisson’s ratio are uncertain and may only be indicated when nondestructive testing is required (Bachtiar et al. The Poisson’s Ratio is considerably applied in the pressurized pipe flow, structural geology etc. Since microscale and nanoscale deformation measurement can easily be realized by combining the 2D DIC technique with high-spatial-resolution microscopes, the 2D DIC technique should find more applications in broad areas. These results can be usef, Poisson’s ratio, mechanical properties, human hair, cesses that function from the macroscale to the nanosc, sired across various cultures., CAS  evaluating Poisson's ratio of thin films." DIC is a non-contact optical surface deformation gauging technique (Chu et al. A uniaxial force is applied at a predetermined speed. The model by Hörig (1935) is the basis for the orthotropic description of wood that is used nowadays. BioResources 12:3728–3743, Dahl KB, Malo KA (2009) Planar strain measurements on wood specimens. 2011; Bader et al. Applied. Sawn timber without noticeable defects like knots or cracks was meticulously selected. 1a), a pre-force of 100 N was applied, and for strip-shaped samples, a pre-force of 20 N (Fig. In elasticity theory, the constants of the compliance matrix are shown to satisfy symmetry condition as elastic deformation shall be non-dissipative. For evaluating optical gauging techniques, additional measurements were performed by using the same set of strip-shaped specimens with a mechanical extensometer, makroXtens (Zwick/Roell, Ulm, Germany). Moreover, the setup may bias the measurement results, which needs to be clarified before this technique can be considered as standard method for future wood material characterization. -, Neuhaus FH (1981) Elastizitätszahlen von Fichtenholz in Abhängigkeit von der Holzfeuchtigkeit (Elasticity constants of spruce wood in relation to the wood moisture content). It is the ratio of transverse contraction strain to longitudinal extension strain, in the direction of the stretching force. Furthermore, these methods have the advantage to be contactless, which means avoiding any mechanical influences on the specimen. In the present study, a review on behavior of human hair fibers was made to understand their suitability as a reinforcing material in composites. The results obtained shows also that the auxetic foam have enhanced characteristics under static loading and tensile fatigue compared to the conventional parent phase form. Only few studies have dealt so far with the investigation of the Poisson’s ratio of spruce wood (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) A range of materials was explored to establish the universality of this effect, including silicon, germanium, gold, glasses, silk, polystyrene, biodegradable polymers and ice. It is expected that in-plane and out-of-plane properties be different in these parts. A direct determination of the Poisson’s ratio in 150 nm polycrystalline tungsten thin films deposited by ion-beam sputtering on Duralumin substrates has been performed by combining x-ray diffraction measurements with in situ traction on the sample.

While the specimen is stressed, the pixel distance between these markers is tracked continuously. The laser and video extensometry measurements were carried out on a universal testing machine Zwick/Roell Z020 (Ulm, Germany), equipped with an optical extensometer system including both gauging techniques. This test confirmed the statistical equality between the measurements gained due to ESPI compared to laser extensometry (for εl) in combination with video extensometry (for εq).


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